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hi it’s Thomas we’re in the Windy City Chicago home of deep-dish pizza the Bears and the highest murder rate in America Scott was also home to drill music brand-new rap made by teenagers about killing people eternally superstars chief Keith’s we’re gonna go hang out with young chop Dirk lo Reese and all the other superstars of drill music Chicago has one of the longest histories of gang violence it’s basically the place invented gangs the most segregated city in America it’s basically his perfect reading ground for like anger resentment and violence and the type of awesome music that comes from such an environment which you’re seeing what you’re witnessing is like someone trying to break out of a cage almost yeah but there’s like a lot going on here and it’s only happening here you know you could only really get a Chief Keef from Chicago [Music] gang to do what they want to do it became how are we doing [Music] in late 2011 chief keef posted a YouTube video for a song bang within a year keep as the teenage Messiah of wrap his house arrest YouTube videos have millions of views the mixtapes they were called from started a bidding war that netted him a deal on Interscope and the music media scrambled to get their own piece of Sosa and try to make sense as a sunrise from the streets with decidedly mixed results including our own hey what’s up noisy this is childish gambino yo noises would Chief Keef social bring back you watching back and forth you don’t even you don’t like talking that much right you saying you know a big talker I feel that well you’re 17 your bouts are 18 yeah I really like to talk that much you know I was 18 I just kind of like you a lot of stuff I heard you like belts a lot you know what belt is that plays fan bindi bindi belt you got any other type of belt Louise fan DS ain’t got no Gooch’s all right boy you gave him away so people people pitch Brooks attempt to interview Chief Keef went even more disastrously when they took him to a shooting range in New York and handed him a gun effectively violating his parole on camera a Chicago judge used the video of this smooth move to sentence to keep the two months in juvenile hall despite spending most the last year confined to his grandma’s house and on both the Chicago police’s radar as well as rival gang members chief keeps careers thundered forward his Interscope deal could be worth as much as six million dollars depending on sales of his debut album finally rich and he stands to make even more off merchandising live shows and a film adaptation of his life story we wanted to meet Keith to see how a 15 year old kid from one of the most dangerous streets in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods and one of the most dangerous cities in America was able to turn his terrifying childhood into a multi-million dollar entertainment franchise and turn his neighborhood friends in the Chicago drill music scene into hip hop’s rising stars unfortunately we arrived in Chicago the de sousa went to juvie so we decided to start with this producer [Music] Hey so we’re in South Englewood we are paying a midnight studio visits young shop he’s a impresario at the drill music scene in Chicago and that’s like he’s basically the Dre – she keeps Snoop Dogg as a teen and his studios in his mom’s house is right on the railroad tracks just making beats yes just on a few beats out to a couple of major artists you know giving places and all that how do you start making music I’m gonna start making music when I was 11 years old my cousin introduced me to fruityloops mhm and ever since then I’ve just been learning not going outside and then I finally got it that’s when that dream you saw happening where’d it come from at first it was called dead music cuz everything he talked about his life they shouldn’t good people dying every day you hear me it’s just real life that’s how people related to it like the seal leather backs and down come on rock come from day one 107 late night can’t swim at the shack and photos real music I don’t know it was drill everything was a drill I’m on new shoes bro bro them drilling boom oh my go do a drill is there anything all day around us is this a real life stuff those fellows that get it was something like we’re always embellish that thing like funny but with you guys it seems very serious yeah it’s really serious like it’s too serious chop essentially created drill music right here in his mom’s house in Inglewood in addition to ki if he produced hits for the other members of the three Hana Fredo Santana lil Durk little Reese hauling his desktop computer to video shoots across the south side for playback now 19 he’s been signed by Warner Brothers and whisked around the Western world to work with basically everybody important and rap today unlike the rest of the Chicago drills scene chop has never been affiliated with a gang and has a completely clean record he’s also straightedge you guys all did this yourselves though like right like it was ever ever like mentor figures didn’t care of nobody liked it or not and we just did it I hate these niggas tryna with me real I’m not a Hannam knees thanks kid dad niggas I take your laugh nigga is shooting down nigga it’s like Houston’s like when they be on the lane in our legs yeah it’s like repeating the same stuff over and over you won’t know why it was like that dog like when I repeat it cuz I gotta have to come away at the end yeah [Laughter] how did you meet chief keef he actually hit me up on Facebook one day and then I went over there to around my house and then we did 300 that’s when a fan-based are coming everything like real be like everything either stop coming social media isn’t just the engine for drill musics craze descent for popularity it’s become one of the main lines of communication and Chicago is increasingly violent gang wars the threats beeps and call-outs that gang members to change on Twitter or Facebook and YouTube end up being settled on the street [Music] snake [Music] before they got into rap keep screw the three Hana started as a faction of the black disciples or biddies one of Chicago’s main street gangs ever since the 1960s in spring of 2012 a rapper named little Jojo associated with the rival Gangster Disciples gang tried to start a rap feud with Keith in the three Hana by releasing a YouTube video for his song BDK which stands for black disciple killers the song mimic the style of Sosa’s signature hit don’t like and the video featured lil Jojo and his fellow gang members dancing in apartment also shirtless and with even more guns to months after it’s released little Jojo escalated things by filming himself and other Gigi’s in a car harassing three honey men were a little reese on the street deep and black disciple territory hours after the video went up little Jojo was killed in a drive-by while riding his bike in Inglewood it’s believed that JoJo’s killers were able to triangulate his location by following his tweets shortly after his death was announced Chief Keef expressed his condolences via Twitter you guys monitor Twitter and then use the social media like is that helpful at all to you social media absolutely is where people are going now and it’s become a problem for us where they used to mark up corners or things with spray paint and murals now they’re doing a lot of that on the social media a lot of its going there and that’s what’s moving people into areas where crime is being committed they’ll see meat here let’s Google do this there and they direct people to meet in places maybe a party turns into a shooting a whole lot of the gang stuff that goes on right now in the Chicago area and I’m presuming it’s true around the country is what starts on rap and on YouTube the social media becomes the one that puts it out there that begins and then it’s carried out in the street father Michael Pfleger is a Catholic priest and social activist who’s been working on the Southside since the 70s he does a lot of outreach and mediation with the gang members in his parish who are numerous like us he’s been closely following the troubled rise of Chief Keef in the three Hana they take a kid from Englewood who’s talking this kind of gang warfare mentality to the whole him with little Jojo and the rest of the BTK and all this kind of stuff and keep this up and look what happens on now all of a sudden a hundred other kids who want to be rappers and make money say wow look what happened to Chief Keef he got all this money he’s going in this mansion in Northbrook he’s out in California so how how evil can I get in my in my rapping how gangster is can I get in my hip-hop because that’s what’s paying well keep and chopper the raging supernovas of drill music stars ascendant or fellow three honey men burrs lil Durk and Lowell reefs of OTF for only the family we went to see Durkin recent work in the studio along with some 30-odd members their lamrim crew wall hail from the same blocks and the corner of street and normal which is spelled backwards at the time I did not 64 that normal is also Dirk and Reese’s corner it’s not just where lamb Ron comes from but also the namesake for the three Hana how’s it going this could you guys introduce yourselves Chicago was j300 Oh sleeps well yeah what’s up six four we were there today yeah I did it way talkin big thing didn’t you yeah Cowboys lucky yeah what would have happened if we were wrong with the people Dirk has to be careful what he says to the media because it’s currently facing a gun charge and his manager doesn’t want him saying anything that might hurt his case or cause him future legal trouble I love the pitchfork debacle what’s the future of 64th of Norman we already turned that weeping it turned up her know what doesn’t turn out me in something else too [Music] make that 30 is gonna tap shake that I told my head of thinking like up and I got okay no nigga in that jam Sam it’s a dirty Maryse they’re like workhorses oh man like constantly in the studio mm-hmm it’s just mentally we just gotta have a lot of music you just never know what might happen you just got a key word you like key lock though right now today he got a lot of music yeah are you gonna work on that stuff yeah I’m working on them mix it all that way to communicate with them the closest we could get to Keith himself what with him being in juvie was the manager of his personal label glory boys entertainment interests also known as Peter Pan he’s the wunderkind responsible for overseeing Sosa’s transformation from a teenage gangster with an ankle bracelet into a teenage millionaire rap star who’s also some people scapegoat for all of Chicago’s social ills you know it’s just always some controversy some type of curveball again thrown into the equation today you know he got he got sentenced to months you know you got to sit down for a couple of months and I think that you know overall you know you you just got to see the blessing and everything he’s a kid he’s growing up you know on camera in front of everybody you know on the internet and just in front of people’s eyes the reason why this has become so big is because it came at a time when that when a music game really needed something organic you know and I just think that you know when people were seeing those videos they could just see the authenticity behind the this is the real dose nothing fabricated about this you know and I mean especially for Keef at the time being 15 years old and you’re looking at the videos and you see in all kinds of niggas with guns and we smoke and ash it was just like damn especially for people who have nothing to do with that kind of lifestyle at all that really took a lot of people by they just fed into it you know [Music] [Music] go hard go hard go they think like if things were better in Chicago there wouldn’t be achieved you again now a neighbor keeps from Washington Park you know that our whole without whole areas is you know it’s rough man what you’re seeing what you’re witnessing is you’re seeing like someone trying to break out of a cage almost yeah you have to be the best at this if you want to if you want to change that’s all there is it ain’t there’s nothing else when you’re coming from a situation like that other than imma sell drugs I’m gonna get big in a dope game this shit’s been going on for how long you know there’s like a lot going on here and it’s only happening here I think that you know you could only really get a chief keef from Chicago [Music]

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  1. And 5 years later the novelty wore and declined just like the record sales

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