What Does the Author of the Shack Believe?

one of the things that people associate have come to associate with you within churches is the term Universalists this this comes as a result of them reading the shack I suppose I'm hearing about it hearing about it and what does that term mean and why are they afraid of it well partly because it has a whole bunch of meanings and and the thing with terms is that it you have to define it so when anybody asks me are you Universalist my first question is what do you think one is because that might be because you know by Universalist do you mean that God loves the entire cosmos is that universalism yeah then I would be one did did Jesus atonement embrace the entire cosmos or just a small sector of it well if universalism means that he embraced the entire cosmos that would be me if universalism is hey you know what there's no such thing as absolute truth but you know you can there's just universal truth and so you can go down any path you want and you're going to end up now I'm not a Universalist do I believe that ultimately every human being will be fully and completely reconciled back to God there's a definition of universalism and I would say no I would say I don't know and I would say I hope so I think Colossians says pray that this is true and you know what I wouldn't put it past God to have in the wisdom of God's um plan and purpose that he figured out how to create have beings that have the right to say no and how to win without any coercion and and am I opposed to that would I be opposed to every single part of this cosmos being fully reconciled in love back to the Father Son Holy Spirit I used to be because I used to think I was better than somebody and I used to think I knew people that I didn't want to make it what makes Jesus unique because ya cannot come to the Father except through me John 14:6 ya see and I think it's one thing about ya I think in the West we've made Jesus very small he's a very itty bitty Jesus and so he are our paradigm is that God has created creation spun it out there somewhere right and then it messes itself up so he sends Jesus over there to build a bridge back that's our mentality and I'm gon wait a second where do you think creation is created because all there was before time space and matter was there was a relationship of three persons who had such an incredible integration with one another that is called oneness there's you talk about three persons pre-existing the social community whatever a lot and it's not talked about that frequently in church we talk about modern church it's not it was talked a lot about him but you placed Jesus clearly in that threesome absolutely and so prior to the Incarnation when Jesus becomes fully human he is referred to as the word you know the word who was with God and turned toward God and was God and and even in the Hebrew paradigm of Genesis you have Elohim which is a plural word with singular verbs and so you've got this multiplicity of person that's absolutely vital to me so not only do I think that creation is created inside this relationship I think it's created in specifically the person who is the word who then becomes Jesus so there's no other God or personage in history that could replace Jesus none of no gods exist exactly right so we're talking about a very big Jesus not a little itty bitty Jesus everything moves has its being everything as by forth through and in him John says not anything that has come into being has come into being a part from him so any theology of separation is false why do you love the Bible oh I think it's the Bible is this incredible compilation of poetry and stories and songs in which human beings participated with the Holy Spirit to put together all these perspectives on the character and nature of God I think it's an unfolding illumination of the character in nature of God I don't think the verses unfolding from when to win right from Genesis okay in that Ronald right and I don't think I don't think it's in the beginning was the Bible and the Bible was with God and the Bible was God I you know the word to me is Jesus it said I was becoming it has and a lot of in my family tradition you know Christian fundamentalist tradition but I I don't think the Holy Spirit is restricted to words on a page anyway but if you're going to find a compilation of this unfolding illumination of the character of God Scriptures are beautiful that's why you think of it as a narrative or I would I would sometimes call it a movie and some with you but we tend to think of as a dictionary well and we tend to think of it as systematic theology you know and so we lose the story so we'll run into a simple verse and we'll create a whole mythology out of it because we've lost the story in here God's always been a storyteller and and you know because every human being is a story are you Christian tell me what one is I'll tell you if I want to tell me you want to be one I don't I don't mind being one and my whole tradition is labeled that way but if a Christian is someone who believes in a God who requires child sacrifice I'm not one of those if a Christian is someone who believes that you know there are certain kinds of people or in certain categories that are not worthy of the affection of God I'm sorry I'm not one of those to me everything you know Christian wasn't a term that Jesus ever used and it didn't exist while he was on the planet when it says the Holy Spirit would be poured out off on all flesh there were no Christians in that idea right so Christian was a term that actually was a derogatory term that was embraced by the early community they were a sacked a religious sect in the viewpoint of the world but they embraced it because of the identify identification with Jesus right and I'm all for that so yeah I'm a Christian absolutely but let's talk about what we think one is and for me it's centers on okay so let's talk about Jesus and then behind Jesus let's talk about who did Jesus come to review so as much as scripture reveals the character and nature of God the clearest revelation we have is the person of Jesus why does the church exist the church the word in the Greek is um churchy ekklesia it goes right and X is apart or and and the Kahless or the colossi apart is means form it comes from a word that means form here you've got within the subset of humanity an exposition or an unveiling of God's intention it's supposed to be a community of people who actually love one another who actually have learned how to walk through the damage of this world and find a way to have a conversation in which there is grace and kindness and goodness and but it's a subset of all of humanity unite I would refer to the verse it says so this is Paul and Timothy says here's a statement that is true and worthy of full acceptance that Jesus Christ is the savior of all mankind especially unbelievers and I think it's he's got his tongue firmly in his cheek on that point you know and he's and it's a subset right so here you got the community of people who've been desperate enough that they've gone to the wedding day and when they heard Jesus say I do they said I do and it doesn't mean that he hasn't said I do to every single person we have the right potentially forever to resist this relentless affection of God

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  1. Thank you Paul for being human, and not coming across as "saved" or better than everybody else. Jesus said he would come back, I can see the energy is already there. Most christians, hindus, muslims and jews have been praying to Satan for centuries. That' s why they are pedophiles, not helping the poor with their billions of dollars and hating on everybody. Only Jesus can forgive that.

  2. He says he believes all will be ultimately reconciled with God. There is no reconciliation without repentance. The Bible clearly states this over and over. He posits that Jesus saved everyone regardless of who they are and what they have done. True, but only if you repent of your sins and then walk the "narrow path" of righteousness will you enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus clearly stated that.

  3. Paul just stated that Jesus became fully human. This is wrong ! Jesus was God and man. He is adding and taking away from the word of God. For this reason he is accursed.

  4. be careful what you watch guys stay awayyy from thissssssssss

  5. we do have to REPENT of our sins though- for the Wages of sin is death…Jesus came to give us new Life! Life is in the blood- new life is through The Blood of JESUS, baptism in THE HOLY Spirit and obedience to THE FATHER….

  6. He sounds Catholic…universal…but i think he's still searching…in some ways… though i agree with a lot of what he says God's essence is LOVE-agape

  7. From what little is said here it looks like he is a new testament only believer. There is no evidence that he knows anything of the old testament. You can't just believe and know the back half of the Bible without knowing the front of the book. As I see it he is like so many Church going people that are asleep and have filled in the blanks of their life with their own interpretation of the word instead of letting the Bible interpret itself.

  8. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" …..is there any confusion about the "every" here? If "Every" knee bows and declares Jesus as Lord then how can they not be believers? That would be silly, so I see in this statement that Jesus will ultimately reveal Himself to all and they will fall and worship Him. Paul said that whoever believes will be saved. "Every knee shall bow" not Every Christian Knee Shall Bow… "Every". Gods will shall never return void and it is His will that all be reconciled to Him. If it is beyond your comprehension then this fits the description of Gods mercy. Beyond what we can imagine or think. It doesn't mean that people who don't believe in Him without seeing Him won't suffer in the last days, as we are highly blessed for believing without seeing and we will judge the ones who didn't believe without seeing.

  9. Great revelatory truths presented in this book. We are Disciples of Jesus Christ. Although the term Christian was supposed to be derogatory…. I am thrilled and God-Hallelujah-ThankYouJesus-Happy to be called Christian, Christ-like, follower of Messiah. Let us focus on being about our Father's business. God bless you Brother Paul… for making great impact in the name of Jesus. Love, blessings and prayer to you and your family. Thank you for the post may you experience wonderful blessings and revelation knowledge to the glory of God, the edification of the Body of Christ and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. AMEN!

  10. Why you Evangelicals critisice him for his view? What it burns you inside?

  11. Love the Book the movie and Paul. Great to study in a way that allows us to be open minded without loosing faith in God, but I have lost faith in myself and my ability to work my way to the Father.Books are fundamental right so why are we scared of books that would make us question what has been written 100s of years before us and canonized by men we don't even know much about. God s not scared of question. If we research a lil more we won't be so scared of books like the Shack. In all your getting get understanding. GB

  12. The cosmos is the world system that is anti God run by Satan. God says not to love the world (kosmos) or the things of the world.

  13. Paul youg will stand before GOD and his SON . The BOOKS will be opened!!!!

  14. The "Shack" is a fictional movie about a man who's young daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He becomes very bitter and the story is how God reaches out to him with such love and compassion that it changes his heart and takes away the bitterness and unforgiveness so he can once again love God and his family. It's not a movie about Bible doctrine or scripture…its a fictional movie, and a good one. It shows how God will go as far as need be to rescue one of His children. Praise and glory to God!

  15. A very Good Movie.
    One thing that You can count on Humans to do is to believe that every individual think that they are right about everything.

  16. From 1 minute 25 seconds to 1 minute 40 seconds is enough evidence to show this man preaches another gospel. If he does not know if and how every man can be reconciled to God then he knows not Christ, the scriptures or the gospel. The scriptures are clear about those who belong to Christ and those who will pay the price for their own sins separated from God for an eternity.

  17. Has God redeemed the whole world? No? Who-so-ever is a free will. But we have to pick & choose who we want in our life, as Lord & Savior. Salvation for gentiles is 1st Corinth 15-1-4. The movie the Shack did not portray this. God the Father did not die for our Sins, Jesus the Son died for our sins. He had the Father with nail holes, this is a false doctrine of "Oneness of God". See to it that No one deceives you.

  18. Watch a sermon by Pastor Stephen Anderson exposing the shack. It's an evil book that contradicts the Bible. Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. You must believe before being born again and becoming a child of God.

  19. Man haa been separated from God by sin. In ordee to Love God you need to be able to choose to Love. In that ability to choose is Life and Death; Blessing and Cursing, as God told Jozhua. All have sinned and come short of God's Glory.

  20. The term Christian was first used at Antioch. They were called Christians because they acted like Jesus Christ. The term was not derrogatory! Before that term Christians were called the people of 'the Way.'

  21. Awesome book!! awesome movie!! Shows God as loving all even those that disobey!! We must forgive all ,even the people who are evil,wrong doer's!! It is just a man's perception of how we as believers relate to papa or father God!!

  22. So far I understand what he is saying and don't find it blasphemous. He is not saying he doesn't believe in hell, only that there may be more about God that we won't understand until we see him face to face. Now we see through a glass darkly. This is the only thing I've heard about this guy, I would have to see more to give an accurate judgement.

  23. Why is anyone reading books anyway when we have the Word of God that people were killed and tortured to bring to the world? A book that is banned in 50 plus countries? I for one am not interested in anyone’s interpretation of the Word of God but the true Holy Spirit. And until i know all revelation by Him, i will not be perusing any bookstores. In fact, it is the bible that informed me to guard against false brothers spying in the church, false teaches, false prophets, a false Christ, a false Holy Spirit , false doctrine, false laying on of hands (Simon the sorcerer), and wolves in sheeps clothing. Narrow is the road that leads to life and very few find it. God help the prideful blind leading the blind.

  24. The devil is a liar and the truth is not in him.

  25. This Man is confused, he is making his own versión of God and the Bible, i dont believe anything he says.

  26. For me this is the moment that God is saying stop putting me in a room with only four corners, stop judging others and believe that you deserve salvation more than them. Jesus came to save the world not does that think they do right, not does that think the wrong but to save all, and the reason why the world does not want Jesus is because some Christians after receiving salvation, the forgot that they to once were sinners that needed so be safe and needed some one to look at them and not the mistake. We all needed Jesus blood to reconcile us the Father. So before you say you are a Christian or you love God make sure you are reconciling peoples to the father.

  27. As an ATHEIST I say who gives a flying f about a holy trinity….what
    about the little girl who was brutally raped and murdered by the
    psychotic pedophile rapist, HEY, what about her ? This movie fn sucked,
    big time…real big time..!!!!!. It tended to favor FORGIVING PEDOPHILE
    RAPISTS AND MURDERERS of your children with biblical christian rhetoric
    And what about the crap TALE about the girl who threw herself off of a
    cliff to save her tribe/family. What the fcuk has that got to do with
    this little girl being raped and murdered by a psychotic pedophile
    rapist. Hopefully the reference to that TALE is not saying god
    sacrificed this little girl to that pedophile rapist murderer so her
    family could experience forgiveness. That's unconscionable and
    To me this story was SHOCKING and HEARTBREAKING because of that fact.
    PLEASE don't lose sight of these facts when you watch this movie, and
    don't forget the other fact that the little girls FATHER, himself, was a
    he POISONED his drunken abusive father who raped him, when he was a
    I'm left to wonder why you christians were BLINDED sighted to the fact
    that a little girl was brutally raped and murdered. You are ALL as sick
    as the person who wrote this PEDOPHILE FORGIVING STORY. This Screen
    WRITER blind sighted you and manipulated your mind with biblical words
    of forgiveness. This screenwriter also chose not to address the story's
    THEME about a pedophile raping and murdering a little girl…instead the
    story veered off immediately to finding christian ways for the father
    to forgive his daughters pedophile rapist and murderer. This was
    horrific why should such a SATANIC ACT be forgiven, its ludicrous!!!!!

  28. Satan influenced this guy. Satan gave him the story and Paul Young's hand wrote it.

  29. The author of the Shack wrote a satanic book. God is not a black woman, The holy Spirit is not human and Jesus Christ is a Hebrew. This guy Young promotes anti-Christ theology.

  30. 2 Timothy 4:3-4New International Version (NIV)

    3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

  31. You say; around 4:24, “Any theology of separation, is false”? Then why does the Bible say; “But your iniquities have 'separated' between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Isaiah 59:2. This separation can only be resolved through faith, believing. As John warned; “ He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him.” John 3:36.

  32. the movie "The Shack" is satanic and heres why.
    the whole trinity thing is a creation of lucifer far before the flood or "deluge". trickery has been the oldest tool of lucifer. NO one will see God even within the gates. jesus was sent to fix the seperations of us from God.
    research real history and find the real truth. do not ask for knowledge or believe in the things that grant you gifts. those are fallen angels and unclean spirits. be very careful! this is very REAL!!!
    look to dr. Stantly monteith for refferance and proof of reality. the great secret, by stan monteith. precious knowledge he has

  33. Heck forget belief, just feel in your heart, where spirituality resides, feel it there. Individuals can and will believe anything that exists ,even what doesn't exist, simply feel what is in your heart.
    The Cosmos and Universe is an ongoing process, not a once done and now its done thing. Also all of nature is an ongoing process, thankfully. My opinions and understandings.

  34. Jesus is the saviour of the world he died for everyone in the world. GOD does not care about our past or what we did previously because we can lay that down at the cross. The most important thing is for us to remember we can ask for forgiveness. And God is a loving,gracious God and he loves us that's why he sent his son to die for us all on the cross.

  35. His talking in the background is very distracting-i pobably would have learned something but i cant listen to two voices at oncer

  36. Although there was a few things that is a bit weird for me in the Shack, when viewed through the filter of the Kindness and Goodness of God, I don't see heresy at all. It's designed to introduce someone else's own revelation of the Lord, and if a you differ on a few points, I believe that the Holy Spirit isn't limited- He knows you need certain truths at certain times in your life and that doesn't necessarily mean someone else's truth is false. Not that false teaching doesn't exist, but I really don't experience that in this book. I think the mere fact that it is so not pro institutionalised religion, is what upsets people. But Jesus was never pro that at all.

  37. This man is thoroughly confused and he can't explain any simple truth without beating around the bush in convoluted speech. I am a Chinese and the Jesus that I believe in was out of my background in Chinese tradition and Confucianism while reading the Bible.

    The truth about Jesus being the only way to God and only those who believe in Him will be reconciled to God was not a Western construct to me. This truth to me is the construct of God's own will, not the interpretation of the Western church as Paul Young says. He is most ignorant of the Gospel and arrogant of his own ignorance and his own limited world. Sad really. He needs the salvation of Christ.

  38. Satan is the king of debate, I can literlaly se it in this mans eyes. Run don't walk from this. Did God really say that? Hello, Eve is not stupid anymore.

  39. His answers, as in "if a universalist is someone who believes…" and "if a Christian is someone who believes…" are very clever and subtle. Be careful.

    No man has seen God at any time; The Only Begotten God Who is in the bosom of The Father, he has declared him. John 1:18
    No one has seen God at any time; if we love one another, God abides in us, and His love is perfected in us. 1 John 4:12
    No man has seen The Father, except he who is from God; he himself sees The Father. John 6:46

    I read the book "The Shack" many years ago. Now that a film has been made based on this, it's suddenly clicked why this is blasphemous. See verses above.

  40. What a deceived man….sad. Pray he sees the Truth before it's too late plus he's teaching False doctrine leading people astray. God help the Church who embraced his Teachings 😓

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