We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – The Wizard of Oz (2/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

Toto.. I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow! Now, I know we’re not in Kansas…

98 thoughts on “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – The Wizard of Oz (2/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

  1. There's a documentary on the Oz Blu-ray that mentions that the film is the most quoted film of all time. And for good reasons.

  2. All due respect to the Kansas line, I prefer the follow-up: "We must be over the rainbow."  That Garland sincerity and heartfelted-ness; can't beat it.

  3. I would so like to hit that dog with my car. Why couldn't she have a real dog like a German Shepherd?

  4. +bethanyandjulia: I suggest you pick up the soundtrack.
    +LiveToParty960: Actually, thanks to the film, a legitimate yellow brick road is being built leading to The Oz Museum (other stores next to the museum are suitably Oz-themed but are traditional, such as The Emerald Door [a beauty salon/barber shop that calls to mind "The Merry Old Land of Oz" song], the Oz Winery [which specializes in wines], Toto's Tacoz [a Mexican-centric eatery adorned with Toto's visage], and the Poppyfield Gallery [named after the opium flowers that overcome our heroes, this is an art galley]) and Columbian Theater (which used bits and pieces from the defunct Chicago World's Fair, which was itself part of Baum's own inspiration for The Emerald City) in Wamego KS. Plus, in the Kansas Collection store in the Manhattan mall, big flowers and other Oz merch can be purchased (that is, if you don't buy anything at The Oz Museum's gift shop/entrance of course).

  5. I'm from Kansas, and I moved to Louisiana, I friggin' swear I have no idea how many dozens of times people have said, "Looks like you're not in Kansas anyone," One of the goddamn most annoying things I have ever heard. People have probably said that to me AT LEAST 35 times, if not more.

  6. Billie Burke should have been nominated or won an Oscar for this movie back then, if she had only done a more powerful outstanding and incredibly amazing and very good job in this movie playing as Glinda, she would have won a Oscar for best supporting actress for this movie in 1939. i do wish she had won an Oscar for this amazing movie.

  7. Yes, we are a rainbow. Kansas is a mystical place, full of enchantment.

  8. Sweetest person I know. I miss you. You know who you are. To a fault I don't care. I know we're meant to be. I miss you. ♡

  9. I found this awesome all in one cheat for Heroes Charge 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/810944209017852/photos/a.810945725684367.1073741828.810944209017852/810945679017705/?type=3&theater&pidid=d46d0c4a-de6a-44c4-882b-eff088d9a4fe We're Not in Kansas Anymore – The Wizard of Oz (2/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

  10. The most iconic film of all time, no doubt! Over 75 years later, it's still timeless!! 🙂

  11. when I saw the ruby slippers:
    Me: I have to ask you something…

  12. Guys have you seenthe alternate ending of wizard of oz by madtv? Such an eye opener hahahaha

  13. "Toto, I think We're not in Kansas anymore" Really? Dorothy? Are you frickinn kidding me! Cmon!

  14. am I the only one that thought, this whole time, that dorthy said "toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" … ?

  15. It actually sounds right to me. "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

  16. what the fuck i dont remember her saying it LIKE THAT!!! HOLY SHIT MANDELLA EFFECT!


  18. You cut out the best part where Dorothy comes out of the house and sees Oz for the first time and it switches from black and white to color. Other than that, this is one moment that defined the fantasy film genre.

  19. When she first opens that door that technicolor hit you like a punch to the eyeballs, pure eyegasm, such beautiful visuals for its time and one of the many reasons why this movie stands the test of time

  20. how did I get here I was on paw patrol for my baby brother WTF

  21. The soundtrack in this movie is just breathtaking. The melodies and the songs are so beautiful.

  22. BULLSHIT SHE SAID "toto i don't think we're in kansas anymore" my life has been a lie

  23. Glinda Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch ♥♥

  24. Current timeline people: In my timeline was "To To, I DON'T think we're in Kansas anymore!" It was shorter, so sounds VERY odd when hear this current timeline version.

  25. Editing and background is better (this was made in the 1930s) than fairytale movies in the Philippines (nowadays) XD and it's just sad coz this country doesn't know some proper editing and uses some funny and cheesy background style and effects, more like you're using PowerPoint lol, it's ok, we're not in America though…(I'm Filipino)

  26. Toto responds "Honey….I'm just a dog……it could be Buffalo for all I know'

  27. Who has read Dorothy must die by Danielle Paige? No one? Just me? Nevermind 😂 I loved this movie though

  28. thats cool. im sure the creator intended it for everyone! glad i could help you appreciate my fave lit and movies. 🙂

  29. Dorthy: Toto i have a felling where not in Kansas anymore..
    Dorthy: we must be over the rainbow!
    me: IKR
    glanda: are you a good witch or a bad witch?
    dorthy: oh im not a witch at all
    glanda: okay than is that the witch?
    dorthy: this is my dog toto we came from kansas!
    glanda; come out come out where ever you are and meet the young lady who fell from a star
    she fell from the sky she fell very far and Kansas she says way the name of the star
    Munchanks: Kansas she says was the name of the star
    Glanda: she brings you good news why havent you heard?

  30. When Dorothy tells the good witch I want to go home. The good witch should have said get those ruby slippers and ask them to take you home instead of sending her on a 3 mile journey

  31. It means buckle your seatbelt Dorothy cause Kansas is going bye bye.

  32. I never realized how much this movie gives insight to real issues like climate change and addressing the Anthropocene epoch we're entering. like saying "toto, ive a feeling we're not in kansas anymore" can be used as a way to imagine the shift between the Holocene epoch into the current one.

  33. Really??? In 1939??? That was a really good quality of camera and video back then…

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