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Welcome to the My School website. My School
is a website designed to help school staff and parents evaluate important aspects of
the quality of their school. Quality is not a simple matter. How effectively schools ensure
students build a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy is very important but there’s
much more as well. Schools should also ensure that students have a rich curriculum beyond
these basics – a curriculum that deals with literature, with humanities and social sciences,
science and technology and the arts. You can’t judge the quality of a school simply by the
level of achievement of its students because those achievements aren’t created by the school
alone. Students’ homes make a very important contribution. Schools’ enrolment practices
can also have a significant influence. To judge a school, you need to know what the
school has added in its students’ learning and achievements. In relation to literacy
and numeracy, the My School website helps you do this in two ways. First, it provides
comparisons among schools with students from similar social backgrounds. This separates
the schools’ contributions from the contributions of the students’ families. On the My School
website you will find, for each school, a comparison with 60 other schools from around
the country, with students from similar backgrounds. Secondly, the My School website compares schools
on the basis of the growth achieved by their students over the two years between NAPLAN
tests, year 3 to year 5, for example. Again, the comparisons of students’ developments
are provided for each school with those of the 60 other schools with students from similar
backgrounds. Comparisons are also provided with students
from around the country who were at the same starting point in literacy and numeracy. These
are fair comparisons among schools. They don’t come from unfair league tables that take no
account of students’ backgrounds. The My School website offers a fuller picture of
a school than its students’ literacy and numeracy levels. You can also look up student
and staff numbers, attendance rates, school finances and more. You can read a school’s
description of itself and its values and find a link to the school’s own website.
There are marked differences among schools working with students from similar backgrounds.
All schools should aspire to match the best. Parents and students should expect their schools
to have this aspiration. They should also expect their school’s staff to provide information
on their school’s improvement strategies and progress. The information on the My School
website can help both parents and teachers have an informed discussion about school improvement
and development. All our young people deserve it.

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