#WeWe LARP WARS – Sci Fi Writer Frank Bacon drops truth bomb

everybody its Dave yes I'm feeling a little confused like most of the other audience members there's a lot of people to keep track of and there's more people coming out every day now I suppose I should mention that Frank bacon is a sci-fi writer because he does this interview on a channel called Lestat and they give references in the description about very controversial statements that are made just look at the video description and very disturbing comments very disturbing comments so I did want to get it in there that Frank bacon is a sci-fi writer who I've never met never really communicated with I've received a couple unsolicited emails just like I got from other people I get the emails you know I try not to read them I look at him maybe and I'll let the person know I don't want to get any emails why accusations allegations insinuations from Jason he's part of a conspiracy they've been communicating with steganography I can prove it I can't really prove Packers so apparently a lot of these pics these pictures that were turned over to Jason the monster wars huh according to Frank Bacon there were pictures of physical anatomical parts are you saying that there were emails exchanged with anatomical parts between Jason and funding that's the insinuation I'm not I'm not originating this information it's from this video oh by the way I did want to give a shout-out to Donna emerald we'll have to call her diamond Donna diamond yeah listen Donna I don't know what's going on with truth convoy I'm like everybody else here I'm just bewildered and perplexed I'm just trying to sort all this out so truth convoy starts rattling off all these names and connections people hey you know it's like I'll give a reference to it go check it out and everyone's coming back and I was the biggest mistake she's delusional such and such you know everybody's got a little bit of truth that's what I'm beginning to find out I say you have to plow through this it's like moving snow around I grew up in Ohio and Indiana you got to get that snow plow and just shove it off the parking lot and then see what happens and I think that's what's happened anyway let's listen a little bit to this and hey I do want to mention that Frank baked it is a sci-fi writer I've never conspired with them to do anything to Jason I find that highly suspicious everyone's conspiring against me so let's listen in oh by the way there was another Road I want to go through all these rumors you can listen to this alright I think they're talking about if they ruin someone's vacation that it's hashtag ruined vacation I guess Oh Frank bacon is remote-viewing okay I got that this sounds a little interesting I'm real confused now was Frank bacon sharing these pictures you know this gets into some really thorny issues transmission of anatomical photographs overstayed mine's it's getting very disconcerning is that's where we're at now is this why these documents were turned over is this why the emails were turned over because they had x-rated materials it was some kind of extortion blackmail possible ring maybe I don't know and so – Donald I'm sorry Donna diamond hey sorry if ia got things a little mixed up and crisscross the wires it was unintentional why don't you explain what's going on

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  1. You just made Frank's year promoting him. 😋. I think he's got a bit of a man crush on you. I like Frank. You'd like him too. If anybody hates Jason as much as you do, it's Frank.

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