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hey guys beat you might hear now we're gonna take it down a bit but before we get started you're probably wondering what is this who is this guy you probably already seen the title and the thumbnail I need to put my blue screen up we're continuing the Doki Doki series of awesome mods and I and I usually only want to play some if either they're really funny or if they're worth like I feel like they're worth playing as you can plainly see here that is a boy which is us this is the first mod called Doki Doki ranked lots to include the main character in there and so this game is actually by the same developer as the one that did the Doki Doki lift club I know we haven't finished that one yet but I thought like you know it couldn't pass this up this is really really awesome we just finished the demo for our time which had the best arts like so amazing I just really absolutely cannot get enough of these though so yeah we're gonna start this one and see what it's all about so that we're gonna be playing from the point of view of soya and obviously we have our mini character but it's so interesting they actually drew a main character what the heck we only got a little snippets of what he looks like from the back but I guess this is a what they decided that he looks like you know I can't really say that I have a complete idea of what he would look like but I I don't know to me it looks a little small just me I don't know but as you can see he's worried the uniform and all that but whatever I guess it's not really important I just think it was so interesting to the he's in here at all so anyway without further ado let's just jump into it so what's the name of your childhood friend scrub hi we're gonna keep keep it consistent okay I have trouble breathing I feel so numb I don't want to open my ice not again another day for me to wake up and for another day for me to live through yeah we're sorry already obviously we're depressed we all know this am I even living at this point what's the point things we would be much better if no I get stay strong for scrap I I've got to I'm doing this okay it's gonna be like that then all right I slept in my school clothes I said I should change them whatever there's no point I'll just do the same thing tonight and again tomorrow and if it's late again why am i such a lazy failure I feel a tear rolling down my cheek and another one and another oh yeah by the way I think the developers this has a website where you can play it yourself and their YouTube channel if there is one I would be sure to link it guys I don't understand how screw up I can enjoy spending time with me okay so yeah this is interesting so this is really going deep into what she thinks that's so odd I mean they're gonna do a whole game with just her point of view does he only pretend to enjoy my company aren't I annoying I just realize if there's a a calendar here is is it like crossed off is this whole that's a little dip like I don't know it is that a thing that's been there I've just thought about it because you know she planned on doing you know basically what what she does she would like cross it up okay looks like he's about to leave I'll go and meet up with him before he forgets about me again he just left he forgot about me again why does it hurt me so much I shouldn't be so upset about this he doesn't have to bear being with me after all I slowly taken a deep breath and call out to him hey I waved my arms around trying to get scruff eyes attention it's time for me to wear my mask I can't let him know oh man so that's that's so interesting I can't let anyone know it's her pie size unless we catch up with him he looks embarrassed you know he's always been my friend but sometimes I wonder if I'm just a burden to him whoa there we are that's so it's so odd seeing us look at our pants how do we do this like did they just actually draw it we're so small and this is what we would really look like then we are definitely destined for Natsuki right I guess no there's no hate there's no hay it's just my opinion of what I think that he I guess I think he would look like I don't know I still think it's cool though I overslept again but I caught you this time maybe but only because I decided to stop and wait for you yeah you say that like you were thinking about ignoring me he was going to ignore me does he really hate seeing me that much that's mean scrub pie well if people stare at you for acting weird that I don't want them to think we're a couple or something acting weird how am I supposed to act normally when I don't know how – fine fine but you did wait for me after all I guess you don't have it in you to be mean even if you want to whatever you say sigh Orie I should just stop talking I'm wasting his time so that we actually get to see her through her thoughts we cross the streets together to make our way to school there are so many people around us I feel like they're all looking at me and skrelp I just walks in front of me as nothing's wrong I can't blame him I wish I could just go to the literature club already it's so much more peaceful in there if only maybe by the way scrub pine have you decided on this club to join yet oh yeah some we're going through the same things at Club I told you already okay so we're gonna be skipping some things that we already know oh so so when you were talking about the club I want him to come with me even if it means I'm being selfish that's not true you told me that you would join a club this year did I screw up I his deep in thought he's probably thinking of a polite way to shut me down yeah but basically uh-huh I was talking about how I'm worried that you won't learn how to socialize or have any skills before college your happiness is really important to me you know and I know you're really happy now but I die at the thought you'd be coming in neat I would be able to stand I wouldn't be able to stand seeing him unhappy and isolated like me you trust me right I kind of wish it there'd be like quotations though like to show that that's just that's a thought because I feel like that would help a lot I don't mean don't make me keep worrying about you please don't add more to the hefty daily burden I'm already struggling to keep up with everything else all right all right I'll look at a few clubs if it makes you happy no promises though I should be happy right now yet so why does my smile feel so fake will you at least promise me you'll try a little yeah I guess I'll promise you that yay oh wait I'm stupid the quotations are there when they are talking I'm dumb I really hope scrap I will come to the literature Club everything is so calming there he'll get to meet the other girls too it's selfish but I hope he won't leave behind after beating them I spend the entire day staring blankly at my papers I don't remember a single thing that was discussed during class I'm a bit scared to screw up I lie to me will he really check out the clubs and we know he does so yeah I am most of it most of this mod is really just like the story but then it adds to what she thinks and I mean I just look forward to seeing like the new things that have been added like as far as him you know that I think it's interesting why does he keep acting like he's so unhappy to see me because he is I mean what I just want to disappear I shouldn't have come here well I thought you might need some encouragement so do you know I thought know what well that you should come to my club he gives me an awfully cold look why didn't I think before speaking of course he won't agree to come I'm not even that interesting sorry yeah there's no way I'm going to your club I just want to bang my head on the floor and scream right now so worthless meanie why do I keep this cute attitude I just want to cry that's it the literature Club is a nice place but I think I'm the reason why he doesn't want to join us yeah I'm going to the anime club come on please here much here I am begging lucky idiot he'll just hate me even more I don't why do you care so much anyway well I kind of told the club yesterday I would bring a new member okay so we know that and we all know he's gonna stop for a cupcake yeah yeah yeah does he realize how hurtful these big even if he is aware of what he's saying yeah let's go so we got a weird depressed inside but we pretend that we're not yeah that's that so I don't know any other way to put it screw up I lazily walks towards the club room every a few seconds he sais to himself like it's like coming with me is a huge pain for him he glances at me his gaze harshly cold he clearly doesn't enjoy being with me at all I show my biggest smile I swing over the classroom door Natsuki Monica and Yuri all peacefully a reading at their desk I already feel a bit better everyone the new members here little does she know that Monica is the reason behind all of this it's so weird seeing them together scrump I doesn't seem to care about the last part of Uri statements seriously you brought a boy we're gonna kill the atmosphere oh hi Natsuki hey what up I lower my head in preparation to apologize but Monica speaks before I get the chance I screw up like what a nice surprise welcome to the club skrelp I doesn't seem as miserable as before he looks at the girls and chuckles a bit that's because it's like oh yeah you remember he's guy who likes the girls okay you like she likes the girls why does this thing so much does he really appreciate them that much now see what are you looking at is if you want to say simply say it oh sorry why is she acting this way he didn't do anything wrong this is unfair I feel like I'm not even needed I'm just like bystander in this scene I'm used to it's not ski hmm I don't want to spiral I don't want screw up I to be annoyed by Nazis behavior he already has to bear with mine I approached him and I quietly whispered his ear you can't just ignore her when she gets Moody why did I just say that it doesn't seem like he understood me what will it take to make him seem Oh even a little bit interested when I'm talking I always question myself but does he even care I need to relax this is just the literature Club after all anyway this is not ski oh he's full of energy sounds like the whole time she's going with this this dialog in her head like really bad I mean I suppose like if you are the price to probably do you think that think that a lot I think I I'm pretty sure this is not too far off you know but I think anyone whether you're like you know depressed or not can relate to this you know everyone has thoughts in their head that you're thinking you know especially those deep down thoughts you don't tell anyone else that's the most interesting I think thing about this too okay yeah so we're just kind of going through the day I you know we've played so many doki-doki episodes we're just gonna skip until something interesting happens okay also we notice here that Monica knew them did they know each other before and that's when she says it sounds like you already know Monica his smile seems so genuine it's heartwarming of course but why do I ever get that smile – with smile to me I just can't let him stand here blankly after his interaction with Monica cuz the down scrub by we made room for you at the table so to sit next to me or Monica I'll get the cupcakes please scrub like come sit next to me please God begging you she's like view down the side she's begging so already saying he'll probably go sit next to Monica not me he smiles at me my heart throbs ooh and he decides to sit next to me why did he choose me was there there was a seat next to Monica right I should stop overthinking things this is killing me before I get some more time to think now ski proudly approaches with her cupcakes tray in hands okay are you ready tada okay not Steve lifts the foil off the tray to reveal a dozen white fluffy cupcakes decorated look like little cats she's so amazing she does so many things I wish I could be as cool as her so cute oh so she don't even want to eat the cupcakes I don't even want to eat I'm never hungry but I need to keep up this happy persona I'm the first to grab a cupcake followed by Monica and then scrub pipe it's delicious I hate it it's too sweet for my likings it doesn't taste bad obviously but I'm not enjoying it you're Nigel Nazis cupcakes that is the most sin that is a sin oh wow screw up I still looking at the cupcake doesn't he want to taste it not too he keeps glancing at him looks like she doesn't hate him as much as he pretends to so sorry notices these things after a while square pie decides to take a bite this is really good thank you not ski why are you thanking me it's not like I Nazca should learn how to appreciate compliments she doesn't she's soon derry you don't you have to understand soon dairies don't does she realize she can hurt people what she does that I wish I got compliments no I've got to enjoy this moment if Scott buys having a good time then I'm having a good time Yuri is done with the tea she puts us out okay oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Yuri so mature score fight looks captivated and it a bit intimidated it's weird to see him acting like that I guess don't let yourself get intimidated Yuri just trying to impress you that's not that was uncalled for Yuri looks away clearly hurt by Monica's comments why would you say that in the first place it's not like there's bad blood between them or something so we noticed that he's choosing he's like carefully choosing his words to try to impress Yuri which you know he does kind of say you already faintly smiles I'd give anything for scrub hi to try making me smile that way you know I was really frustrated in the real games here like I was kind of thinking these same exact things for Sai Yuri I'm like like their childhood best friends like why is he pretending not to like her but then again you know when I first played it I didn't know what the real ending was gonna be but basically yeah like he does like he does totally ignore salary throw the entire thing even though clearly like she was she liked him it was obvious what I'm really super interested in is when the game starts really messing up how our like how our thoughts gonna be are they gonna be really crazy thoughts because that's what I want to see this is all normal and you know she's depressed and we kind of know that but really it's when the second playthrough is gonna come it's when it gets crazy so we'll probably skip a lot like most of this to be honest you guys can feel free to go through it all yourself but it's just we've done we've done this too many times to to really find enjoyment through going it through a lot again unless it's like a crazy mob like our story our sword was completely different or our time I'm sorry our time I said our story good now we're mad at URI I had to literally drag him into the club and he just agreed so cool you to start reading for URI this is unfair I'm trying my best not that scrap price choice you know it's his choice not mine I just can't be that selfish all the time my thoughts are all scrambled in my brain I shake my head and I keep listening on to scrub my conversation with URI anyway what about you URI well let's see he hit a soft spot there's nothing he likes more than reading me we're just getting jealous okay just get really jealous of everyone so now it's like not skis turned to kind of come into the game as if we remember and now she's like why is she why is he acting like I don't exist at all it's just online worth nasty you wrote your own poets oh come on come on sorry I can't pay attention to you all the time I'm just you're watching the talk maybe screw up I decided to ignore me that'd be better for his health it must be boring to stay with me and Here I am thinking about the same things again and again as mods making me to press his crap I'm just joking okay so now we worked out the courage to you know ask him to walk home together he hesitates for a moment I shouldn't have asked but I'm sure I could try showing him I'm still good here his good old sigh Yuri I realized miss I really missed the times where we just walk around holding hands when we were just innocent kids sure might as well might as well why does every single world he where he says hurt me yay skrelp I hasn't said a word since we left the school it looks like he's thinking about something I appreciate the fact that he joined the club but did he join for my friends or the club itself I know the answer he smiled slightly is he thinking about Monica scrup I what is it thanks for joining the club oh no problem he looks really interest your friends look nice too is he doing this on purpose well I'll let you work on your poem I'll see you tomorrow yeah see you he opens his front door and disappears into his house I sigh it's exhausting to act happy and cute all day long but I feel like screw up I took a step forward today I just want to sleep oh this is the part this is what I was looking forward to you like when we go home because we never got this I don't even bother with the light I lay down on the sofa and I look at the ceiling a poem I wish I could find something to write but no ideas come to mind I feel like maybe I can make something pretty decent what would scrub pipe like Oh huh something true happy funny Acutes Oh true I'll just work on it for a bit and see what I can come up with yeah so I actually get to pick our poem I set up the desk and they grab a pen and a sheet of paper I can do this there are people who are more depressed than I am I can't be down all the time skrelp I wouldn't want a sad pathetic failure I'll write an amazing poem I'm not sure if I fully believe in what I'm saying but I'll start you know start writing anyway I felt some kind of inspiration while I was writing I wasted a good amount of paper but I think I'm done I read my poem again hiding the hurts hiding the pain oh so this is the real thing the true thing hiding the tears that fall like rain saying I'm fine when I'm anything but this ache in my soul rips at my guts this is too depressing for me my skin is on fire I burn from within the calm on my face is ongoing sin the word the world must stay out I'd built up a wall my fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall loneliness consumes me it eats away the years and so my life is swallowed by unending fears waiting for someone to see I wear a mask and care enough to remove it is that too much to ask Oh makes it thank you guys might want to turn this video off it's uh it's too depressing okay don't get me wrong guys I'm not making fun of depression because I know it's a very serious thing and I think that we've all to at least all of us have gone to it going gone through it like through a certain extent I'm not making fun of it but it's just like it's such a downer you know the whole thing so gotta make I gotta make jokes so don't get me wrong guys no this is just bad he'll hate me who would want such a sad person in their life exactly I mean I was a little too sad of course it's awfully bad why did I believe I could do it in the first place before I know what I turned the poem up hard I should uh I had to bite my own hand to suppress the tears why why do I feel this way why does he keep ignoring me am i such a horrible person I'm thinking out loud I'm just stupid for a brief moment I think about something something wrong no no no why does it hurt so much to stay quiet I just want to scream if only if only screw up I could be here right now if he saw my pain would he help me with he regret acting this way he feels sad he develop regret I can't tell him that only make him sad such a burden I'm a liar I'm a horrible liar I throw the little bits of poem in my bin and I take a deep breath I'll try writing a cute poem the club is used is used to it after a while I put it in my bag it'll have to do I lay down in my bed as usual I remember the happy times I had back with scrub pie I wish I could be happy again if only I could go back in time I can't even say what I want to do everything feels like a mess my vision gets blurry am i crying I've got to stay strong I can do this I know I know I can I oh my god sorry do you really think things are that easy think about it why do you think scruff I hates you that much that's because you're useless you're a burden can you find one positive thing about yourself I want to scream what is this where am I you're so hopeless scorp I doesn't care about you isn't it clear why do you hold on to that hope you desert you deserve to suffer you deserve to see him happy without you you deserve to be alone you deserve enough enough please oh my god I can't I can't breathe I'm sobbing on control everything feels so strange around me no no please I can't stand it anymore those bad dreams my pillow is dressed with a dress with tears I wanna vomit my mind is making me suffer I'm the one saying those horrible things to myself I can't stop tears from falling I said I'd stop but who would it break down after such a dream skrelp I please I tightly hooked one of my plushies I've done that since I was little I suppose it's a cow my sobbing stops but I can't think clearly I need some fresh air I opened the window for a bit and peek outside Scrope eye is already gone I remember the dream what's happening to me is my fault I deserve it I stare at my bin I can see the bits of poem I wrote yesterday why did I get so happy bus screw-up by joining the club anyway he only joined it for the other girls I have nothing to do with it I lower my head ashamed of myself I noticed that I've slept in my school uniform again I don't feel like changing them but I know I have to you I don't want anyone to ask questions I feel like all I'm doing is staring at nothing I feel life less I sit on the floor nothing feels right I don't even feel at home I quickly glanced at the clock it's lights well screw up I think of me as a lazy girl again I've got no time to think about that I need to breathe I exit my house the air is fresh I feel a bit better after going outside I don't think I can go to school right now I need a break but I can't stay here any longer I should go out and take a stroll it's not like anyone will need me today anyway where should I go I wonder we can pick let's go to the park I just want to see the river for a bit it's been years since crow fight I went there we spent our days making all sorts of contraptions it was sticks and rocks this thought brings a slight smile to my face I miss you scrub pie as I walked towards the nearest I know it's hard to take this seriously with that name I walk to the nearest park I feel like everyone is staring at me do I look that bad I've never been very cute but why does everyone have to remind me I keep my head down as I walk this exact spot I remember all those hours I spit here skrelp I would always grab my hand and guide it towards the river I fell I fell in their voice I thought I was gonna die but screw up I jumped and saved me these memories are so heartwarming yet so painful why did he change is that my fault maybe I'm the one who's changed I approached the fence it was so hard to jump over it when we were kids it'd be so easy to do it now be so easy to fall in Oh God no no that's not me I can't say such things so you can see that it's very obvious that Monica is like messing with us at this point I wouldn't be able to least scrub my behind even if he hates me I just can't leave him I would never do such a thing I shake my head I can't stay here I'm sure I've shaken up on my own thoughts am i insane well sort of but it's Monica I think I just need to go to school I should be able to make it to the literature club on time maybe I'll just feel the relax a bit there yeah because in this mod she explains how that the literature Club is her safe spot basically and this is the school okay screw up I must be in class I wonder if he thought about me at all what am i an attention seeker I hope he didn't worry I didn't want to annoy him any more than I usually do there are so many students they're all happily talking and laughing amongst themselves what's wrong with you I'm not jealous eh it's just that I wish I could be them you know them I wish I can go and talk to them but they most like them reject me if only I could be as huge as not to you are as beautiful as Monica many people would treat me differently I let out a long sigh I really should go to the literature Club maybe reading a book will calm me down I know deep down all I wanted to see him I really hope he'll come as I push the classroom I see nasty coming towards me looks like we arrived at the same time I immediately show her my best smile as she smiles back well sorry hello and now we're back with our regular programming okay guys I think we got a taste I think you got a taste of what that was okay let's actually look at some puppies set ourselves up from this depressing depressing Mon oh look at how happy you look at how happy he or she is look oh my god I love little weenie dogs three years all they can't forget for the fight of this dick this one's much bigger than the other one soon this one will probably get the stick oh this is better guys if you ever feel bad just look at puppies forgive it yeah it's genuinely making me happy oh my god I need to be that person oh my god and that's where Monica interferes okay guys enough of the dogs okay enough with the dogs again I don't want you guys to think that I'm making fun of the depression or being depressed like obviously when you're depressed really really the truth is okay you might think a lot of bad things that just they're really not true okay really we tell ourselves a lot of Lies okay and clearly that's why orys doing here so I mean I understand that a lot of you guys go through the depression and I totally get it but just always know that it does get better okay like when I say that you tell yourself lies it's like exactly that you really tell yourself lies because life is really about perspective you know if you can see things through a different point of view then your life will just significant you know significantly be better and it's the truth it really is the way you see things and there's a lot that goes into it I'm not an expert and I don't pretend to be or anything but yeah guys just look at puppies that's a little this short story okay so anyway guys let me know if you want to see more I actually think it's really interesting that we get to see the parts that you know we get to see we get to see the part that we never seen before and I think I thought that was so interesting like her writing a poem it's scrapping them and just like that's cool that's really cool and we see us like that's a big reveal I'm hoping in the actual next game we'll we'll get to see what we really really looked like but I still think it's cool anyway today scrub today it's gonna go to the ply that the cat eats have a stupid eviction put a salad on it salad fixes everything it really does guys guys make this video go to five can't likes I'm not even asking at this point just do it if you want to alright I'm not four I'm not trying to force you to like it but I will not you were not a truce out unless you liked the video I mean I solve same yeah you take that subscribe button if you have it already you could be scrubbing the day okay so keep showing that support I'm BG Mike and I'll see you scruggs in the next one bye bye

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