WE WERE HERE Walkthrough (Explorer Route) – All Puzzles Solved! FREE on Steam!

[JESSEverything] hello? [Couch Guardian] hey what’s up man? [JE] what’s up CouchGuardian? [JE] I like your name, man [CG] thanks dude [JE] my name’s Jesse [CG] are you ready to play? [JE] I’ve never played this, have you? [CG] I’ve played it a few times [JE] I don’t even know what to expect [CG] I kind of know what I’m doing, do you want to be the Explorer or the Librarian? [JE] I don’t even know what the difference is dude [JE] so tell me what you want to do and I’ll be the other one [CG] Okay I’ll guess I’ll be….let me be librarian [CG] I haven’t finished as librarian [CG] but explorer I think will be fun for you [JE] okay [JE] alright, I’m firing it up [CG] Go ahead and start it up [JE] Dude I’ve been setting here for twenty minutes trying to get a game [JE] and I finally got somebody, the person before you [JE] and because the darker button is the select button, not the opposite [JE] I just exited the game right when we were ready to play [JE] but I have you so we’re good [JE] I wonder if he skipped it [JE] I kind of want to watch it [JE] alright, so it looks like we’re on some kind of expedition [JE] those goggles are pretty sick, they’re rocking like the Shaun White ninja mask [JE] I’m not sure why they used the flare? [JE] I think maybe they just wanted to make it look cool [JE] here’s this interesting building, we will make it a nice pink hue [JE] alright, there’s two of us now, weren’t there four? [JE] did he just kill us? [JE] we were here, yes we were [JE] okay, we’re in game [JE] let’s see [JE] what are the controls? damn these controls are touchy [JE] i’m going back to keyboard [CB] did you find your walkie talkie? [JE] no, I just spawned dude [JE] how close is it to the spawn point? [JE] here we go [JE] got it man, what’s up? [CB] alright, okay, so [CB] what do you see in your room? [CG] okay, so do we have to hold down “v” do talk? is it like push to talk? [CB] yes, unfortunately [JE] okay gotcha, so I’m looking at a door [JE] with some purple lights on it, and five triangles above it [JE] in a rough half circle [CB] okay, are both, oh okay [CB] what about, okay so the one with the heiroglyphs [CB] what color are the lights above it? [JE] they’re purple [CB] they’re both purple? or are they like blue? [JE] I’m not sure that I’m looking at what you think I’m looking at [JE] hold on one second, this room is pretty small, I’m not seeing anything else in here [JE] I see something scrawled on the wall, “the answer” [JE] and then there’s a door here [CG] Okay, so, the wall right across from the one that has the writing on it [CG] it should light up when you get close to it [JE] okay I just found it, so there’s one, two, three, four….there’s nine or so [CG] and there’s green lights in like eye shapes above it on these pillars [CG] okay, so they’re both green? [JE] 10-4 [CG] okay, so, you have to hit the symbols in this order [CG] the first one looks like the letter “m” with an “x” through the middle of it [JE] okay I got it [CG] and then the second one is kind of like a backwards “z” with squiggles on the end of it [CG] sort of like a zig zag [JE] I got it, it looks like something you’d see in like a business chart, like stock market is going up [CG] oh yeah, definitely, that should have opened up a room for you [JE] yeah, doors open, alright [CG] okay, so for this step you’re going to describe what the painting looks like [CG] because I have a room with a bunch of paintings with animals on them [CG] with variations of feet and beaks and heads and whatever, so tell me what yours have [JE] *laughter* okay, this will be easy, it’s a human skull on the body of [JE] essentially the shape of on ostrich, with monkey feet and a snail back [CG] okay, hang on one second [CG] so skull, monkey feet, ostrich body, snail? [JE] I mean, I don’t know if you’d call it on ostrich but it’s a long neck with two legs [JE] that look kind of like horse legs or ostrich, that kind of shape, but it looks like it has fur [JE] it has a furry, bushy tail that’s curved, and then on top there’s a snail shell [CG] okay I think I have the right painting, alright so underneath there should be three slots [CG] and then on the other wall you should see a bunch of your symbols again [CG] so we’ve got to get the right symbols in the right slot [JE] I have a feeling this whole game is like this isn’t it? it’s pretty dope, I like this [CG] yeah, well it gets a little bit harder after this *laughter* [CG] the first symbols is kind of, almost like a pitchfork [CG] I guess it could be considered almost like a candle [CG] it has like a pitchfork, it has like three circles on the tip and a little curve on the bottom [JE] okay, so I see two that would match, I see one that kind of looks like a Jewish candle, Hanukkah candle [JE] and one of them has circles on the top, and one of them has diamonds on the top [JE] with small, pointed lines coming out of the tips [CG] okay we’re going to go with the circle one, and I think it’s called a Menorah, I’m pretty sure [JE] *laughter* you mean it’s not the Jew candle? *laughter* [CG] *laughter* yeah, that’s what it is [CG] okay, so that’s the first one, the second one looks like a house with like ears, it’s kind of wierd [JE] okay I’m over back at the painting, do I need to slot this in? which one? [CG] in the left one [JE] okay I’m looking at the shapes, go for the next one [CG] okay it’s a house with ears, you’ll put that in the middle slot [CG] and then the very last symbol looks like a turtle and he’s like shitting out a line [JE] okay just to confirm, there’s two turtle like ones but the one I grabbed has a circle on the top of it [CG] I’m pretty sure that’s the right one [JE] the other one looks kind of like a turtle but also like a candy wrapper, I think this is the right one *light music playing* [JE] okay, I’m in [CG] okay cool, so this next room, it should have like a little downstairs area [CG] and it should be filling up with water [CG] and there’s a door, and above the door there’s a light, but what does the light say? [CG] like what color does it say, not what color does it [JE] it say’s green, the light itself is yellow [CG] okay did that drain the water? [JE] *light music playing* yes [CG] so let me know what the next area looks like

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  1. As a person that watches a lot of gaming videos , try to talk more and play more popular games , and hopefully U'll do well

  2. I'd really love to play with you and record sometime! Im a new channel just starting, I have this game ready I just dont have anyone to play with

  3. Hoping to start this game, but it ain't easy finding someone else to play it with. Fingers crossed though

  4. Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvoBdZjSIGf1KZqt7AIB0A?sub_confirmation=1

  5. Cuando vi el titulo en español esperaba que lo hablaras o que tuviera subtítulos siquiera… pero igual se entiende :3 haz la ruta del librarian, eso seria genial 👌❤

  6. The chess part was bullshit. Who the fuck knows how to play this shit in this day and age? The devs must be old people.

  7. I never noticed anything in the maze (luckily), probably gonna see it in editing though!

  8. Your companion have sexy voice 🙂 I wouldn't mind playing this game with him 🙂

  9. what the hell is that thing crawling on the ground at 12:28? i noticed that during my first and second playthrough of the game as well. Something tells me the answer will be revealed in the sequel. Like so others can see!

  10. You guys really can’t figure out the last puzzle… oh my god… you are so inefficent and slow… 0/10 for me

  11. At 50:51 you said : there's trap door opened in front of me what would I do like wtf???? You are so dependent on your librarian who has played this game. Like 7 years old would do better than you I'm serious. It triggers me when you have to ask everything to be able to move even holy shit.

  12. yea the game is great when one of you has played before…. if you have no idea what to do then it really is not very fun to have to figure out.

  13. played it with my gf… we barely got trough the first puzzle due to her sending me pictures of what she sees in the end.. the second puzzle darkness got us cause she took too long. and then we stopped cause she found it "too spooky". … for fucks sake..

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