What is beauty in a poem?

The hospital wishes to treat him with four
drugs . . . Two of these drugs have the side effect
of attacking the bone marrow, compromising the body’s immune system, therefore it’s standard to transfuse during treatment. However, the boy and his parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and it’s contrary to their faith to accept blood products into their system. Have you discussed with Adam what will happen to him if he’s not transfused? Well, I’ve spared him the details. He knows he could die. He’ll fight to breathe, and he’s bound to
lose. My Lady, so you’ve come to change my mind? I think you should take it. Some patients lose their sight, he may have a stroke. Patients vary. The one sure thing is that it will be a horrible death. It will be lawful for the for the applicant
hospital to pursue such medical treatments as they deem necessary, including blood transfusion. Hi, this is Adam Henry. My Lady, I got your number. I’m out of the hospital at last. I loved it when you came and sat with me,
and we did Salley Gardens. I look at that poem everyday. I suppose I like being young and foolish. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be neither. I’ll be dead. I feel the top of my head has sort of exploded and all sorts of things are coming out, and so I just wanted to give you these. What is beauty in a poem? It’s more than just lovely sounds. It has to be saying something that is true. You like her? And what? You just think that’s . . unnatural? It can’t go anywhere, can it? -Do you want it to go somewhere? She was alone. And now, she’s not. I don’t want it not to. You told her how you feel? I’m not the person I was. When you came to see me, I really was ready to die. And when you visited me in the hospital . . That was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Wanna spend the rest of your life with me? I think so. My choice.

10 thoughts on “What is beauty in a poem?

  1. omg this is so beautiful, it's so well done and it's stunning. you've done such an amazing job

  2. Wait is this real or crossover
    It it's crossover I can't even tell!!!
    I love this so much, you made me emotional. When I saw a premiere, I know it will be epic.
    'my lady' ohhh

  3. OMG, this is so cool; –;
    where does this wonderful boy come from and what is his name?

  4. this is one of my favorite crossovers where did you get all your taissa clips if you dont mind he asking

  5. Wow I didn't realise this was a crossover at first, its so well done I'm beyond shocked. I instantly subscribed but you aren't just someone who vids, you are a pure and creative artist. You're a natural filmmaker and I am in love with this creation of yours. I can't imagine how many hours you must have spent on this but every single split of a second of this is just pure art and you're honestly amazing
    So well done! Keep it up love and I wish you all the best 💕

  6. I dont know who is the guy, but absolutely you made an incredible corrosver job, cupcakee jkregbkleglke ❤️ I loved it so much!! Trully emotional rbgkjleglek You're really so talented, hunniee ^^ #SoProud ❤️

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