We kind of forgot about good writing

have you shot your final scenes yet and are you happy with how things ended episode 5 should just be called holy I'm not gonna lie that I am horrible what they see is just the end of the Dothraki essentially while Danny kind of forgot about the iron fleet and Hurons forces they certainly haven't forgotten about her and the golden company has arrived in King's Landing courtesy of the Greyjoy fleet the balance has grown distressingly even we need to find your own Greyjoy fleet and sink it your grace he's already destroyed a good portion of our fleet to send our remaining ships after I'm not talking about sending our ships after him I would have to Roben Viserion and Rhaegar what can anyone do to them while Danny kind of forgot about the iron fleed bad season at that point Jaime really has to has to take a really long uncomfortable look at who he really is you precious bendy commanded you to kill your own father and stand by one thousands of men women and children panting life would you've done it I think that's the turning point for him when have I ever been able to convince Cersei for anything joy if not for yourself if not for her and for every one of the million people in that city innocent or otherwise drove my sword into his back let's be honest I never really cared much for them innocent or otherwise I think Jaime by the end of episode 5 has come to terms with who he really is and he may not be happy with who he really is but he knows he's not he knows what matters to him and Cersei is what matters din oh I mean I was pissed but even if she has come to terms with who her father was and what her father really was I'm not my father no your Christ thank the gods ultimately she is who she is and that's a Targaryen our fathers were evil men all of us here they left the world worse than they found it we're not going to do that we're going to leave the world better than we found it and then you know she has said repeatedly throughout the show I will take what is mine with fire and blood and in this episode she does it I am NOT here to be queen of the ashes tens of thousands of innocents will die these are the people you came here to protect how many slaves are there in yunkai 200,000 then we have 200,000 reasons to take the city if you want to sit in the throne your ancestors built you must win it that will mean blood on your hands before the thing is done none of my enemies not the blood of innocence she knows she has won this war it's in that moment when she makes the decision to make this personal I'm here to free the world from tyrants called Drogo give the golden crown to Viserys and her reaction I'm watching her brothers had melted off he was no dragon there is something kind of chilling about the way that Dany has responded to the death of her enemies I was concerned we were going to ruin that I don't think we did well you two if you could describe the season finale of Game of Thrones in one word how would you describe disappointing

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  1. People, There are LOTS of wrong things in this season. But Daenerys turning evil is NOT one of them… c'mon guys, it so obvious that this was going to happen, just needed more development of her paranoia in this season.

  2. jaime he always try to protect his family . first his father then his brother then his sister and die when he try to protect his sister

  3. Great video, it points out many flaws in the season and its production. It kills me how the Featurettes contradict what was seen in the episodes, I mean, wtf?

    However I'd like to point out that GoT fans are quite retarded. For example, they say Dany's burning innocents is incoherent because she kept saying she fights for innocents. Guys, don't take fucking words for facts! Dany was inclined to madness from the very beginning. Daughter of the Mad King, owner of Dragons like the Mad King, ready to burn anything she deems worth burning, and bottom stubborn. And yet you believed she wouldn't dare burn King's Landing and its citizens? Of course she would. Just because she said she wouldn't doesn't mean she actually wouldn't… I mean, it's obvious.

    And it's just one example. People complaining that fire can't destroy buildings (tell that to Notre-Dame…), people complaining about Jaime joining Cersei…

    This season was full of flaws, but so are the arguments against it. It's ironic xD.

  4. But at least we got the worlds most expensive soap opera…yay

  5. Anyone who helped to write or direct season 8, should be fired with no chance for future employment.

    8 years of amazing show, decent character development and mesmerising story, was ruined in few months.

  6. Turn down volume & play Benny Hill music

  7. Everyone should watch this to show how much they fucked up our show!! It did not die it was murdered by D&D and season 7&8…….fucking crap!!

  8. Hey it's me future just wanted to say thanks for ruining the show. You are now in second place for worst show ever, right behind Dexter and in front of Lost. I can't wait to see you Destroy Star Wars next. Thanks again

  9. This came out before the last episode aired last I night and is so accurate 😂

  10. "The inheritors of the earth and all the nations, ladies and gentlemen."
    ~ Jehovah

  11. Fun fact: the script writers were replaced by dice for the last season.

  12. Describe the season 8 finale in one word


    Couldn’t agree more, the whole season killed the show. D&D I swear I could do a better job lol

  13. Daenerys ( season 7): I will not attack king`s landing…we will not attack king`s landing… I am not here to be the queen of ashes
    Daenerys ( season 8): burns the king`s landing down and becomes the queen of ashes

  14. They knew they are to stupid to continue with got advanced plot, so they just cash in asap, before audience realise it. And here we are. It's kinda tough to write multi leveled psychological scenario while you are a fucking dumb twat.
    They have kinda forgot about it.

  15. What drungs do D&D take thT they think they did a good job?! Wtf Daenerys deserved a better ending than this …

  16. The amount of disrespectful and ungrateful comments about these guys failure to adapt the second part of the saga (mostly without source material) is baffling. Sure, they have a responsibility, but it ignores the massive amount of work they've put in in the first place to make it a show so great we're all gutted to see it fail now. They deserve respect for doing it greatly in the first place as well.

    The problem of continuing a series without source material is a layered issue which I guess is split between HBO, D&D, and GRRM. They are all in this together and made it the best they could. Realistically though, if you start producing a show in 2008, with four full books ready for adaptation and two and half (I assume DwD was already 50% written) to be written, you estimate you have enough time to get those books released before you reach the end of the currently existing source material. I'm sure even George estimated he would have released those books by then. Fans blaming him for writing too slow is another problem I'm gutted with. Sure, it's annoying. But he writes how he writes. He created it, not you. He writes it how he wants to write it, and he writes it at the pace he wants. Sure it's frustrating as a reader, I'll be the first to say, but respect the author still. If you hate that so much, try to write your own fantasy series and see how easy it is.

    Ultimately, there's quite some criticism to hand out here, but also lots of praise. Don't forget it. I'm tired of entitlement stemming from being behind a keyboard.

  17. They coulda kept Jon Snow dead, at least then he wouldn't be done that dirty.

  18. I physically felt that poor animated dragon get impaled. I don't even watch this show

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