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Yo, yo yo! How you doing everybody? Yeah give it up! What’s happening people? check, check what? Newsflash? Newsflash, and here’s what we want you to think: The Government’s good
and the wars that they bring are part of protection, a kind of investment, so you can sit back and just do yer thing. Journalism or fabrication?
Life’s narration or pre-planned statements? Present a way, presenter says:
“Live this way and accept our basis” There’s no political favourites,
dodgy handshakes in exchange for favours, It’s just a-mason work,
God bless the Queen and worship one church, Just stare at the camera,
it’s all real news no crisis actors, Please refrain to question the stature,
if it’s not reported it probably doesn’t matter So don’t stare at The Sun too long, you might
go blind. If you live positive don’t change yer mind.
And if you read fake news, read between the lines. And don’t stare at The Sun too long, you might
go blind. Breaking: and here’s what’s new,
celebrity gossip, that may be true. A who’s who’s guide to who’s fucking who.
Like who gives a fuck, fuck the fake news, That’s not real life and now we’re reading about people that I don’t even like and it don’t feel right. Media agenda to change you inside,
It’s a daily thing, fuck the Daily Mail, I don’t need Katie Hopkins giving me details. It’s a scary thing when people are frail, and believe all the hate in these exaggerated
tales, so… CNN, Fox & and Sky News
Al Jazeera, RT, Bloomberg too, ITV, NBC, you all take a view,
And sorry BBC, you are guilty of it too. So don’t stare at The Sun too long, you might
go blind Make some noise for WERD!

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