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hey welcome to the freelance writers den I'm Carol theis the den mother here and I'm here to give you a sneak peek inside the benefits of membership in my freelance writers den community first off Who am I you may know me from my make a living writing blog which is a multi year winner of writers digests top 100 and one sites for writers and of the top 10 blogs for writers contest online I discovered that new freelancers can spend months and even years trying to find good-paying markets trying to figure out how to get good assignments from them and a lot of mid-career writers seem to get stuck earning way less than they deserve and that's why I started freelance writers den it's a support place to learn how to earn more as a freelance writer today it's set up to save you time and frustration by providing a place where you can learn and get your questions answered what are all the member benefits that have drawn over a thousand writers to join the den let me run that down for you first off we hold three to four focused multi week boot camps each year and bring you top industry presenters including Steve Swan white Casey Hibbard and recently ghost writing expert Claudia Suzanne boot camps are up to three hundred dollars apiece for non-members but den members pay nothing extra that makes getting in and staying in the den a huge value for writers who want to keep growing their knowledge when we're not putting on a boot camp we hold a live event every month so you can ask experts your questions and we release a couple of recorded podcasts or webinars to add to our library of more than 300 trainings that are yours to consume as you wish miss any of our live events no problem we record and transcribe everything and we give you a forum where you can ask questions ahead of time and you can then hear the answers later got more questions about how to negotiate find clients overcome fears we have had over 80,000 comments on our highly active 24/7 forums staffed by me and other pro editors and writers and I've answered over 10,000 of those questions myself you can also send private messages to any member include me our forums are a great place to get the support you need to stay on track you can also get a query or pitch letter reviewed get feedback on your article or blog post draft and more neat job leads our junk free job board sends out listings twice a week many of which are exclusive referrals from me you can also get found by employers through your own employer facing job board profile those are the basics but we keep adding more goodies in 2017 we added a perk for one-year members who all get a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with me what's it cost for all this learning and support just $25 a month and that's no obligation leave anytime no contract no commitment you get full access to everything for less than the cost of a single training anywhere else my experience is that ongoing support is the key to helping you achieve your writing goals what's the catch we're not always open we focus most of our energy on serving existing members when we do open we give all our new members attend o sent to show you the ropes and make sure you're finding everything you need you can check the space below this video to see if there's a waitlist form or if we're open right now if we're not open get on that waiting list so you're sure to hear when we admit new members again see you in there

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  1. I joined yesterday…my money was taken out of my account via PayPal…but nothing has shown up in my email account so I can't get in to the Writers Den. I was never asked to enter my email address or a password. Can you help?

  2. I have completed stories to send by attachments. How do I forward them? Can I send short stories that I have on another website?

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