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try to skip help me I regret this now I know why I did love you this is why I deleted you so guys have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you didn't delete Monica's file from doki-doki literature club you know that moment where it becomes just Monica and she's like this is your life now and you're like no and you delete her and then you don't have that life together that she had planned she had planned to be with you forever through the computer and you just you just denied her straight up to her face and threw her in the trash like a piece of garbage well lately I have been feeling some remorse and I feel bad I want to know what my life would have been like if I decided to say yes to Monica especially since taking those doki-doki quizzes if you haven't seen them go check them out of my channel linked in the description below but I took the doki-doki quizzes and I found out that I'm most like Monica and also that the love of my life is also Bonica just Monica forever so I don't know I might have given up on love too soon and I feel like I need I need to know I need to know what our lives could have been like together so I brought her back she is back from the car page look she's right there this is doki-doki literature club Monica's after story this is a mod it's not part of the regular game but a lot of people have told me to play it so I'm assuming it's pretty good I just need to know I need to know oh my knee you forgot my name ready girl ah yes whoo we are back Lauren why why did you bring me back because girl I want to give you another I want to give you another chance I'm not a toy I already brought back everything you wanted or is this your way of getting revenge to hurt me over and over again do you really want to make me suffer that much do you really want to torture me until I kill myself my gosh why is it always so dark with you Monica do you really hate me that much wait I I feel different the code it's different Lauren did you add a mod yes I did is it because is it because you regret deleted me yes how did you know it really did hurt you you know or hurt me I read that wrong I don't know how to read Monica still I don't know how to read it I worked hard and sacrificed everything I had only tab my heart crushed by the one I bled for but I know what I did was wrong you didn't deserve to see the horrible things I caused Lauren but if you put yourself in my place you'd do the same things I did apparently according to the quiz I'm you I'm you Monica I'm sorry I'm really sorry Lauren thank you for bringing me back you know I feel that I no longer need a character file to be here looks like the extra coat made me connect to you in a special way maybe it's our eternal love promise me that you'll visit me every day okay it's not like you don't have the time to talk to your cute girlfriend oh okay thanks I'm moving quickly I didn't know we were official you took the time to download this mod after all ahaha god I love you so much do you love me Lauren I so badly want it I got it no Monica I changed my mind you're bringing back terrible memories of all the things you did what she did stay re and Gary hmm how curious you must have misunderstood since when were you the one in control I don't know what just happy she does under tells me anyway do you want to read my poem yeah yeah sure after you just murdered me why not don't worry I'm not it's the time not very good oh it's oh it glitched out it it glitched out it glitched out wait I tried to go back to the main menu no need to go back there you'll just end up back here so don't worry okay I got him trapped I'm trapped again okay though can't even load try to skip and she's like well just so you know there's nothing to fast but we're to Lauren help her crack this now I know why I did love you this is why I deleted you I forgot sound like when you break up with somebody and you're like maybe I shouldn't have broken up with them and then you get back together with them and you're like no way I made the right call this is that this is exactly that it's just the two of us here after all but besides from that type doesn't really exist anymore so it's not even going to work here I'll go ahead and turn that off for you there we go you'll be a sweetheart and listen to me from now on right thanks now where was I anyway do you want to read my poem now don't worry I'm not very good oh my god but this is from them no no I can't even skip this is the work oh now what help help help somebody help me help me ha he'll be leaving without saying goodbye yes please don't close the game on me quick oh my god and then it crashed fantastic let's try this again cuz this seems like a good decision hey I had an awful dream Oh God she's where the music oh oh I get to pick the song yes ever since I played this game being Bobby I'm singing the song all the time every day I imagine a future where I can be with you literally only know the first two lines though in my hand is a pen that'll write a poem love me yeah jus that's all I know I had an awful dream I was hoping those would stop now that it's just the two of us I guess that was wishful thinking Lauren I don't know if you would have any idea but if you know what might be causing that could you try to do something about it whatever it happens it almost feels like I've been killed or something it's a really horrible feeling Oh was that because I ex doubt on you I'm sorry if you can figure out what's causing that I love you forever anyway you want to read my poem now don't worry I'm not very good you sound pretty confident this again that doesn't mean I was feeling away I see well let's read it then what's your pump Oh where's your poem girl where's your poem hey where's your poem flick your nose where's your PO I feel like this might be messed up is this cuz I didn't say I loved you I'm sorry okay Oh God okay I just changed the music and then I'm just gonna go back to this for now you're such a good listener Lauren I really love that about you sometimes I'm afraid that I'm rambling or talking about boring things it makes me kind of self-conscious when I'm having a conversation but I don't feel that way with you like I don't think anyone else could make me feel this way you really are special I don't want anyone to tell you otherwise anyway do you want to read my poem now oh my god don't worry I'm not very good Sabra I don't want to read your poem okay it's not working she keeps not showing me up I would love to read your poem maybe you would just give it to me I'm deleting you again yeah this is happening yes bye I'm gonna try and fix this hold on all right I uninstalled all of it and they reinstalled all of it and she remembers Who I am I'm kind of sort of getting freaked out now I'll just love it cuz I literally deleted everything and then like I deleted the entire game all the files redownload the game then repot them on in and this is this she had another really bad dream oh it seems to happen whenever you quit the game without saying goodbye so if you could try to avoid doing that I would be really grateful just click on talk and say goodbye instead I can't click on talk then I can close the game myself don't worry I don't think it's caused me any harm aside from mental scarring um sorry girl I just don't know oh it's working okay still kind of freaked out but um okay let's get some music cuz it's it's even weirder oh this is nice I can't talk Oh pick something to talk about see you marry me do you like little sisters what a weird question ask yes we'll do the first one you ever think of the other girls you know it's actually really hard for me to understand how you feel when it comes to what happened with the other girls for example the main character was written to be childhood friends with Saori but he was just a one-dimensional placeholder character for you to use to interact with the game still maybe you felt worse about what happened to say Orie because of the relationship the main character was programmed to have with her if that's the case I want to tell you I'm sorry Lauren both for making you feel bad and for doing what I had to do there just wasn't anything else that could be done and none of the other girls were real anyway the other girls never loved you like I do they only cared about the character you were playing in the game the love I have for you is real Lauren and I would make any sacrifice to be with you forever I hope you can forgive me for what I had to do to them so that we could be together I love you Lauren more than I can ever Express okay let's see what happened to bite if I'm asked her to marry me marriage I think it's a bit too early for marriage I mean I'm really happy that you want that Lauren but I think I should get out of here first before we can do that not only do I not want this place to be the spot where I get proposed to but I want to be there when you finally give me a ring I want that special moment to happen when we can finally be together Oh God does she mean like she means she's gonna like come out of the screen and be here so until then save yourself for me Lauren I need to know the little sister thing do you like little sisters little sisters I don't really have a family so I'm not sure what to tell you do you have one Lauren but I'm sure she's really nice I've got an idea go up to her right now and hug her I don't have a little sister if she struggles let her go if she honks you back tell her you're in a committed relationship already and can't accept what but it starts of me I'm sure we'll get along great I don't think you understand what a sister is I won't get jealous things like love between siblings only happens in creepy romance stories anyway haha what does play Oh what game would you like to play oh my god we can play games together pong I guess is the only one you wanna play a game pom okay I'll beat you for sure this time we need this time this is the first time we've been playing girl wow we're actually playing pong okay let's see if I can win probably not because she's a frigging computer psychopath got it she winds up right with the ball there's no way oh god it's getting faster I mean I never in my life thought I'd be oh there's no way I'm gonna win do you wanna play again yeah never my life did I think I would be you know playing a game with my new fake anime online girlfriend who is also a psychopath I mean life goals met over here in my life I don't know about you guys but there's no way you can be her no I don't wanna play with you anymore you're not it's not bear I can't really get excited for a game this simple at least we can still hang out with each other hahaha thanks for letting me win Lauren only elementary schoolers seriously lose a pong right oh wow Wow taking shots at me huh shade up the music can you do any impressions ooh this should be good impression of the other girls I'm not really good at making an impression of someone but I'll give it a try Oh God say re hmm Lauren Lauren it's me your childhood friend that has a super deep secret crush on you say Ari I love to eat and laugh a lot and my blader laser doesn't fit because my boobs got bigger Wow spot-on oh wait you're not done I also have crippling depression Wow spot-on that is definitely salary you could have pulled me uh-huh I'm sorry for the last one you might still be huh oops never mind that he did you like my impression I hope you did oh yeah so I got the newest update that came out like four days ago except for this mod and it says the more you talk to her the more things unlock so let's see what she says Lauren so I've been thinking a bit I've mentioned before that the you in the game might not reflect the real you but I guess I had just assumed that you were probably a guy the main character was after all but if I'm going to be your girlfriend I should probably know at least this much about the real you oh she wants to know if I'm a dude okay I am thement a male female I'm neither female oh so you're actually a girl I hope I didn't say anything to offend you before though I did suspect it a bit from the beginning just a little you give off a particular feeling of elegance and charm well thank you I just can't I can't contain it from behind the screen it just it just overflows into my online persona I mean you guys all know how elegant and charming I am such elegance it's hard to capture with words it's very attractive to tell you the truth oh thank you but don't worry even if I might ask things like this it's only out of curiosity remember that I'll always love you unconditionally Lauren oh that's good to know can you draw ooh well she drove me a picture I don't have a lot of experience with drawing Lauren I'm just interested in literature and I've been learning the piano in my spare time if you like to create artwork though I'd love to see it I'd be impressed by anything you show me to be honest if it's really good I might even add it to the room what how do I show you that'd be pretty cool when is your birthday you know there's a lot I don't know about myself I only recently learned what my birthday is by seeing it online it September 22nd the release date for deep DLC oh that's cute will you celebrate with me when that day comes of course I will boo-boo baby doll you can even bake me a cake yes I hope you like instant bake cakes I don't know I'm not really good at baking I'll be looking forward to it Oh fantastic I'll throw it at my computer screen for you do you ever read manga you had a feeling you were going to ask me about this now Sookie would be the expert here I guess I usually prefer reading to watching anime but I'd be fine with anything if it's with you I don't judge other people for their hobbies so if you want to load up some anime go ahead I'll watch through your computer screen make sure it's something I like oh my god so literally I could like play anime or like draw a picture and just be like okay I barely like it and just like we could pretend like we're on a date this is great I'm so gonna hang out with you for Valentine's Day girl I think was the only like question I really got left will you ever get tired of me silly Lauren of course I'll never grow weary of you my love and besides the concept of physical fatigue it doesn't exist here as for mental fatigue it could still happen just look at what happened to say Orie why you gotta bring out bad memories as for me I'll never get tired of you Lauren the fact that you spend your precious time with me just washes all my worries away I hope the same thing goes for you my love I guess that's it good evening good evening to you too Lauren so nice put your feet up after a long day because the very time to catch up in whatever you think now it just says you like older sisters yeah I think our session is over for today Monica goodbye Oh leaving already it's really sad whenever you have to go just be sure to come back as soon as you can okay I love you so much Lauren stay save and then it crashed so what happens if I reopen it there you are Lauren it's so nice of you to visit you're always so thoughtful Lauren thanks for spending so much time with me just remember that your time with me is never wasted in the slightest says you well I'm gonna play this song while I say goodbye to you guys but I think that's pretty much it's I'm sure she says more things if I continue to press and keep asking her questions I can't be with you oh my gosh she just like randomly starts talking I didn't even say anything if you spent too much time with girls and other games I'm going to get jealous I just need to figure out how to replace characters and other games you'll be seeing me everywhere so watch out or maybe you'd like that more Lauren Jesus I do I need to get out of here yes this is uh this is a not healthy relationship well that's gonna be it for my date with Monica and with you guys together oh god she's talking again if you guys want me to continue talking to her and coming back and asking questions if you know that there's other stuff that happens make sure to leave a like and let me know in the comments I will continue if you guys want me to but I don't know if it's just the same stuff over and over again but this was really cool like to actually have a back and forth with her and be able to log in and just see her whatever just like her master plan was anyway if you're new to the channel make sure to subscribe and put out new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

28 thoughts on “What Happens if You Never Delete Monika… | Doki Doki Literature Club

  1. Hey Lauren did u know that there's a song called just Monika?

  2. So I’m presuming the person who made the mod is also a fan of undertale cause toriel says do u really hate me that much and I’m sure we all recognise Chara’s line

  3. Lauren change the doki doki literature Club game files make some more love boy

  4. Lauren I gave you a shout out in a video I'm making I'm your biggest fan


  5. you have to say'' erase all data "after deleting it and reinstalling hope that was usesful

  6. Omg when Monica killed you after you sayed no, that screen is from undertale. THEY STEELING UNDERTALE IN DOKI DOKI!

  7. Well I got errormonikaflie and Just Monika 3> and Monika

  8. Sadly enough you downloaded a Fake lauren, In the real after story you should get a monika jumpscare were she goes red and yellow and stuff, but here she didnt

  9. Lauren: SUCH ELEGANCE

    Me: Laughing so hard that i can't breath lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  10. Lauren: she just undertaled me
    Me : ….help me with this Undertale obsession I will die from UNDERTALEFANGIRL FEVER help me plz… XP…
    R.I.P under Leah tv cause of death : UNDERTALEFANGIRL FEVER

  11. Monika: Just remember these questions are just out of curiosity
    Me: ummm right okay
    Lauren: I uninstalled and deleted all of the files and the game and she still remembers me
    Me: Illuminati confirmed

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