What is Love? (A Valentine’s Day Poem) | tss6295

what is love is it something commonplace
is it something special that anytime you think about it it makes you smile is it
something that gets your heart beating fast or is something that’s all of that
at once love love is when they’re the first thing you think about in the
morning and the last thing you think of at night it’s when you hate not being
able to talk to them it’s fun even if you have a fight with them you know you
can’t be mad at them for long it’s when you see them and everything gets better
it’s feeling their smile when you aren’t looking at them it’s knowing that in
that person’s eyes you are special love songs become about you and then you
imagine dancing to those songs with that special someone it’s something you
admire in older couples that have been together for a very long time it’s the
bond you make with someone that’s hard to break it’s something that you don’t
want to lose it’s something that’s special to you and you want to keep it
that way love it’s knowing that even if you’ve been in a relationship with
someone for a while those feelings are still there it’s knowing that even if
you and your significant other are very different you can put aside those
differences for the feelings it’s something that exists in my forms you
love your friends your family your significant other your favorite TV shows
your favorite books your favorite music love is one of the strongest forces in
the world even if someone has gone from the world you know you still love them
and you want to remember them from when they were alive love is more than just a
feeling love is everywhere it’s a part of everything it’s important love is

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