WFAN Chris Moore w/NY Post Met writer Mike Puma on Manager Mickey Callaway's post game altercation

[Applause] [Applause] Jason Vargas for whatever reason started to get into it with Ely down between the two any agitation iliyan colors did you get any sense and you know Tim Healy that he was trying to reaction by saying see you tomorrow obviously why Wow I mean it's just it's just sort of you get the feeling because of the way they've played and because Ilias been a disappointment and a disappointment they should be better than they've been my tater up for a second both yeah both sets of broadcasters apparently according to the reports we've heard today from a lot of listeners and no one's disputed both sets of broadcasters both Gary Cohen's group and how he rose this group question why Lugo was still in the game so it seemed like a lot of first guessing we're all used to sports fans and second guessing but this was one of these cases where I don't know if you guys were buzzing about it in in the press box and talking to each other as you're watching the game but man there were a lot of people that were like why isn't anyone warming up what what is he doing then it turned out to be true as bi as it's all yeah why is it anyone warming up I meet people you know people been calling all night is pain-free I mean you know the the vitriol out there because they're so frustrated is is very clear and obviously this manager doesn't have a track record so no one's looking to give her the benefit of the doubt so he's he's in a tough spot without question but there were so many people well aware like what are you doing what are you doing and then buddies I'll run and they all get their suspicions confirmed so it's because you put out a tweet now 45 minutes ago and I'm gonna read it and then I want you to just comment on it to the thought of why you wrote it quote like pull my New York Post underscore myths that's are toxic right now lots of distrust among coaching staff players in front office possible Micky Callaway is trying to get fired heads today's blow up with Tim Healy of Newsday yeah right now it's described to me that the distrust between the world pawns now the Wilcoxes the front office I count as one unit and the players on the coaching staff as another it was described to me distrust between the two levels had a high point in recent years even worse than last year when it was pretty bad and I get this Mickey Galloway this might be at the end of his rope here he's getting coached to every direction how to deal with the media who should be in his lineup blendin ears relievers I mean pointing outwards just like the heck with it if you quit see that they had paid is that another year and a half left on his contract so easily being with them here you know what what can fire me let's put out a statement knowledge it was unacceptable really you can't have a manager screaming expletives in the clubhouse that are reported later going after reporters if this is stuff I always say this stuff have to be handled behind closed doors that way had an issue with Jim Galloway make a bid of the office shut the door and faked in you know this is my problem with you if you want to raise your voice enjoy dinner but if don't do it in front of everybody like that and did that light because you're a bright guy and certainly I can understand if if this is you're thinking that Mickey knows better and Ricky did that because I mean look it's not rocket science you don't do that especially when you have a losing record you know maybe Belichick can do it maybe Popovich can do it but there's a short list of guys who can do that and live to tell about it when their team is losing it in many people's mind 100 performing so that enter into your thought that maybe Mickey doesn't want to be here anymore absolutely looks like a cry for help delete rather than so much input which is confident baseball these days a lot of guys have to deal with it you know to his advantage he's not old school so he hasn't had to deal with any other type but it still has to be quite frustrating what is your bottom line guess on his future and and what they do as an organization now you know what the definition okay fair enough so yeah it's really hard to tell because you don't know really what the will ponds want and and what their expectations aren't obviously what's most important is who they went to next because you know is the second he's fired you've turned the page and you know you're not going back and read that page again it's over now so that'll be interesting to see as it plays out let's close with this will you say you don't expect Mickey to be fired so I say why not right now coach you know I don't think you somebody they want to get over right now I also don't think they want to go outside the organization tomorrow you went too far with this pushed it along what make you to this point with the guy this step can help get them to the playoffs and yeah it's just an opinion that we will recognize that but you did say it no reason to doubt you that you feel the environment is toxic if you got a toxic environment don't change the manager like what do they have options where things can get better I mean you're trying to look at this in a positive way go well you know maybe this will blow over and I just I don't know but there's something about it that makes me think because they're not good enough and they can't get a winning streak to make you forget this it's going to be difficult for this to blow over well I guess you know you get passion and you get apathy this causes a lot of passionate passion sells newspapers gets the tension and keeps the fan rolling so I guess we can't be too disappointed from that standpoint

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