We’ve always been fascinated by what would
become of Earth and us if something disastrous happened. Have you wondered about it as well? Well, that’s why Hollywood makes so many
movies about the end of the world. We at Bright Side decided to find out what
would happen if Earth suddenly stopped spinning (it’s really slowing down, by the way!). Let’s have a look at the incredible consequences
that might follow one day. 1. All objects would fly east at high speed with
their own momentum. We don’t notice the huge speed at which
the Earth is spinning. But if it stopped, says Sten Odenwald from
NASA, everything on its surface would be torn off the ground and fly east, eventually falling
back down. At the equator, the speed would be the greatest
(about 1,000 mph), while closer to the poles it would reach 800 mph. 2. Enormous tidal waves would occur. The power of momentum would make the water
in the seas and oceans move to form extremely powerful tsunamis. They would move east and clean the coastal
cities off the face of Earth. Well, we hope it will never happen. 3. A powerful wind would rise. The atmosphere would continue moving, and
its momentum would make it rotate around the planet — probably several times. The starting air flow speed would be enormous:
more than 1,100 mph. It’s possible that Earth would lose part
of its atmosphere while this happens. 4. All water on Earth would collect in 2 oceans
And a new continent would form. Water gathers at the equator now due to the
centrifugal force. A sudden stop in Earth’s spinning would
make the landmasses and water redistribute themselves to form 2 great oceans on both
poles. The land on the equator would rise and create
a gigantic new continent covering the whole planet through the equator. 5. Volcano eruptions, hurricanes, and earthquakes
would begin. The huge kinetic force of Earth and its momentum
would shake the planet to its core. The result is quite predictable: all-powerful
hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and destructive earthquakes would begin. Everywhere. 6. Earth would transform from a geoid into a
sphere. The geoid shape of Earth is due to its spinning
motion. It’s a bit flattened on the poles and a
little bulging at the equator (you can find the lecture by Profesor Etienne Ghys from
ENS de Lyon online to get more details). If the planet stops, its shape will become
more spherical. 7. One hemisphere would become as hot as a desert,
and the other would be as cold as Antarctic. If Earth continued to make just one turn around
the sun, only half of it would be heated. This will make it scorching hot and brightly
lit with the highest temperatures at the equator. The second hemisphere would become a kingdom
of eternal night and arctic cold. NASA has another version: Earth would stop
turning altogether, and there would be a 6-month day followed by a 6-month night. 8. The magnetic field protecting Earth from dangerous
cosmic radiation would disappear. The magnetic field is basically formed due
to the outer core processes and the planet’s spinning motion. If the spinning stopped, the magnetic field
would also disappear, predicts Sten Odenwald. The field protects us from solar wind: the
charged particles from the sun that would destroy every single living being. 9. If people survived, it would only be on the
border of heat and cold. Humanity would only be able to adapt to the
new conditions on the border of night and day. Humans would have to live underground and
only go outside in protective suits because of radiation. 10. The Moon would eventually fall onto Earth,
but that wouldn’t be soon. Professor Vaughan Pratt from Stanford University
says the Moon would gradually slow down, too. And its distance from Earth would reduce. In time, it would probably just fall onto
our planet. In fact, Earth is slowing down. In its youth, it spun much faster: a day lasted
only 6 hours. The Moon’s gravity causes ebbs and tides
that gradually drop the speed of Earth’s motion. NASA calculated that day length increases
by 2.3 milliseconds every 100 years. After billions of years, days would become
several times longer, and then our planet will probably stop completely. Share this video with everyone you know to
show them what would follow if Earth stopped spinning in the future. Don’t forget to hit the like button below
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  1. I think these will only happen if it suddenly stops, if it gradually stops then it woukd probably happen slower or not at all yay

  2. A short way would be make fallout a thing in real life

  3. You: what would happen if the world stopped spinning?
    Also you: it’s slowing down by the way
    Me: I’m moving to mars

  4. 1 like= 1 chance to save Earth

    Hopefully this won't happen anytime soon

  5. in the beggining he was like: what will happen if the earth stopped spinning? BTW ITS SLOWING DOWN!!!!! and i was like uhhhh….sh!t we are dead now

  6. If i think if the earth stop spining people will live under ground

  7. If the earth stopped spinning it would either be night or day all the time

  8. i might panic becuz our oxygen might disapear and we never made a underground safe zone

  9. Would there be tornadoes? Like a lot or a giant one since ALL THAT WARM AND COLD AIR would make a giant tornado

  10. Dont feel like its spinning…..or wobbling or racing around the sun, all at the same time.

  11. If the moon to were hit the planet I would be like "HOLY MACKAREL MAJORA'S MASK JUST HAPPENED" (not rlly tho)

  12. When moon will fall to earth then doesent it mean earth will fall to sun 🌍🌞🌜

  13. Good to know somebody In real estate, that part killed me 😂😂

  14. If the earth stop spending time stop and nothing on earth would move not eve water or rain or humans

  15. If the earth was round and spinning, the oceans would collect at the equator but have you seen the so called photos of earth from NASA. The photos of earth show a perfectly round earth. If the earth was actually round and spinning at the equator, centrifugal force would cause the water to head toward the equator where the round spinning earth is supposedly spinning at 1000 MPH. The earth is FLAT and stationary and immovable. Read the Bible. NASA is a big time Fraud. To the tune of 20 BILLION dollars per year budget. All rockets go up and then into a horizontal position for the cameras and then before they run out of fuel the rockets begin to go back down. Look at the exhaust. It's on top. And the rocket is not nearly as high as a commercial jetliner. All rockets go into the ocean after they are out of sight from the human eye.

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  17. Did anyone notice at 3:43 it said “Spherev” instead of “Sphere”? Lol

  18. The guy saying that it was really slowing down was a joke. Don’t be scared.

  19. 3:42 — Earth would transform from a geoid to a spherev.

  20. Dude how do you know if this is true or are you just searching all this up on Wikipedia and making a video of it?

  21. The earth does not move and it is flat.
    People who thinks earth is spinning is gullible.

  22. At least if you had a bunker you might be safe

    Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts.

  23. Hello my name is Jackson and on top of my text is my mom's name i,'ll tell you what if the world stopped spinning if it ever happens the world would not change from day and night and it,'ll always be the same day who agrees me

  24. It would be scary if the world stopped spinning. Just like the movie 2012. 😨😱😢😭

  25. Only Muslim knows what will happen if the earth stops spinning.. but I'm sorry and if u think its a violence.. Do u agree with my statement?? Then reply!!!!!

  26. guys don't be worried
    the earth would stp spinning in loike 987696

  27. Omg this is scarying me
    Why earth is slowing down😱😱😱

  28. Help the earth spin one like=one decade of the earth spinning

  29. Don't worry people GOD is the THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DISTORTED, He made it he has the final say!!!

  30. I thank that the earth will never stop spinning if it does I beat a rock from space will het earth and make it spinning agan

  31. I would like to have that one with one side hot and other cold

  32. Incorrect channel name: BRIGHT SIDE
    correct channel name: DARK SIDE

  33. Why would that happen? It will happen when God and Jesus thinks that everyone will not remember them

  34. I will not believe that that never happens if the earth stops moving

  35. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  36. This guy is trying to scare us, don’t listen to him. Don’t be afraid! God will save us from all this! Just pray to God and hope that everything will be ok! 😀

  37. Save the earth🌎
    Because its dying
    One example:throwing your trash anywhere and not even cleaning it up

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