What Guys Look For In Girls

When I first learned that no one could ever
love me more than me a world of happiness previously unseen was
discovered because somewhere along the line of aging
and scrutiny and time I was taught to despise myself
but I made sure I kept myself beautiful so someone would love me someday
so I could belong to someone someday because that’s the most important thing a
little girl could ever want, right? I was thirteen the first time I was embarrassed
about my body of course it would not be the last
and I remember stuffing my bra in the morning tears stinging my eyes
hoping, praying to something that I could look beautiful enough today, braces and all,
for the ruthless boys who mercilessly told me I was worthless
because my boobs weren’t big enough and I would go home and put on a sweatshirt
with my eyes closed, deny myself the right to be shown myself,
because I didn’t dare want to insinuate beauty in regards to something so insulting as my
body. But I mean we all end up with our heads between
our knees because the only place we’ll ever really feel
safe is curled up inside skin we’ve been taught
to hate by a society that shuns our awful confidence
and feeds us our own flaws and sometimes when I need to meet the me that
loves me, I can’t find her, a reminder that the mirror is meant to be
a curse so I confine her in my mind but when he or she shouts let me out
we’re allowed to listen. But it’s met by a chorus of conceited
egotistical narcissist
but since when was self solicitude a sin? since when was loving who we are made an offense
by morons that don’t matter change this physicality and that one, don’t
you dare shatter the illusion you could ever be anything beyond paper fine flesh and flashy
teeth and fingernails echoic accusations of not good enough, never
good enough have you ever felt so numb that it hurts
entertain me whore
you can’t surrender to them you gotta remember you’re the only thing you’ll
ever truly have and no I don’t mean your body because someday
that’ll go bad no matter what you do I mean you
I mean the way your bright eyes go wild when you smile
and how your laughter’s so melodic it’s a song
I mean the way your creativity is a compass that leads you to what you love
and you don’t need any miracle cream to keep your passions smooth, hair free
or diet pills to slim your kindness down and when you start to drown in these these
petty expectations you better reexamine the miracle of your existence
because you’re worth so much more than your waistline
you’re worth the beautiful thoughts you think and the daring dreams you dream, undone and
drunk off alcohol of being but sometimes we forget that
because we live in a word where the media pulls us from the womb
nurses us and teaches us our first words
skinny pretty skinny pretty girls soft quiet pretty
boys manly muscles pretty but I don’t care whether it’s your gender,
your looks, your weight, your skin, or where your love lies
none of that matters because standards don’t define you
you don’t live to meet credentials established by a madman
you’re a goddamn treasure whether you wanna believe it or not
and maybe that’s what everyone should start looking for.

100 thoughts on “What Guys Look For In Girls

  1. This is deep but for me this is opposite I have huge boobs and sometimes I never say this I just want to get rid of them I love it but so many people saw my chest and said weird and disgusting things to me and one laid on them out of nowhere without my permission

  2. That is absolutely amazing! Everything you said is true, why do people need to be skinny to be beautiful? You made me cry, thank you💜

  3. I think you know you're physically beautiful. You're just bitter because guys don't want anything to do with your pretentious ass.

  4. You're video… I'm a slut…. It made me love myself and put what others said behind me…

    Thank you

  5. Yes, it's all mans fault you have daddy issues. Scapegoat men all you like, but you'll never fix your issues and it'll never make you happy.

  6. Reads the title
    Oh so a cliche topic done in slam form… sounds at least interesting.
    Clicks on video
    Oh man… are we subverting the typical bullshit cliches? Oh fuck yes we are!
    Utterly fantastic work!

  7. this video is honestly everything. i hope society would stop romanticizing self hate one day.

  8. Girl I don't mind if your flat chested or curvy as long as your healthy and I'd defiantly lick your vagina and that would make me wealthy

  9. YES SAV FOR PUTTING THIS BACK ON PUBLIC idc how your appearance changed man whatever dw too much about it ur great

  10. This is amazing… I love it so much…..

    Also that hair is really pretty

  11. This is heart breaking Society is sick. I used to blame women for being so mentally ill and unlovable but now I'm starting to see that they are just programmed from childhood to hate themselves.

  12. I had never commented this before but Hi, I am a starting poet on instagram and go by the name @the_city_hippie . I have been writing poems for years now but have only reached minimal growth. Please help me get to my first 1000 followers! Its not much to ask for but its something 🙂 and means a lot to me. than you xx

  13. Okay, compelling argument. Let’s look at what women look for in guys:
    -chiseled abs
    -masculinity, but not douchieness
    -to be emotional, not sensitive
    -being good with kids
    -having a 6 figure income
    -being willing to cater to every one of your needs no matter the cost
    -being willing to give up their jobs, hopes and dreams, and friends and family for you.

    But idk that’s probably just me

  14. Thankyou. This has helped me rethink how i feel about my self image

  15. The new generations of American have finally overthrown the destructive mindset of idealism, finally accepting that the humble is the reality, that ideal appearances are ideal because they are unrealistic yet happen to please. Realism is such an important aspect to appreciating who we are and being able to distinguish between that and what we are. Realism allows us to see beauty and redefine it in our minds without convincing ourselves that it a fact, but a perception we can only control within ourselves. Let others be the open barer of their own discomfort and judgements.
    Enjoy yourself instead, know yourself as you are and know what yourself means to you.

  16. This has been my favourite video on the internet for 4 years I know it by heart and it’s the only thing keeping me alive. Thank you so so so much for writing this masterpiece. Although I’m sure you’ll never see this comment, Sav, you saved my life and this makes me cry every single time.

  17. "how people can dislike this?" because its literally the same topic with almost the same words as every other feminist poetry? ~~

  18. Ever take the time to realize what girls look in a man
    For a woman, a man is expected to be over 6 feet, have a 2 story house, a well paying job, emotionally physically and economics slaving over what the women wants, great with kids, skinny, muscular, and like whatever the woman likes

  19. I don't care what guys look for in a girl I am not here to please dogs for nothing

  20. Boys have issues too. Girls had it tougher I guess. But it is harder to be vulnerable

  21. Where the fuck do you live because of what you say is true ,
    I guess than the people where you lived were not human because no one can say "you have no boobs so you aren't worth my time"

  22. I still watch this every few months because this is outstanding and the line 'you're a goddamn treasure whether you want to believe it or not' will always be the shock to the system in sadder moments and the shining one in happy moments so I wanted to thank you for your words

  23. I don't judge a person by how they look, but I judge a person by what they do. And even when doing that people get offended because they see their impulse as something that can't be controlled. I feel that judgement which is based on something within your control is fair, it's important to have judgement or you don't stand for anything. Personally as long as the girl is not narcissistic and is neither a hoe she's beautiful in my book, but that's hard to come by unfortunately. And just because I judge these people doesn't mean I treat them like 2nd class citizens either.

  24. I hear your poems on youtube again and again . I want to read your book "graffiti" but in my country -India. I can't find it. Not on on-line sites and bookstores nor PDF! Please help!!

  25. youtube decided to put this on my home page again ♥ this is the vid that made me subscribe all those years ago and I've been honoured to be through all your changes and now you've written a book (which I've preordered!) this is why I love youtube

  26. Hey in my school girls that are curvy/big booty/big boobs are rather called ugly. I am categorized as a curvy girl and every single guy in my school likes skinny girls with small butts and small boobs. Me myself have big butts and boobs is rather hate by the guys in my school. I don't know why. They call me ugly and stuff.

  27. No boy ever tells me I'm beautiful but my best friend George now he's a real friend!!!! ❤❤❤ But I guess one day I'll find love I'm a tomboy though that wears t-shirts and leggings but oh well

  28. Geez girl that's a shame because I would love to be with someone like you. 🌹♥️

  29. I wish I could pull of "goddamned" because I would totally steal the last lines of the poem to use on all of my friends

  30. I’m still watching it💕 since 4 years i watched it so many times and still love it☺️

  31. I performed this poem at my high school graduation the same year this came out. I got beautiful feedback I still hold to this day, and it’s still a beautiful memory of leaving something on the floor in front of my classmates, sharing something life changing with them.
    Thankyou Sav 💕

  32. I have a feeling that poetry is femail dominated, maybe that explains why rap is so male dominated.

  33. You are my crush for like 5 years now and I'm so proud of you. Have a nice day

  34. Yes women are so much more than their bodies. And we are not obligated to be perfect. Women are supposed to have the "perfect hour glass figure" but how many men are judged on whether they have a perfect six pack or face? I cant stand shallow people-I always try to look deeper than the physical

  35. In some cases guys are to blame,
    But who can that girls aren’t that way .
    From abs to fat, to big and small ,
    No ones perfect no one at all.
    I don’t mind to be called names, because no one can make me be ashamed. Guys have a right to their own preference, no matter how wrong it might seem. What you believe guys see in girls In is your opinion, so it doesn’t matter how anyone describes this description. do what you want and what you please, but just don’t make the world harder than it has to be.

    Credit to :Me 😂

  36. I love the way your mind works. So articulate and thoughtful. Beautiful Poem!

  37. I’m not a comment kind of person. But you have moved me to tears. Beautiful woman, with a beautiful mind and such an incredible means of expression. Your spoken poetry has had such a profound impact on my life over the last, what? Five years? And i think, even though you have so many lovely comments. You deserve to know when you’ve made a powerful impression on someone you don’t even know. So thank you for existing. And thanks for brightening my day with your gift for words.

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