What is the Most Lag Possible in Super Mario Maker?

What is the most lag possible in Super Mario
Maker? Since the day I first got my hands onto Mario
Maker I have always loved exploiting the mechanics of the game. While Mario Maker usually runs at stable 60
fps there are a couple of contraptions that noticeably slow the game down. I’ve been toying around with these tricks
for ages now, trying every time to get the game to run a little bit slower than before,
exploiting just the standard mechanics, without using glitches. While it was easy to get the game to run pretty
slowly, I never found a clear answer what the definitive most efficient way is, to make
the game lag. Until recently, because recently we discovered
that it was possible to produce global lag by using global ground, which opened up tons
of new ways to lag the game! In this video we are going to recreate my
journey to produce the most lag possible, and in the end we will finally find out what
the lowest frame rate is, at which super mario maker is able to run. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so the first thing I ever tried was to
find out what setup, gives the game the most trouble. That’s pretty easy to answer. There are only a couple of ways to really
make the framerate tank, one is by loading as many entities onto note blocks as possible. The other option is to stack as many pow blocks
onto a single tile as possible. Stacking pow blocks lags the game way more
than using the note block trick so the first thing I tried was stacking the maximum amount
of note blocks onto a single blue platform on tracks. This design already provides a good amount
of lag. The game runs at about 15 frames per second
when using this. This means that one ingame second takes about
4 non mushroom kingdom seconds to pass, and that one ingame minute takes 4 minutes to
pass. That’s already really slow, but that is
just the beginning. So far we are using the whole entity limit
in order to get as many pows into position as possible. But we can still use the entity limit for
power ups to get the game to lag a little bit more. So here we have 100 stars on top of noteblocks. This creates a little bit of lag as well. On it’s own, this wouldn’t be too interesting,
but since we are able to keep the pow block lag globally loaded in, we can combine both
these techniques to additionally get a little bit more lag. Now the game runs at about 12 frames. One ingame second now takes about 5 real seconds
to pass. That’s a little bit more efficient but definitely
no breakthrough. But then a small breakthrough happened. So the reason why the game starts to lag the
more pows are stacked onto a tile, is probably because the game tries to solve the collision
of each pow block, against each pow block every frame, which at some point starts to
take an insane amount of computing power. So if we want to produce the absolute amount
of lag imaginable, we need to make this collisson problem as complicated as possible. So the next thing I tried was, instead of
using the stars on top of noteblocks for extra lag, adding all 100 stars into the same spot,
so that each pow does not only collide with 100 pows, but with 100 stars as well, creating
a way harder computing task. And yes, yes that worked! I also did a little bit of optimization here,
instead of using spike tops with munchers, we use a single winged cloud here in order
to stack all the pows. This takes forever but also allows us to add
8 more pows into the spot in total, since we now only need 1 cloud entity. This design lags really hard. The frame rate goes down to about 7, one ingame
second now takes over 8 real seconds, one minute of the game timer suddenly takes more
than 8 non mushroom minutes. Even setting this up takes about 6 minutes
because of all the lag! So this design is really old, that’s been
known for years, and for the longest time I thought that this was the slowest we can
run Mario Maker at. But recently I was chatting a little bit with
the Mario Maker glitch hunting legend, Psycrow. So I told him that I was looking for ways
to lag the game as hard as possible and he sat down, and used some of his magical memory
modding tools to load in and to stack as many pow blocks as you can imagine. This is what this looks like. He was able to get over 500 pow blocks loaded
and stacked in this stage. This really brings Mario Maker down to it’s
knees. The game here runs at a little over 3 frames
per second, one ingame second takes 16 seconds to pass and a lot of other crazy stuff is
going on. Fire Flower shots aren’t spawning anymore,
and the game seems to feel really ill in general. So I have no idea how psycrow memory modded
that into the game, my best bet is that he sat in a dark room, in front of candles, mumbling
old latin poems, while sprinkling mushroom dust onto the game disk until it decided to
boot up this way. But, but I could be wrong about this! But no matter how he did this, watching this
brought an idea to me! What if we found a way to glitchless circumvent
the entity limit. What if there was a way to have more than
hundred pows in the game without using any glitches. Well luckily there is a way to do this. We are able to double the amount of pow blocks
via ELB manipulation. As most of you probably know, question blocks
and noteblocks stop to spawn enemies once 100 are loaded in. But if 100 are loaded in, items that were
set in the editor still load. So if we load 100 pows out of note blocks,
and place 100 pows at the beginning of the stage we are actually able to have 200 pows
in the game at once. Completely glitchless, just exploiting a couple
of intended mechanics. So this is what this looks like. Here we have 100 pows to the very left, but
we also have over 100 note blocks containing pows, above conveyor belts. All we need to do is to run on top of the
noteblocks, for the pows to spawn and the belts carry them towards our lag production
facility. This way we are able to stack almost 200 pow
blocks on a single tile. This makes the game really slow. It runs at 7 fps, one ingame minute takes
over 8 minutes to pass, and just waiting until all pows were in place took me about 7 minutes. But that’s still not the slowest we are
able to get, because once again we are able to combine this with stars. But not with one, but with 200 of them! The same trick we just used for the pow blocks
can be used for the stars as well. It took me a while to find a setup that is
able to load 100 stars, and pows at once, but here we go. First we load in 100 stars by jumping at these
question blocks. Then the stars change their direction and
now we load in the 100 pows, while we escort the 100 stars at the same time. Luckily we are able to see where the stars
currently are because of their particle effect at the top, because otherwise timing this
would have been a nightmare. Once we reach our lag producing facility the
other 100 stars, and the other 100 pows are loaded in. Now we have to wait a little bit until all
stars are at this spot and then we can start the lag production by triggering this blue
platform. And then, then we wait forever. It takes almost 25 minutes until all pows
are in place. But once they are the game is down on its
knees. Mario Maker now runs at about 3 frames per
second. One ingame second takes 20 seconds to pass,
one ingame minute 20 real life minutes. That’s the most lag I was able to produce,
and now that I have everything set up and running I kínda wonder why I did all of this. It’s so unbearably slow, it’s almost painful! But we did it! So is this the end of this story? Well no, because psycrow actually decided
to sit down again, do all of his evil game disk rituals all over again, to change Mario
Makers memory, and to come up with a modded design that stacks over 500 pow blocks onto
a single block. That’s what this looks like, and that is
even worse than what we did before. Here the game runs at a little over 1 frame
per second. One ingame second takes 43 real seconds to
pass, and to be honest I’m surprised that mario maker is still running here! This glitched design probably can’t be improved
anymore, since psycrow used all possible spawns to load in pow blocks. If he were to add stars to this design they
would prevent some pows from loading which would make the whole design less effective. So the next time someone asks you what the
most lag possible in mario maker is, now you know the answer! Huge shoutout to psycrow! He’s been a huge help with this video, and
It’s been really amazing that he took the time to hack the game to find out what the
definitive most lag possible is. Huge thanks to psycrow! So I hope you wonderful ladies and gentleman
enjoyed this little video. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave
me a thumbs up, and maybe you feel especially laggy today and want to hit the subscribe
button really slowly as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you guys soon. Goodbye!

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