What does it mean to be creative and constructive? Good News – 91 (English subtitles)

International festival of video
bloggers “VIDEOZARA” (Kiev, Ukraine) The main message of the event is:
“Do not consume, but create!” Nikolai Roginets, CEO of AIR,
founder of the festival VideoZhara: “My message is the message
of “VideoZhara” of this year: “We are a generation of creators,
we urge not to consume, but to create”. Everyone who has a camera in his hand can be a
creator, everyone who has a phone can be a creator. If you have something to say – do not be shy,
talk about it, someone will surely hear you”. Vera Slivinskaya,
AIR International Development Manager: If the media really changes the proportion of negative
news to positive, inspiring and light-bearing ones, I think that in general we can change
this world very much in the near future. Ekaterina Skuridina, Don`t Stop Agency: To begin
with, each person also needs to learn how to filter and accept the information that
is invested into him or her. Natalia Baidala, Mastercard Ukraine and Moldova
Marketing Director: And everything depends on what life core strength, principles
we live, what we bring into this world. Sergey Bratusev, the head of the branding
industry at Google Ukraine: In general, people are positive
creatures, wherever they are. Therefore we tend to prioritize the usage
of technology for peaceful purposes. Dmitry Fesenko, a visitor to the stream “VideoZhara
for brands”: Self-censorship is the main thing. Let’s be kinder and more
interesting to each other. There are many ways, for example, to invest your
energy into a positive direction, into a creative one. Yan Gordienko (YanGo), a blogger: Just like the
cultural sphere, which develops by its own life, and it gives birth to its own culture with
its originated concepts and principles. Roman Vintoniv (Michael Schur), a journalist,
screenwriter, musician (Toronto TV program): The task of the media is to help society
find a common language and communicate, and try to broadcast
things that unite people. Tatyana Klochko, actress, screenwriter,
show hostess (Vertukha, Chotkiy Patsa): First of all,
humanity unites people, since in any life cases it is highly
important to remain a human being. Artyom Sagitov, blogger, actor, show host,
screenwriter: I think, we should talk about what does it mean to be a human? Who is
a human-being? What makes us human-beings? I am not simply some kind of animal, which
just lives with no thoughts, no ideas, but we all have an idea of living
well, in good, in peace. Stas Davydov, show host,
musician, blogger (This is Good): People always want things to
work out the positive way indeed. Probably the desire to make
things work out well unites us. Because, one way or another, communicating with people in
different countries, with different worldviews, in any case, everyone wants everyone wants something
good to happen in their life, they aspire for that. There are some themes which unite
people, for instance, music. Perhaps, this is some kind of banal thought,
that music, goodness, love – they all unite us. In fact, it is corny,
but it is the truth. Yes. Sabina Musina, co-founder of G.
Bar, blogger, mother of Pupsi Kira: Everyone should work on oneself, not on society.
That’s all, and then everything will be fine, when we don’t seek for specks in someone else’s eye,
but begin to pull the logs out of our own ones. Everything will be fine. Valentina Voytenko, actress, dancer, show
hostess: Everything starts from your thoughts. But if you just sit on the sofa and think
how prominent and outstanding you are, how many hours you meditate,
nothing will change. You need to lift your…
up from the sofa, quit the boundaries of your
flat and start doing something. Therefore, the relationships begin
in the “beyond the sofa” area. Anastasia Mateshko, actress,director, writer,
screenwriter of the film “Foxter & max”: The Best human qualities, in my opinion,
are manifested when you care for someone. And only then you
can be truly happy. Masha Luksha, blogger: We are all people
and all our society, we are all very close. I believe that we should
help each other and share. Roman Chukhmanenko, actor, dancer: Most of all, I
would like to inspire people to a feeling of love, a feeling of understanding,
a feeling of empathy. I want people to learn to feel. Expand the spectrum
within a person. Anna Trincher, singer, actress, blogger:
I want to motivate people, inspire people. I want to make them work. Your every
day should be as productive as possible. For me, it is important to
convey this right idea to people. — On May 11, 2019 a large-scale teleconference
was held on the ALLATRA platform. People from more than 140
countries have United. The topics of consumer society and that endless
consumption leads to a dead-end were raised. How do you think everyone can shift
from endless consumption to creation? Alena Venum and Daryl, bloggers: I
think you need to look inside yourself. The more you develop your animal
and give in to your instincts, the less intelligence
you have — that’s a fact. Clothes,
money — it’s all animal. It is a hierarchical instinct, and if you give
in to it and don’t “stop” yourself in time, your intelligence will decrease,
your spirituality will decrease. So just keep awake,
like I said before, and catch yourself wondering when you’re satisfying
your animal and when you’re satisfying your soul. And the more often
you teach yourself, educate yourself, the more
chances are that you will succeed. Nikolay Roginets, CEO and founder of VideoZhara
festival: To reach out to smart people, to educated people, to wise people, to bright people
who are trying to bring you to something good. You need to realize while listening to yourself:
are you doing the right thing or not? If not – you should
do something with it. Andrey Trushkovsky, blogger,
telignorant, businessman: That is, if possible, to convey to a
person that you can be kind, happy, open. At the same time,
do not be shy about your emotions, and most importantly — always
get back to the positive wave. Sergey Halus and Vlad Berenich, bloggers (HalBer):
Everyone can be happy, this is the main thing. No matter how much money you
have, no matter where you are. Anna Grac, actress of “Mamahohotala” studio,
model, blogger: Happiness is not in things. Happiness is in feelings
and in life in general. Sergey Halus and Vlad Berenich bloggers (HaBer): Do
not be afraid to be happy and open to this world, because it is really great.
Catch the moment. Now. And love! It is wonderful to love!
It makes you alive. Roman Chuhmachenko actor, dancer: The mission
of your television is really serious here. First of all, I want to wish you that your
formulations and your ideas would be heard clear and more people would join you
and will contribute to your idea. I want to wish people who will watch it to believe
in themselves, not to give up and support others. So be more benevolent with each other.
And of course good luck! Yermek Kadylbekov head of AIR in Central Asia and
Kazakhstan: I believe that this is a good thing what you are doing and
what you are talking about. Probably, I’d like to wish freedom.
Freedom of speech, freedom of action. No matter what you do, maybe it’s time to step out of
the shadows and pick up the phone and talk about it. Tell through stories,
through Youtube. Because these are the directions you
need to know through social networks. So, let’s go out and say something good,
because it’s one of the big tools to use. Stas Davydov, presenter, musician, blogger (This
is Good): I wish you to believe in humanity. This is very important
point indeed. People mostly think that our entire humanity
is moving towards the point, when robots, artificial intelligence and all those
kinds of things will eventually enslave us. In fact, you need to read a little, ask what
is happening and start to believe in humanity. Then you will begin to love people, to love your
life, to understand that you have a purpose in life. It is cool. Believe in people!
We’re human, we can handle it. The unique international conference, which took
place on May 11, 2019 on the AllatRa platform, and inspired for many
creative initiatives. The AllatRa movement participants
from different countries participate and highlight culturally significant events all around the
world and reveal the issues raised at the conference. The most important question is: “How can people change consumer format
of the society to the creative one?” AllatRa TV Kiev team visited
wide-ranging and significant events, such as “I Forum”,
“Space 1000”, “MASK 2019”, the exhibition AutoTechService
and many others. Balakosta, France, the survey within the framework
of the project “SOCIETY. LAST CHANCE””: Love frees. Love is a good medicine for our life. We can’t
live without Love. I would say. Love is life. Junior, France, the survey within the framework
of the project “SOCIETY. LAST CHANCE”: Regardless of differences, wherever you are
– Love each other. This is the only
thing that creates. Do not pay attention to
race, cultural differences. Love each other, understand each
other and rush to your goal! Antonina Budanova,
ALLATRA IPM Participant: Hello! Now the AllatRa movement participants conduct social
surveys in Berlin and also in other cities of Germany. We meet a lot of socially active
people with a life-affirming position. All as one speak about the fact that we live in the XXI
century and it is already time to change something. Why do we still have such problems like
wars, while we all want to live in peace? “The Universal grain”
project also showed that. We met a lot of
socially active people, people who already raise
these questions now and very often people feel lonelyThat
they are the only ones who think, consider and feel in such a way,
and that they feel that the time has come for active changes.
But meeting us, they are very happy that now thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people
have already gathered on May 11. And there is an even larger event
that will unite all mankind. It gives strength, inspiration, because, indeed,
together we can do a lot! Kimberly. Germany.
What unites us all? Love. We all love and
this is common in us. This is the only
value that unites us. Island Jeju, South Korea.
May 29. The ALLATRA TV team visited the Jeju Forum
for Peace and Prosperity of South Korea. The Jeju Forum is a regional, multilateral
dialogue to promote peace and prosperity in Asia. It is a platform that
enables the birth of new, future views for the sustainability
of Peace and prosperity in Asia. Anna Rybakova, ALLATRA IPM participant, South
Korea: Jeju Forum is held annually since 2011. While asking questions within the framework
of the “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” project, people answered with such a thrill what
society they would like to live in. They would like to live in a society
where every person could be happy. And it is a good thing as everyone understands
that it depends absolutely on everyone. Indeed, minor deeds give a
start to the greater ones. The ALLATRA movement participants from the UK
visited the MindBodySpirit Wellbeing festival, where they presented the books by A.
Novykh, interviewed guests and writers. In the city of Irpen a social survey was
conducted within the framework of the project “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”. GOOD NEWS. Shootings of opinion polls in the framework
of the project “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” Anna Shastun The AllatRa movement participant:
This weekend we went with the guys from the Irpin group to shoot social
surveys within the framework of the project “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”.
These pools gave a lot personally to me. They showed that in reality all
people want to live in peace. All people say that
“we do not want war. We want to live in a creative society,
and we know what a creative society is. This is a world in
which there are no wars, in which all are friends to each other, in
which we respect the choice of another person. A world where there is no need to
fight, where Life simply exists”. The AllatRa movement participants from St.
Petersburg visited the International Book Fair, bringing together more than
150 publishers of the world, and presented books by A. Novykh. We took
an interview with guests and writers. On May 25, the ALLATRA TV
team from Yekaterinburg conducted opinion polls within the framework
of the projects “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” and “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” at the city
festival of the book “Read Yekaterinburg” and at the spring holiday
“Chuvashi”, “Akatui-Agatui”. On the same day, the ALLATRA TV team from Lviv
attended the festival called “City of Professions”. Our participants conducted a survey and were
very inspired by people’s sincere responses. The ALLATRA TV team from Nikolaev
attended the presentation of the poem book “In the arms of the Sun” by the merited
artist of Ukraine Alexander Sychev in M. L.
Kropivnitsky Central City Library. The ALLATRA TV team from Minsk
attended the Budapest Night event, which took place at the
National Historical Museum. The initiator of the event was the Embassy
of Hungary in the Republic of Belarus. On May 28, the AllatRa movement participants
from Mariupol visited the public organization “Protection of Children in War” and presented
SOCIETY” and “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE “. They talked to the representatives of the organization
and gave them the books by Anastasia Novykh. Shooting opinion polls within the framework
of the project “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE”. The ALLATRA TV Fastov reporters attended the
premiere of the film from the public film studio “Fastov Film”. Timofey Rudnyak, The Deputy Chairman for
capital construction in the city of Fastiv. If we all do good to each
other, it will get back to us. So… I really stick to this and believe in it,
and it would be better if society lived that way. The ALLATRA TV Fastov reporters attended
a concert by the National Honored Chapel of Bandura-Players named
after Gregory Maiboroda. The AllatRa movement participants presented
the project “SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE” I am grateful for
such a concert. We are volunteers of
the AllatRa movement, which goal and activity are aimed at reviving
spiritual and moral values ​​in society. We initiated an international large-scale
conference that was held on May 11 with participation of more than
100 countries of the world. People of different countries gathered
in conference rooms all over the world and connected each other via the Internet
to raise global issues of nowadays. We decided to gather all humanity at
such an online conference next year, on the second Saturday of May
2020 to unite online all people. So that all of us, ordinary people,
could gather, look into each other’s eyes, and understand that we have nothing to divy up and
that all of us want to live in peace and love. We would like to talk
about the way we can do it. So we want to invite
everyone to this conference. Just to decide how we can live in peace and harmony
because all of us strive and want to live. On June 1st, the ALLATRA TV
reporters from Chernivtsi city attended the event
“Kindness saves the World” dedicated to the International Children’s
Day in the city of Storozhynets. During this event, a survey was conducted
with the organizers and guests on the topic “NO VIOLENCE IN THE
FAMILY AND SOCIETY”. On June 1st, 2019, the AllatRa movement particapants from the United
States made a presentation of the movement, as well as the project “SOCIETY.
THE LAST CHANCE” at a meeting at the consulate
of India in the Atlanta city. They also jointly discussed the
celebration of the International Yoga Day, the media partner of which will
officially be ALLATRA TV in the USA. Olga Parfenova, coordinator of the project “NO
VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” in the USA: At this event, we, the participants
of the movement, were given the floor, and we told more about our movement and shared our
experience in holding international conferences. Our Indian friends
liked this very much. The second event that happened – we managed
to conduct opinion polls on the topic “NO VIOLENCE IN THE
FAMILY AND SOCIETY”. We did this in the Rochester Hills city, state of
Michigan. This topic has not left anyone indifferent. People gladly answered
the questions. What people shared
resonated very much inside, because all people said that we shouldn’t
be silent when violence takes place. No matter who is its victim,
and no matter in what form it occurs, it is simply unacceptable in a normal
society, and violence must be eradicated. We asked both men and women because it
was interesting to listen to both sides. And it was surprising that men
respond to it no worse than women. They also say that violence
is simply unacceptable. People also said that we should
interact with each other. We should raise these topics in the media, we should
raise these topics at different levels of our life, and this should
not be hushed up. The ALLATRA TV team from Zaporozhye
visited the large-scale “Family Festival”, which was held in the city
park Oakwood (Dubovaya Roscha). On June 2nd,
2019 in the city of Gomel, the AllatRa movement participants gathered
together in the territory of the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble for the Shooting
opinion polls for “SOCIETY. LAST CHANCE” and “Limitation of
capital” projects. People who took part in social surveys were
told about the activities of the movement. And this is only a part of the events which were
attended by the AllatRa movement participants. Anna Dubrovskaya, coordinator of the international
social research project “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN”: Hello! We would like to share
with you interesting news. AllatRa TV recently received two monitors and
a new powerful computer for editing purposes. Here is An interesting
story of how we got it. A person who brought this technique to the
Coordination Center conveyed that it was a gift for ALLATRA TV for editing “The Universal Grain”
film , from a person who wished to remain anonymous. We would like to express our deep gratitude
to this person for such a contribution, for this participation, because a computer with
such parameters was lacked by the ALLATRA TV. Now it will be possible to
edit videos faster and better, and the video will be processed not in
10 hours, but faster and without errors. This computer is already very
helpful and provides great assistance in the installation of plots and in the creation of a
large-scale “The Universal Grain” film, its second part, which includes interviews with people
from almost all countries of the world. We are really very grateful because all those
who participate in Allatra TV are volunteers – people who do editing, shooting, exchanging
of experiences in their free from work time. All of the equipment here is the one that
was brought by the people themselves, received via the crowdfunding
platform or simply was gifted. Of course, the better the
technical capabilities are, the faster it is possible to process
all this volume of creative material, which is indeed becoming
larger and larger. The project of collecting funds for a computer for
editing montage of the film “The Universal grain” was published On the crowdfunding
platform “Crowdfunding with Conscience”. Thanks to the fact that we already
have this computer, now, these funds, have been redirected to the
“ALLATRA TV Regions” project, which aimed to equip active ALLATRA TV teams
from other cities with necessary equipment. Today there is a huge number of initiatives
and activities in all the cities that could further increase their creative
opportunities if they had good equipment. We would also like to thank everyone
who takes an active part in ALLATRA TV because it is participation – editing, scripting, interviews,
shooting, creating and typing, color correction, and equipment – that’s all.
do the people themselves. Let’s create together videos that enhance
mutual understanding in society, humanity, which reveal our best human
qualities in us – the inner AllatRa, which really helps people around the world move
closer to unification, common understanding, to life in a real creative society where each person to
a person, first of all, a Person and a great friend. Let’s create together! Join initiatives and participants and
send your news to the mail ALLATRA TV. [email protected]

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