We Take the Silence | Poem by Kaye Spivey | Read by Chad

My name’s Chad and I am a friend of
Do you say your name on here? I say Kaye Spivey I just go by Kaye Spivey,
yeah. Alright, my name’s Chad, I’m a friend of Kaye
Spivey and I’m going to be reading one of her books of poetry, or at least one of the
poems. This one is entitled We Take the Silence I’m not with you. Villains who hold on
with nails and sharp edged sneers, round wakeless eyes,
burned the map to you and I threw gas on the flames,
did you know? I could not write
with charred hands. I’m not with you
in the sense that you are not in Rockland and we are not compatriots. We are not holding fast to the liquid breath
of who Humanity is in pale, gruesome flesh. We watch the dust fly off the page
and we are always victims. My generation, all choking to be heard,
villainized, absorbed, dramatic— I’m not with you
in as much as we cannot romanticize the grit—now that we see it plainly. If everything catches once the flame is lit
we must cast our eyes to the stars or blink in the smoke
and I’m not with you. I sit removed and observing—
my lines are mine, but that essence has been written,
and I’m sending back extrapolations, watching privilege take the prizes
and the generations of bright lights and colors get washed,
scrubbed, demoralized. I’ve gotten great
at sitting back and nursing scabs, and I’m not with you. You don’t have to forgive me.

1 thought on “We Take the Silence | Poem by Kaye Spivey | Read by Chad

  1. "We must cast our eyes to the stars." I loved that line and the way you read this was very interesting. I loved the energy and vibe with which you did this. Well done, keep reading and dropping these gems.

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