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(mellow music) – How’s your smoothie
coming along, Harper? – Once I get all these strawberries in, I’ll be good to go. – Well I can already tell
it’s gonna be delicious. – You’re welcome to have some. – Uh, maybe later. Last time I had a smoothie, I ended up dripping a lot of it on my clothes and I have a video call in about 15 minutes so I’d rather remain smoothie-free. – Well, speaking of video, I had a great idea for
that recycling project you asked me and Dot to think about. – Okay well, tell me about it. I’d love to hear your idea. – Perfect, let me just blend
together this smoothie. – Don’t forget the lid! (smoothie splatters) No! My uniform! – [Group] We are Konnect HQ. – [Woman] Everyday we help
the people of the world… – [Man] Live God’s way. – [Young Man] We look for the links… – [Man] Make the connection… – [Girl] And you never
know what might happen. (spunky music) – My name is Dot and this is how I learned that I’m well known. Tony, what’s going on? – Well there was a little
bit of a blender mishap but it turned into a good thing ’cause Captain Ray and Harper
get to change their uniforms. – Huh, cool. I just need to talk to
Captain Ray for a second. I had the best idea ever for a project she wanted
me and Harper to work on. – Awesome, well go
ahead, she’s right there. Just watch out for Wanda. – What’s a Wanda? – She’s right there. She’s the new Konnect
HQ uniform consultant. She’s… Well, you’ll find out for yourself. – Okay? – Well, well. Who is this? – Oh, this is Dot, she works
here with us at Konnect HQ. – Is that a fact? Twirl for me, dear. – What’s that supposed to mean? – [Harper] She wants you to turn around. – Let me get a good look at you. Your twirling skills need work. Do have some fashion potential. I can give you one of my famous makeovers. – Your makeovers are famous? – They will be one day. – Oh, Dot, before I forget. Harper had an incredible idea
for the recycling project. – She did? Actually, I… – Are you surprised? Look at Harper. She’s a leader in the making. A person people want to look up to. In her new uniform,
she commands attention. – I wouldn’t go that far. – Harper’s idea was perfect. I’ll have her fill you
in later today, okay Dot? – Sure. (spunky music) – All right, okay. I am done. I was, um, okay. – Yeah that’s about how I felt
the first tine I met Wanda. I do not like twirling. – No, that’s not it. – Oh, oh, I know what it is. – You do? – Well, yeah, you’re
seeing all the attention that Captain Ray and Harper are getting because of their new uniforms so it’s only natural that you
would want one yourself. – Wait, you think that
if I got a new uniform that would help me get
other people’s attention? – Well that’s not exactly
what I was thinking. – Harper got a new uniform and now everyone’s listening to her. Maybe the same will work for me. Thanks, Tony. – That’s not what I had in mind. Oh no. – A little to the left, dear. – Here? – Little more, little. Stop! Right there. Do not move a muscle. Decent lighting is imperative. My Instaglam followers expect perfection. – Doesn’t that get exhausting? – It’s not for the faint of heart. But it is the price one must pay for fame. And I won’t give up until I have the recognition my hard
work and talent deserve. Well smile, dear. Very good. This will do nicely. – Wanda, do you have a minute? – Yes of course, dear,
let’s meet up in my studio. – Since when do we have a studio? – Follow me. (spunky music) – Whoa. There sure are a lot of clothes in here. – Like any artist, I
must have my supplies. Now, tell me, how may I help you? – I was hoping to take you
up on your makeover offer. – It’s music to my ears. But tell me, Dot. How much of a statement
are you willing to make? – I have never been afraid
of making a statement. – Ah, good. For years I’ve been looking for someone bold enough to wear my
most striking designs. Clothes that will make me and whomever is wearing them famous. Ray and Harper, as wonderful as they are, they’re not willing to take such a step. Are you? – You’re sure wearing these clothes will get other’s attention? – Dot, you’ll capture the
eye of every person you meet. – Well in that case let’s do it. – Splendid! We will begin immediately. – Okay, I think that’s the very last bit of smoothie cleaned up. – That was a lot of smoothie. It was like a strawberry threw up in here. – Thanks again for your help. – Oh, of course. Hey Captain, can I ask you a question? – [Captain Ray] Sure. – Well see, I know someone
that is feeling a little bit unseen and like people
aren’t listening to her. Do you have any advice for someone that may be feeling like that? – Actually, I think I
can do you one better. I know the perfect verse
from the book of Jeremiah. I’ll teach it to you. – Perfect, wonderful. – Say it with me. Jeremiah 1:5. – Jeremiah 1:5. – I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. – I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. – Before you were born I set you apart. – Before you were born I set you apart. – See, it doesn’t matter
how unseen we feel. God is with us, always. He created us, he knows us and he’s always available to listen to us. – That is perfect, that is
exactly what Dot needs to hear. – Wait. Dot’s the one who’s feeling unseen? – Yeah she came in here earlier and well she was pretty down. – Well in that case, I’ll go look for her. Maybe I can figure out what’s going on. – Oh, okay, thanks Captain. Oh no, we forgot the ceiling. Oh that’s a lot of smoothie. I’m gonna have to get the ladder. (spunky music) – Do I have to try on
all of these clothes? – Of course. There’s no one-size-fits-all
perfect ensemble for everyone. In order to identify the
best statement-making outfit for you I must see you in
as many outfits as possible. – If you say so. – I do. (humming) (spunky music) – How many more of these
outfits do I have to try on? Wanda? – I’ve got it. – An end to this torture? – The perfect outfit. You’re perfect outfit. The outfit that will bring both of us all the attention and fame
we’ve been looking for. – Finally. – The next time your friends
at Konnect HQ see you they’re gonna be looking
at a whole new Dot. (Dot sneezes) – Hey, Harper. Have you seen Dot? – Not in a while, is everything okay? – I hope it will be. What are you working on? – I’m trying to find a certain video. Wanda works really hard
which is great of course but a big reason she works so hard is to get the attention of other people. I want to show her that being famous isn’t the most important thing in life. – Harper, I love that kind of initiative. – Oh, here it is. You want to watch it with me? – Absolutely. ♪ This is the story ♪ ♪ About the God who
loves us in the bible ♪ ♪ We find truth and purpose to love God ♪ ♪ And all others ♪ ♪ We’re searching God’s word ♪ ♪ For things to discover ♪ ♪ This book is alive ♪ ♪ Full of answers with
answers and godly advice ♪ ♪ This book is alive ♪ ♪ See the wonderful stories inside ♪ ♪ Everyday I’m searching ♪ ♪ Read through history and poetry ♪ ♪ How much Jesus loves me ♪ ♪ God’s great story lives ♪ ♪ There’s no other book like this ♪ ♪ This book is alive ♪ – [Narrator] Jesus
walked from town to town and across the countryside. Along the way he asked men to join him and travel around telling people about
God and how to know him. These men were called disciples. One day, Jesus decided to
go to a town called Galilee. When he got there he ran
into a guy named Philip. Jesus asked Philip to follow him. Philip was so excited. He ran to tell his friend
Nathaniel about it. He found Nathaniel sitting
under a fig tree all alone. – Nathaniel, you won’t believe this. You know that guy that Moses and all the prophets talked about? We found him. I mean he found us. His name is Jesus and he’s from Nazareth. – [Narrator] Now Nathaniel
was a very good man and a smart one, too. But he didn’t always
believe everything he heard. – Nazareth? That old place? Heh, you really think the man that Moses and the prophets spoke about
could come from Nazareth? Get out of here. – Nathaniel, you gotta meet this guy. You’ll see what I mean,
come on, I’ll introduce you. Besides, it’s not like
you’re doing anything better sitting under this fig tree. Aren’t you bored? – Hey it’s not so bad. I like figs. Besides, what’s it to you? – What have you got to lose? Come on, see for yourself. – Whatever, I’ll go with you. – [Narrator] So Philip and
Nathaniel went to find Jesus. As they got close, Jesus called out. – Now, here’s a true man who always knows the right
thing to do and does it. – Are you talking about me? – Yes Nathaniel, you. – Have I met you? Hey wait a minute, I
know I’ve never met you. How do you know about me? – I saw you sitting under that fig tree before Philip found you. – But I was alone. What? You knew me before you even saw me? You are the son of God! – You believe that just because I knew you before I met you? Well Nathaniel, get ready. That’s nothing compared
to the great things you’re going to see. We’re going to make history together. Follow me. – Hey guys, are you hungry? I got some figs in my pockets. Here, have one. – When Nathaniel met
Jesus for the first time he wasn’t sure he could believe Jesus was who everyone said he was. But once Jesus told him that he saw him under the fig tree before they even met Nathaniel couldn’t help
but believe in him. – Jesus knew him just like he knows each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter who you
are, what you look like or even how talented you are. We never have to earn his attention and his attention is the
one that matters the most. – That’s exactly right. – Great work, Harper. I’ll speak with Wanda
and I think I may know someone else who needs to know how much they’re known by God. – There she is. – Look at the wonderful new Dot. Wanda and I– – Wait, where is Wanda? I think we need to have a little chat. (somber music) – Perhaps I went too big. Perhaps there’s a reason
I’ve yet to become famous. – Well Tony and Harper and
I have been talking and there’s something that we
wanted to say to both of you. – Don’t worry, I’m not
going to keep the outfit. – No darling, you needed an update. But I won’t subject anyone
else here to my bold creations. It always takes the masses time to embrace new forms
of artistic expression. – Well we had noticed how for both of you it’s really important to be seen and heard and appreciated by others. Which we completely understand, everybody wants to be known. – Okay. – But no matter how appreciated or ignored you feel by others, it’s
important that you’re always able to say, “I’m well-known
because God knows me well.” – I’m well-known because
God knows me well? – I’m well-known because
God knows me well. What a statement. – And that it is. Now, we can’t always get the attention that we’re looking for from others. Now of course Dot, if you feel
like you’re not being seen you should let others know. And Wanda it’s always great to work for the respect of others. – But? – But when you know that
God cares about you, that He sees you, that He is there for you and that He’s always listening to you it’s easy to be confident in knowing that you’re not just a nobody. You’re somebody that God loves very much. – That’s just what I
needed to hear, Captain. What about you, Wanda? – You’ve given me much to think about. Thank you, Ray. – Now what should I do with this outfit? – You should keep it,
you look great in it. – What if we added a cowboy hat? – Wanda? It’s fine as it is. – Agreed. (hopeful music) – Hi, Dot here from Konnect HQ. I wanted to share this
great verse with you. Say it with me like this. Jeremiah 1:5. I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart. Isn’t that amazing? God has been with us since
the very start of our lives. Before we even knew him, he knew us. Nathaniel learned this
lesson in the book of John. When he met Jesus for the first time Jesus had already seen
him and knew who he was. Jesus knows us the same way. Sometimes we think life would be easier if others would pay more attention to us. But in the end attention from other people won’t make us happy. Only God’s attention will make us happy. And we don’t have to earn his attention. Because of the work Jesus did on the cross we always have God’s attention. He knows us, sees us, and listens to us. So the next time you’re feeling unseen like no one us noticing you remember this point. I’m well-known because God knows me well. And remember, Konnect
HQ is here to help you. (gentle music) Isn’t my new uniform great? And not only that but I set up a meeting with Captain Ray to discuss my idea about the recycling project. I’ll let you know how it all works out. Today we talked about
how we’re all well-known by God. But it’s important for
us to know God, too. If you’ve never made the decision to follow his son Jesus
with your whole life you can do that today. All you have to remember are the ABCs. A, admit, admit that you’ve done wrong and ask God to forgive
you for disobeying him. B, believe, believe God sent Jesus to take the punishment for your sin. Trust that you are forgiven because Jesus made you right with God. C, choose, choose to spend your whole life depending on God’s power
to help you say no to sin as you live and love like Jesus. Tell others God is your
leader and number one friend. Did you make that decision? If so, be sure to talk
about it with your parents or a leader you can trust. Hello there YouTube audience. – We hope you enjoyed this
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