12 thoughts on “What advice do you have for young poets?

  1. I enjoyed this and the comments. I’m new to sharing my #HappyMindsetPoetry and now there is no turning back. ✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ I’m curious if other poets shocked their family as well when they started to publicly share their art? 👀🤪

  2. Spot on! We are part of a living, loving Universe. The universe is constantly challenging us, guiding us, working through us throughout Time. Our art and stories we tell are how we give clues to each other across centuries. Science hasn't realized this truth yet. But it's clear to me

  3. All poetry is good..remember kerouac said your a genius all the time! Believe in yourself..don't take advice! You don't need it…just write..and once you have written? Keep going….keep writing!!!

  4. I wish anyone could listen to my poems and tell me if they stink ? On my YouTube channel ♥️

  5. As a fellow poet I wholeheartedly agree with the giving over of self. One writes what the theme or message or inspiration or spark directs.

  6. the only way you are going to do anything of merit is that you must cum hard every 20 minutes! all the great ones did it.

  7. Some of the best advice i personally have heard on this stuff

  8. Zen and the Art of Archery is a must for actors and comedians. Enjoyed you insights.

  9. Thanks for making this video, as a Young poet I appreciate this even though I don't up hold that my poetry is amazing lol I write to Write, because the powerful play goes on and I may contribute a verse, and you may contribute a verse.

    Most Young poets I find just write poetry so they are viewed by others as Sensitive or Smart. I really feel sorry that they think that way.

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