What Is My Favorite Bible Verse

where’s Jingle Bells where is my jingle
bells there is hi guys how you doing how is everybody everybody is doing good I
got a message today from telepathy or something you know best actually came
through email or was it a text that asked me a weird question what’s my
favorite bible verse I was just looking to find my favorite bible verse do you
know yours and what is a Bible verse okay there’s books in this Bible and
there’s chapters and every one of them has a period every sentence has a period
at the end of it and at the end of every period that is called a verse instead of
calling it a sentence is called reverse simple as that so chapter 6 of Genesis
verse number one and it came to pass when men began to multiply in the face
of the earth and daughters were born into them that the sons of God saw the
daughters a lalalalalala and wherever the period is that’s the verse Genesis
chapter 6 verse 3 okay so that’s how the Bible works now what’s the most famous
or maybe the general the absolute general the top command of the verses
the sentences in the Bible by the way there’s 31 thousand plus sentences in
this Bible 31,102 I had to memorize that in Sunday school so that’s
something I happen to know I sound smart right no I I was kind of forced to to
learn it so how you doing jingles you doing good good stay right there
you stay you’re not gonna go he wants to play with the drapes cuz I closed them
and he wants to look out the window because it’s nice to look out the window
so anyway that is the chief verse is John 3:16 that’s the commander the whole
Bible is about that one verse you know what it says for God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten Son that who so ever
believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life
no qualifications if you’re red yellow black and white if you’re a woman or a
man if you’re gay or you’re not gay you’re straight if you’re a politician
or a lawyer or a doctor if you’re rich or you’re poor it just whosoever
whosoever okaywell all the whosoever’s in this room please raise their hand me
are you is whosoever did I scare you I’m sorry to scare him so that is the
central verse of the Bible that doesn’t mean sin the center I mean that’s the
chief that’s the head verse and just to prove it to you
that guy because he’s a military man he’s got lieutenants okay and
lieutenants surround him there’s one lieutenant on his one side and there’s
another lieutenant on his other side so if the main one says God so loved the
world that He gave His Son that’s what that’s what God used to actually get
what he wanted he didn’t command it he didn’t decree it he didn’t make it up
out of thin air he gave that was that that was the system the system of giving
and what did he give he gave his best his son yeah I wouldn’t give my son I
don’t mean to sound that bad but I wouldn’t give my son so and what do we
get those that believe in him no qualifications you just have to believe
in Jesus and what do you get everlasting life wow that’s a big one
now what is the lieutenants on each side of that general what do they say because
maybe surely they chiseled away at the power of the general right so the next
verse said for God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that
the world through him might be saved the that lieutenant is in perfect step
with the general that says whosoever believes in the Son of God is saved okay
well let’s look on the other side maybe that one will chip it away okay so the
verse before it number 15 sentence number 15 says that whosoever believes
in Him should not perish but have eternal life
oh my goodness they all agree with the general the military structure of the
Bible is intact from the very beginning to the end all 31,000 sentences all
answer to that one and that is John 3 which is chapter 3 16 which is sentence
number 16 but that’s not what this is about
how was asked what’s my favorite verse and it’s not that one it’s everybody’s
favorite verse okay my favorite verse is in the book of
Romans you know Romans that’s where spaghetti
and lasagna comes from and pizza from Rome from Italy okay so in the book of
Romans it says thou shalt eat pizza no it doesn’t say that I wish it did
wouldn’t it be cool if there was a person there that says thou shalt eat
pizza at least once a week so anyway this is what my favorite verse is in all
30 1102 sentences okay and it means a lot to me and you’re gonna go like duh
why I don’t even understand what it means okay it says so my brothers you
also have become dead ah to the law Oh what’s the law have you ever heard of
the Ten Commandments that’s the very top tippity-top of the law thou shalt not
steal thou shalt not lie thou shalt not commit adultery thou shalt not do this
and thou shalt not pretty tough guy this law you know but it says you’re dead to
that now okay by the body of Christ okay how is that important
because if you’re married to something according to a Bible with the God wrote
in the Bible you can’t get out of that marriage unless somebody dies okay it
does have a decrease for divorce in here too but we’re not getting into that
so because Jesus died okay and I’m in him I’m no longer married to the law now
when you’re married to someone they can be pretty pushy in your life right where
you going baby you going no okay okay
you decided he wanted to go down all right so the verse says okay my brothers
you are you are now dead to the law in Christ that you should be married to
another to him who is raised from the dead
oh that we should bring forth fruit to God now this is amazing to me absolutely
amazing because the law is rough it keeps telling me don’t do this and
don’t do that and don’t do this and it sounds kind of mean it makes God sound
mean but here it says we’re dead to that one and we’re married to something new
to someone new and that’s Jesus who’s raised from the dead and that marriage
what’s it do it produces fruit to God now when a man and a woman get married
okay they produce very easily fruit it runs around in diapers and you got to
clean up and feed after that fruit and it was very easy to do it just comes
naturally okay so that’s what comes from this marriage and the privilege of this
marriage of me being married to him that is raised from the dead and that’s Jesus
and that marriage produces fruit just like if you get married very naturally
it without any effort actually you guys get together and you make fruit
all right so let’s not take this into a sexual account here but we’re going to
bring it into a more general I was gonna say spiritual but it’s beyond spiritual
because this does comprise my body – all right so it’s not to bring greater than
thou type of people you know the people that preach on TV and mmmm the finger
comes and you’ve got seven steps to accomplish this and five steps to
accomplish that when you marry your wife or you marry your husband there’s not
seven steps or ten steps okay and you also don’t get a license to cheat on
them you don’t get a license to abuse them that let marriage license is a
license to love them what you doing baby you want to come sit with Peter come sit
with Peter come on come sit with Peter so that is my favorite verse because it
tells me I get the same privileges that you would get and I would get in a
marriage I get to sign the checkbook I get to see the checkbook balance I get
to speak in my spouse’s name no my husband wouldn’t do that my husband
wouldn’t say that my husband wouldn’t think that no my wife doesn’t like
things like that my wife wouldn’t even have that in the house because we’re
tight okay we’re intimate and that verse tells
me that I get all the privileges of a husband wife relationship of a marriage
with God and that is big things and not only that when you are married and you
actually have pleasure all right and you produce fruit what what it’s the highest
point of pleasure on this planet that produces a new life okay you think
that’s a little bit ironic that is the highest point of pleasure that produces
a new life and that verse says I’m dead to the old girlfriend which means she
can’t come back in and go you you you you you don’t you know
the new one will not allow that okay I have to pay attention to the new
significant other who is happens to be God in this case and they get all the
privileges of a marriage and the fact of being marriage is I’m gonna produce good
stuff just by being married to him no effort was there any effort involved
when you made a baby no it’s all pleasure yeah had a good time and you
knew it all right now when the baby was born that’s a little bit of a different
story but the having fun part and that produces fruit is what you’ve been doing
if you’ve got kids all right so when I produce fruit by being married to God
I’m producing good things so the good things that come from my life are going
to come with pleasure and it’s gonna come effortlessly because there wasn’t a
lot of effort when you had when you made a baby it just it came natural guys you
know it came natural all right so that’s my favorite verse you asked and i
answered and i figured i would tell you that that was my favorite verse now if
somebody asks me come here come here who’s my favorite dog i would have to
look high and low to find out who my favorite dog is who’s my favorite dog
hmm hey who’s my favorite dog it’s Jingle Bells
and this is Jingle Bells licking Peter’s thumb again okay i’m gonna stick my
finger in his mouth and you know I don’t like that Peter I don’t like getting
licked but that doesn’t stop him okay he’s gonna lick lick lick so who is my
favorite dog it’s Jingles and we are feeling a little bit better yes we are
so that’s my favorite verse I tried to make it interesting for you because it’s
like how do you tell excuse me a favorite verse without getting all
religious all right because this channel is not intended to get all
religious but I shared a verse I told you which one is the general the
highest-ranking officer of the Bible the two lieutenants on each side are in line
with that one and then we moved over to Rome and I told you that I’m married to
Jesus I get all the privileges don’t let your mind go in the gutter because this
is important I get all the privileges of a marriage
intimacy okay when you talk between a husband and a wife there’s things that
are said that is not open to the general public and sometimes is not even open to
your kids it’s not open to your friends it’s it’s just between you and your wife
and you and your husband and that’s the intimacy that I’m brought into and I
love it that that verse tells me that because it makes me feel good it makes
me feel better as to who’s I am and where I stand and some of my privileges
and also even for the future that that union that I have that I’m married to
him that is raised from the dead is going to bring forth fruit and it’s
going to be good stuff all the things that God does through me is gonna be
good stuff so if something bad happens I can throw it right out of my mind I
wonder if that was a message from God you know that something bad happened no
it says you’re gonna bring forward through the– you’re gonna bring forth
fruit all right and when you bring forth something from God
it’s always good and that even the beginning it says and God looked at all
he created and it was good I never saw anything in the Bible which says and
everything that he created or that which he created was bad okay things that he
create get perverted starting with the devil all right but that’s a different
topic but that’s my favorite verse guys so I hope I gave you an understanding as
to why it was it’s Romans seven four it’s in the book of Romans chapter 7
verse 4 meaning sentence number four and there
different translations of the Bible there’s the King James is the New Living
Bible there’s the message the New International Version look up my
favorite verse in all these different versions and see how some of them get it
the flavor of that verse and some of them just don’t some of them just don’t
get it because it’s hard for them to say like it’s I’m a guy so it’s hard to say
that I’m married and who are you married to Peter
well another guy okay now think of the ramifications in the social arena and
this planet alright not too cool is it but if we don’t allow ourselves to go
straight to the bed alright in our thoughts but think of the bigger circle
think of all the privileges that come with a marriage not only you’re married
to God but you’re divorced you’re dead to the law to that rough one the
taskmaster that tells you all these things that you have to obey in order
for God to approve of you I want God to approve of me it’s something important
to me you might not even believe in God so it’s not important to you alright and
I respect you for that I don’t disrespect people that have
different beliefs than me I respect you because God gave me the freedom to
choose what I want I certainly can’t take that away from you or anyone else
alright so if someone is watching I respect you no matter what it is that
you believe I want to state that upfront I respect what you believe and how you
think but that also gives me the freedom to believe what I believe and what I
think alrighty so that’s it that’s my show for today if this was a show thanks
for spending time with me I like spending time with you you know it’s
like we’re becoming friends and friends can be a very important part of your
life so me and jingles are friends right Jingles you’re gonna sit there and
you’re gonna gonna ignore me is that what you’re gonna do okay guys that’s it
I’m ready to get up and go alright oh wait I haven’t done it okay bye see you
later have just watched another Peter Gregg
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14 thoughts on “What Is My Favorite Bible Verse

  1. So many good ones! If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one book of the bible it would be Psalms. How about you? One of my favorite verses is Ecclesiastes 12:13 and my favorite kind of photography is macro. What's yours?

  2. You make a great teacher!!! I enjoyed your explanation. I don't have the kind of marriage that I would ever want to compare to what you expressed. I am waiting for G-d to release me from the bondage I got myself into. Your peace with G-d and your marriage is something I can only dream about. I was so blind in the beginning and in a very vulnerable state. I'm 64, and it's been a long life sentence. I hope Jesus will be kinder than how this marriage worked out. I now am raising young grandchildren, so trapped I am. You've figured out something about G-d that most never find. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. To pick a favorite for me is very hard.  This is one is one of my favorites.  " Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name , you are Mine"   Isaiah 43:1   and  " For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires." Hebrews 4:12   Love you Peter

  4. Peter I stumbled upon your channel from the almond milk video and I continued all the way from watching the story of
    Jingle bells and the perfect rice. I recently just got an Instant pot and I can heavily relate to using it daily! I have to say the time line from the almond milk video to this one you look incredible. I am wondering how you've had success in loosing so much weight ? if you care to share some tips I would love a few pointers! Thanks -Anthony

  5. Wow, within the first 60sec I learned so much. No one ever broke it down like that – very excited to watch!

  6. Religious beliefs have brought so many wars and family strife. Hopefully we will someday love one another more than dogma.

  7. Ahh-Haa! At last we know your secret Peter! I knew there was something special about you. I can truly see the love and goodness flowing out of a true fellow soldier. The Joy of the Lord really is our strength. We just love you more than ever now because we know who you are living your life for, and boy does it show!🙏🏻❤️👍🏻

  8. John 3:16 is certainly a very special verse, but to say that the whole message of the Bible is in that one verse alone is and overstatement. Just believing that and not much else from the Bible led me away from Christ Jesus for 30 years, all the while calling myself a Christian even while I was following an Eastern "master" and doing his meditation. Failing to read the Bible (or listen to the Bible) very regularly as well as praying (very regularly) will get anyone lost enough to be very much on the edge. The very least in heaven? I would have been lucky to have made it there! I find that studying the first five books of the Bible also has taught me SO MUCH about the Father's will and what He loves and hates. P.S. Thanks for your almond milk video. Great idea, making it thicker. (Another thing that makes it thicker for those who like it sweeter is to add pitted dates after the almond milk has been strained and run it through the blender again.)

  9. Great explanation!
    It would be nice to combine cooking with Bible study..My daily bread 🙂
    I love Jingle Bells what a beautiful companion!
    Please tell me the breed..

  10. I just found you tonight making Almond milk and then found this one. What a great job you're doing, please keep posting youtube videos. Joshua 1:9 is my favorite.

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