What If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. The Earth is spinning and we are spinning along with
it. But what if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning?
Well, first of all, you would gain weight. But that would be the least of your worries. The spin of our planet is important and literally giving you the time of your life. At the equator, the surface of Earth, and everything on it, is spinning around at
465 meters per second. As you move closer to the poles you
don’t have to move as quickly to complete Earths daily rotation.
Here in San Francisco, the Earth is driving me east at 368 meters per second.
If I could float above the surface independent of the Earth’s rotation, the
Earth would spin underneath me this quickly. Pretty cool. But, of course,
when I jump straight up into the air, the Earth doesn’t move underneath me
because I continued to spin with it. We are all spinning with the Earth and
that is why slamming on a set of magical planetary breaks that caused
everything classically called earth to stop
spinning would be catastrophic. Immediately everything that wasn’t Earth, and wasn’t safely at the poles,
would continue moving, as it had been, and be flung due east at more than a
thousand miles an hour. You wouldn’t be flung into space because
escape velocity is 24,800 mph but your body would instantly become a 9.5 inch caliber bullet. Well, really more of a supersonic tumbleweed. Because the atmosphere would more
gradually slow down, people in airplanes, assuming they could navigate the
resulting storms, might have a better chance of surviving. Astronauts aboard the ISS would fare even better. But it is unlikely that anyone would be waiting for them down on the ground. Runways would just be entrances to the new planet-sized graveyard, created by the no longer spinning Earth. People really really near the poles
might be okay but only at first. Gusts of wind, as fast as
those near an atomic bomb detonation, would blast, pass the surface and up into the
sky forming worldwide storms of unprecedented magnitude. The friction alone, caused by the now stopped Earth colliding
with these winds, would be enough to cause massive fires, unparalleled erosion and damage to
anything strong enough to stay put after the initial braking. The Sun would
seem to freeze in the sky as days became not 24 hours long but 365 days long. Without spinning innards, Earth’s
protective magnetic field would cease to exist and we would be dosed with deadly
amounts of ionising radiation from the Sun. The oceans would surge onto land in
tsunamis kilometers high and wash over nearly all dry land, before migrating to the poles, where gravity is stronger, no longer held to
the ocean basins by the inertia Earth’s spin gave them, until Earth itself, no longer bulging an extra 42
kilometers around its equator, because of its rotation slowly compressed into a more perfect sphere than it is now. Possibly allowing the
oceans to eventually return somewhat. That is what would occur if it actually happened.
It won’t actually happen but woah, its rotation is slowing down. More on that later. First, if the Earth
really is spinning so quickly, why can’t we feel it? Why doesn’t the Earth’s rotation make us dizzy? Well, lucky for us, the change in velocity is just too
gradual. The Earth is too huge. It’s like driving in a car that takes 6 hours and six thousand miles to make
one left turn. It’s not sudden enough to
register with our senses. But that change in velocity is real and it makes us way less, because of inertia. On our spinning
planet your velocity is constantly changing but always tangential to the circular path you were
being dragged along. Now, because inertia is a property of
matter, which includes your body, without a force acting upon us we would slowly leave the surface of Earth. Luckily, the Earth is exerting a force on us.
A center-seeking, centripetal force, delivered by gravity. The centripetal force required to keep
you along a circular path with Earth is subtracted from Earth’s total gravitational pull on you. The remaining force simply pushes you down, toward the centre of the Earth – it gives you weight. At the equator, if the Earth didn’t spin,
and no centripetal force was required to keep you with the Earth, you would weigh 0.3 percent more than you currently do. If Earth spun you around 17 times faster than it currently does,
all of its gravitational force would go toward centripetal force
fighting against your inertia and you would be weightless. So here’s a diet idea. Hope that the Earth starts spinning faster and go back for guilt-free seconds. Seconds. We know exactly how long a second is. The outermost electron of an atom of cesium 133 is alone. When the atom is undisturbed, only the nucleus interacts with this outermost electron, tickling it regularly and rapidly between two levels. After 9,192,631,770 oscillations between those two levels,
one second has passed. Exactly. That is literally the definition of a second. We can measure and count those oscillations. It’s how atomic clocks work. Making atomic clocks, the most accurate measurement device
ever built by humans, to measure anything. We can’t define a second more simply, as say, 1/60th of 1/60th of 1/24th of a day because of Earth’s spin. It’s too irregular. Little changes in the distribution of mass on Earth,
caused by earthquakes or melting ice or man-made dams or technically even you walking up stairs or downstairs, cause Earth’s rotational speed to change. Like a figure skater moving their arms
further away from or closer to their bodies. Now add on top of that the fact that tides, caused by the Moon, drag against Earth’s rotation and you
wind up with an unstable rotation speed that is predominately slowing down. Now, these changes are incredibly incredibly
slight, but over time they add up. In 140 million years, a day on earth will not be 24 hours long, it will be 25. That might not sound like much but in order to do important things, like
deliver accurate GPS information, we need a more accurate timekeeping device than that. So, as a solution scientists keep the pace of seconds
using atomic clocks, TAI time. And other scientists measure the changing speed of Earth’s
rotation by observing distant stars and quasars. Now, every few months they
find out just how behind or ahead Earth is running, and if it’s getting too
close to being a second off, they decide to add or subtract the
second from the current year. The result is the time used almost everywhere, including your phone: UTC. Since this system began in 1972 25 leap seconds have been added. What this means is that clock time is, and has to be, a manufactured product with upgrades and tune ups administered periodically, after defects are noticed. The time we give to now and the future is only ever approximate. That’s weird but it’s also entirely not weird. As Demetrios Matsakis, the Chief
Scientist of Time Services for the US Naval Observatory puts it, “we save lives and we end lives. We add time and we
can take time away, but in both cases we do so
without completely understanding exactly what life is, or what time is.” Regardless, thank you for spending some
of yours with me… and as always, thanks for watching.

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  2. My favourite part of Michaels videos is always "hey, vsauce, Michael here."

  3. Say you were to drive in the right direction at the right speed moving against earths rotation. Would you technically be stationary because the earth is moving beneath you and you aren’t moving? Would the earth be like a treadmill with the car being the runner?

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    Now, to all of the "Christians" that believe in this ludicrous lie how is it that in the battle of Jericho the sun stopped moving? Right, the Earth had to stop moving which according to this video would basically destroy everything on Earth, but that didn't happen. Now Another question, how is it that the WHOLE world is supposed to see Jesus Christ descend from Heaven to Earth at once?As we know some countries heavily censor the internet, some countries can't even access YouTube so they defiantly would block the returning of Christ as he's hated in most of those countries. Those are two very big questions for fellow believers who believes in a ball Earth, remember what times we are in, we live in the age of deception and the prince of the world has nearly full control of Earth, now all that's left is that third temple to be built so he can move forth as the Anti-Christ. Lean towards the words of our Lord and not the words of Science, remember who created science!

  6. an atomic second could definitley be used to convey how time works on Earth to aliens

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    You just got a new subscriber!

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    Shame on you and your grand falsehood.
    Glory to the Heavenly Father.

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  14. He says that if he were able to stay afloat long enough, independent of the earth's rotation, that the earth would move underneath him. 0:40 Critical thinking kicks in and says " well use a helicopter", hover a full tank of gas out and guess what, you land in the same spot.

    Why then when persons jump from tall buildings they land where they are expected to land on a none moving surface? Why don't they land some distance away from the building? Seeing the earth is spinning. Answer that please, to anyone whom believes this guy in this video. Have we as humans truly lost our critical thinking skills? Are we just sheep whom accepts information without scrutinizing it first?

    A moving surface is like a treadmill, walking in opposite directions is not the same. Walking against the movement keeps you in the same place. If the earth moved under our feet, like this guy says in this video, then it would have an effect on our walking on the earth. Walking against the rotation means you would never get to where you were intending, moreover you would be moving backwards as you walked forward. Like an escalator. And it is not like making a left turn in a car, but rather like going round and round a roundabout. Peace

  15. Hasn't the definition of a second changed from that of the # of oscillations of a Cesium atoms outer electron to being defined in terms of how long it takes light to travel in a vacuum in 1/c time? I could be wrong about that.

  16. This is why this is bullshit.
    The bull is all these so-called scientists and this idiot Vsauce
    don't know what they are talking about.
    He starts whit telling you you gain weigh if the earth stops spinning why?
    You gain weight if the earth spins faster mister Vsauce.
    Ever heard of centrifugal forces?
    The people living on the equator never complained about the weight
    because the earth is not spinning.
    Second You are doing pseudoscience because what you are saying about a motionless
    earth is never experienced by a living being so you don't know
    what's gonna happen. Proof it first instead of your speculations.
    You better go work at Nasa they have a PhD in speculations.

  17. That could be a movie tho
    Some astronauts are in space when suddenly, the earth stops spinning for a couple hours. The story goes on as they return to the planet only to find total destruction. Trying to find survivors, they stumble upon something that was a complete shock to them. Am leaving this on this cliffhanger. Won't u want to watch a movie like that?

  18. 2:40 How can a "day" become 365 "days" long? that is like saying x=365x. He should instead say a day becomes 24×365 hours long or at least say a day becomes 365 of the previous day's duration long, so in effect saying x2 = 365 x1.

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    Monkey brain: hold on to something before you go nyoom

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