Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It Challenge w/ RZ Twin! (Back to School Supplies) | Rebecca Zamolo

– You guys, he’s gonna
be here in ten minutes. We gotta hurry! – Okay this is take off.
– Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. – Okay lights are set. – [Daniel] Lights are
set, great, great, great. – [Rebecca] Okay, okay, come here. – [Man] We gotta get disguises on. – [Rebecca] This, here disguises. – [Daniel] Disguises, oh yeah,
yeah, yeah, You’re right. – [Rebecca] Yeah, make it
look like Team 10 you guys, you’re gonna have to wear this wig, I have posters. – [Daniel] Wait, we gotta wear these? – Okay, Jake Paul. I’m gonna get some of these printed out. – [Daniel] You’re just using tape? – Yeah I don’t have anything else. – It’s printing out I
gotta go get ’em, here. – [Daniel] Well, I guess
I’m going with this. – I have the Jake Paul photos and Team 10. Hey Zam Fam it’s Rebecca
Zamolo and right now we are bringing RZ Twin here, she thinks she’s doing whatever
you draw I’ll buy challenge. – I sent her a mystery text she thinks it’s gonna be with a mystery YouTuber. – Yeah, you guys in the Zam Fam told us that the Game Masters Instagram told you that she thinks
she’s actually me. She only remembers everything
going up to the Game Master so she doesn’t even
remember the Game Master. So we are hopefully gonna
remind her who she really is. – [Daniel] Oh so she won’t even recognize the safe house? – No, not at all but just in case, we’re setting it up like
Team 10 so she thinks that the mystery YouTuber is Jake Paul. – [Daniel] Oh no, Okay. – Yeah she won’t know
it’s me but at the end we’re gonna reveal it to her and we’re gonna see what she says, okay? – [Daniel] Okay.
– So we need to get going. Okay here are the Team 10 pictures, you guys know this is
Jake and Tana’s wedding. Also I forgot to tell you, she thinks it’s a back
to school challenge, so she’s gonna be drawing using only back to school supplies. Do you think that she’ll think
this is the Team 10 house? – This looks nothing
like the Team 10 house. – [Daniel] It really doesn’t. – It’s a Team 10 safe house,
it’s fine, it works you guys. Smash the thumbs up button if you think RZ Twin is gonna fall for it. I mean she’s not gonna remember
this safe house, Daniel. – [Daniel] Very true, good point. – Okay. – [Matt] Daniel check out . – [Daniel] What!? – Puttin’ on the last pieces here, uh! – [Daniel] Oh.
– Wow, it’s so good. – [Daniel] Yeah looks like you bought it from the Team 10 store.
– Yep, that’s right. – This is like Team 10 on a budget. – How’s it look? – [Daniel] Looks great. – Wassup Jake Paulers. – Team 10. What up Jake Paulers. – I don’t even know where the front is. – [Rebecca] Just put it on Daniel. – Okay, okay. What up Jake Paulers? – [Rebecca] You guys
this is gonna have to do. – What?
– [Rebecca] Oh my, sunglasses? – I mean we’re inside,
he does it sometimes. – [Rebecca] Okay, uh.
– Ready to go? Do we look like us? – What’s better than one Jake Paul? Two Jake Pauls! – [Rebecca] Mm, I don’t know about that. Team 10, there we go. – That looks so bad. – I still think she’s
gonna believe this is a Team 10 safe house. And Jake Paul is the mystery YouTuber. That’s the only thing we
need her to think right now. – Okay, she must be
hypnotized pretty good. – Okay, so I think we
are all set up for this whatever you draw I’ll buy
challenge with RZ Twin. – I saw Morgz bought himself a Audi R8. – Yeah, and Collins Key did it too, and they had a Lamborghini for 24 hours. – Oh my gosh, so you guys I have I no idea what RZ Twin is going to draw, but if she draws it and I guess it, I’m gonna have to buy it! – You know what, you’re gonna have to use your twin telepathy on this challenge . – I mean, yeah I will, but I don’t know if it’s gonna work anymore. – We’ll see.
– I mean she thinks she’s me. – True. – So right now the challenge for you guys is to subscribe, turn on
notifications and click all, and give the video a big thumbs up. In five, four, three, two, one! – If you did it in that time,
I want you to comment below, “I’m a Jake Pauler, dab on the haters.” – Dab on the haters! – Yes! I think I hear someone
coming down the hall. – Oh, lets get ready!
– Okay, I need to go hide! – Get set up, get set up.
– I need to hide! You guys, I’m gonna be hiding over here, ’cause she can’t know that it’s me, yes. – [Daniel] So she’s gonna be over here? – [Rebecca] Exactly. – [Daniel] With, Jake Paul.
– Jake Paul! – [Daniel] All right. – Zam Fam, fingers
crossed that this works, and we can eventually convince
her who she really is, we need her barcode so we can get into the GMI Headquarters, so
we can see the contracts that we signed. – What up what up, RZ, I mean Rebecca, welcome.
– [Daniel] Whoa! – Thanks for coming in. – [Daniel] That’s her! – I got the text about the challenge, and it’s whatever I draw, a
mystery YouTuber will buy, right? – That’s right!
– [Cameraman] Yeah! Don’t look around too much!
– Don’t look around okay? – Oh wow, a Team 10 sign? And I saw– – Yeah, don’t pay attention to that stuff. – The Jake and Tana wedding, and– – No, don’t–
– Mini Jake Paul. – [Cameraman] Nah, nah.
– Oh, okay. Thank you for having me, I’m
excited to try to figure out who the mystery YouTuber is. – All right, so the
way this gonna work is, you’re gonna put on the
noise canceling headphones, so you cannot hear who
the mystery YouTuber is. – Okay, wait, where are they? – [Matt] They’re right over here! – The mystery YouTuber is right there?! – [Daniel] Yep. – So he’s like, I mean, whoever it is, is? – [Matt] Yeah, exactly. – [Daniel] He, she, or whoever, yep. – [Matt] So the way this is gonna work is there will be 4 rounds, you’re gonna draw only
using school supplies, what we tell you to, and the person on the other side of the
curtain is gonna guess what it is. – The mystery YouTuber. – [Matt] Exactly! If they guess what it is correctly– – Yeah. – [Matt] Not only will
we buy you that item, but we’ll give you a clue, to figure out who that person is. – Ooh, okay! – [Matt] At the end of all the rounds, you get to guess. – Okay, I’m excited for this, I think I have a good idea but,
if you’re not subscribed to the Rebecca Zamolo channel, you definitely should. I’m ready for round one! – [Matt] All right so round one, you’re gonna be using markers. We want you to draw your favorite drink. – Favorite drink, okay. Okay, I got it. – Good luck, and her
headphones are back on . – Okay Zam Fam, I am so nervous right now. She’s gonna think it’s Jake
Paul, but it’s really me. So now I just have to try to
figure out what she draws, right?
– [Daniel] Yeah. – And I have to buy whatever she draws. – [Matt] Exactly, she’s almost done, I mean we didn’t give her that much time, so its almost ready to go. – Okay – [Matt] All right, times up, times up. Hey, you can take off your
headphones, headphones. Perfect.
– Okay. – Okay, I want you to whisper in my ear what you drew. – Okay it’s my favorite drink. – [Daniel] All right. – [Matt] Headphones are on Rebecca. – I think I know what this is. It’s a Starbucks coffee drink. – [Matt] It’s true Daniel!
– [Daniel] Oh! – Really?! – [Matt] Give me a thumbs up, yeah! – I got it right?
– [Matt] Yeah! – [Daniel] Lets try out
your twin telepathy, ’cause that could be
any hot drink right now, lets see if you get it right. – See if I can guess her order? – [Daniel] Yeah! – Okay, okay perfect. How are we gonna do that? – [Daniel] Matt, why don’t you ask Rebecca what the actual drink is. – Okay, you can take
your headphones back off. All right, I’m gonna have you
put your headphones back on, I’m gonna countdown from three, and at that time I want you to say your favorite drink order. – Okay, so did the mystery
Youtuber guess it right? – [Matt] Yes, They did.
– Yeah!? Okay, okay, okay.
– [Matt] Three seconds. Here we go, three, two, one! – [Twins] Grande two pump
vanilla latte with almond milk! – What, no way! – [Daniel] What is going–
– Whoa! – That’s my order, that’s my order! That’s not her order,
I’m the real Rebecca! – So I got it? – [Matt] You got it right.
– Oh! – But now, I need you to put on this blindfold right now, we’re
gonna go purchase the item and bring it back. – Okay, keep these on too?
– [Matt] Yeah, yeah. Just until we leave. – I guess I have to go
to the store and buy her my coffee drink, . – [Daniel] Yeah, lets go to Starbucks. – Okay. So I’m buying her, my order. This is my Starbucks order. – [Daniel] I know, how
did she know it exactly? – Grande two pump vanilla
latte, with almond milk. We placed the order but right now we’re just hoping that Matt can get her to show him the barcode on her arm. – [Daniel] Yeah, we need
that to get into the GMI HQ. – All right you guys, oh wait, she still has her stuff on, okay. Hey, you can take this
off, you can take it off. Hey, your hand is cold. You can take off your headphones, there you go, there you
go, yeah just take ’em off. – Yeah, okay
– [Matt] Yeah, yeah. – Oh, sorry.
– [Matt] Oh here, I’ll help you get that.
– Oh. Okay, so what are we doing right now? – [Matt] We’re just waiting till they get back from the store– – Okay.
– [Matt] But, are you okay? Like your hand feels cold
– Yeah, I mean, I’m just excited to get
a latte, its my favorite! Grande two pump vanilla
latte with almond milk. My husband knows my order completely, you know Matt, but I guess it makes sense that you guys wouldn’t know that. – Oh, oh yeah Matt, what’s
Matt up to right now? – Um, I don’t know, I
bet he’s playing with Peanut and Blackjack though. I didn’t really check
in, because I was just so excited for this challenge, you know. I just wanna figure out who
the mystery Youtuber is. But I kinda think I have a clue. – Okay. Okay speaking of that, since
you did win the last round, – Yeah.
– [Matt] You do get a clue. – Okay, yeah I need a clue! – [Matt] The person on the
other side of that curtain– – Yeah?
– [Matt] Has blonde hair. – Blonde hair? That’s kind of in line
with who I’m thinking. So, I’m excited. – Her headphones are still on, right? – Yeah, don’t worry she can’t hear you, she has blindfold on, and the
noise canceling headphones. – Okay, perfect! So did you see the barcode? – Yep, she has the barcode– – Just like the Game Master Instagram, her skins really cold. – Cold?
– Yep. – [Daniel] So she’s a
clone, she is a clone. – I think it is
– Wait! So what the Zam Fam said is right! It’s true then! Okay, so she can’t see
me, I’m gonna get back. And we’re gonna have to figure out more things for you to
ask her on the next round. – Guess what you have,
it’s your favorite drink. – Oh! Grande two pump vanilla latte with almond, almond, almond milk. – [Daniel] What?
– What was that? – [Daniel] I don’t know, you saw that? – Kinda like a glitch.
– [Daniel] Yeah. Glitch or a stutter, yeah. – That’s enough, that’s enough. – [Daniel] You okay? Um, RZ, Rebecca? – [Matt] Rebecca!
– [Daniel] You okay? – [Matt] Rebecca!
– [Daniel] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
– [Matt] Slow down, slow down. – [Daniel] That’s a lot of caffeine, that’s a lot of caffeine.
– Okay, I’m gonna take that back.
– [Daniel] You okay? – Okay, round two!
– Okay! So I’m one for one!
– One for one, exactly. – Okay.
– Okay, so I brought in some more stuff here.
– Okay. – You need to draw your favorite dessert. – Oh my gosh, that’s easy. It’s from Susie Cakes, I love it, okay. – Oh, Rebecca Rebecca,
headphones headphones. – Oh, oh, oh sorry, sorry. – Susie Cakes? That’s my favorite, what? – Okay, okay, time is up,
time is up, time is up. Hey, time. Can you whisper to me what
your favorite flavor is? – Yeah.
– Okay. I verified what this
is, here’s the drawing. – [Daniel] Oh man. – Okay well, she said that
it was from Susie Cakes, and that’s like my favorite place so, I know what this is, it’s the
pink vanilla frosting cupcake. From Susie Cakes. – That’s exactly what she said! – [Daniel] What, what!
– Whoa! – How is she guessing all
of my favorite things? – [Matt] Wow, this is so strange. – Okay, well the good news is
I get to go to Susie Cakes. – Vanilla frosting cupcake. So Daniel, you heard what Matt said. – [Daniel] Yeah the barcode! – She has a barcode–
– [Daniel] Whoa! – And her skin was cold
when he touched her! – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, so– – She’s a clone!
– [Daniel] She’s a clone? – Yeah, she can get us
into the GMI Headquarters so we can see what we
signed on that contract. I’m just worried about what
else she’s going to draw, like what if I have to buy another Tesla? – [Daniel] Or a Lamborghini! – If RZ Twin is like me,
she’s gonna not buy something like that, she’s gonna buy
something more practical, but I don’t know you guys. Comment below what you think
RZ Twin is going to buy by the end of this video. – [Daniel] Lets go get that cupcake. – Okay. – I’m gonna ask her
some questions about me, I mean, Matt, I’m gonna ask
her questions about Matt. – Okay.
– [Matt] Okay. Hey you’re doing really good
– Hey, thank you. Yeah, two for two! – [Matt] Okay, I thought
I’d do a quick little Q&A. – Okay, yeah. – [Matt] To see where you’re at, so tell me about Matt, your husband? – Oh, well we were married May 17, 2014. – [Matt] Okay, do you know his birthday? – Of course, July 17th,
he just had it last month. – [Matt] What’s his favorite candy bar? – Three Muskateers, duh. – [Matt] What size show does he wear? – Um, 10 and a half. – [Matt] Okay, and what
was the first place that he brought you on a date. – I mean it was Marine
World, up in the bay area, I was a professional cheerleader, and I was in his music video. – Wow Rebecca, you
really know your husband. Why did Matt pretend
to be the Game Master? – Game Master, I don’t
know the Game Master, I don’t know, Matt knows Game Master, I’ve never heard of that. – [Matt] Well what about your cabin? Haven’t you been up to
your cabin recently? – Um, I must have been up there recently– – [Matt] Wait a second, wait a second, where’s your wedding ring? – Oh! Oh I think I forgot to put it on, hold on. Yeah, yeah I have it, it’s
right here, wedding ring. I don’t know why I forgot that, I always wear it, I must’ve been making slime or something. – [Matt] It’s time for another clue. They have brownish green eyes. – Brownish green okay, yep
I’m putting it all together, I have a pretty good idea,
but I’m still gonna win some more so I can get some more clues. But I kinda think I know who it is. – You got the cupcake.
– Yeah. – Okay good.
– Does she know, Is she me? – Okay she knew everything
about our marriage. – Wow, what!?
– Every single thing. I couldn’t get anything past her. She even remembered my birthday. – Matt!
– I’m just saying, I’m just saying.
– I have not forgotten a birthday, I’m sorry, I haven’t! Wait, do you like RZ
Twin more than me Matt? – Well, I mean–
– [Daniel] Hey, hey, hey. – Okay, sorry Daniel, sorry. – Oh my gosh, okay so– – It’s like a weird
love triangle right now, what’s going on?
– [Daniel] What?! – The only thing, she
doesn’t know about the Game Master whatsoever. – Okay.
– [Daniel] So strange. Wait. Like nothing that takes
place with the Game Master, GMI, nothing like that? – Nope, nothing about the
cabin, nothing about that. – Wait, so nothing in the last
year with the Game Master, how does that happen? Because, I knew about that. – It’s almost like she had
a complete memory reset. – [Daniel] So weird. – Okay, I’m gonna get back,
her blindfolds on right? – Yeah it’s still on. Here is your cupcake, oh wait, she can’t hear me, sorry. Hey, I’m gonna help you out okay? – My favorite! Zam Fam, you know I love this cupcake! It’s so good. – [Matt] Just eat it slow okay? – If Matt was here, he would
know this is my cupcake. Mm, that’s really good. – What? Okay, okay, that’s enough, that’s enough. Rebecca, you don’t like
sweets that much do you? Okay, you just ate the frosting. Okay, put it back in, put it back in. We have more stuff to do, okay? – Mm, so good. – Drop it in, drop it in! No, come on! Oh my gosh! – Daniel, for this round
I think we switch it up, and we do twin telepathy.
– [Daniel] What!? – I don’t even wanna look at it! I’m gonna have her draw make up, just to prove that she is not me, and the make up that I’m thinking of, there’s no way she’s going
to draw the make up item, because let’s just say I’m gonna make it really confusing, okay?
– [Daniel] Okay. – [Matt] This is round
three, I want you to draw your favorite make up item. – Oh. – There’s no way she’s gonna
draw what I’m thinking of, which is beauty blenders. I’m thinking, hold on, I’m
thinking of three of them that are yellow, like I’m just– – [Daniel] Three yellow–
– Yeah! I’m just gonna go really specific, there’s no way she’s
going to draw that, right? – [Daniel] I don’t know, I
don’t even know what that is. I don’t know what you’re talking about. – They’re like, its like what you put your foundation on with, I love them. But she’s gonna draw like
a palette, or lipstick, like there’s just no
way, so this is perfect. – [Daniel] Okay. – Um, Daniel
– [Daniel] Yeah? – This is crazy. – [Daniel] What, I don’t know– – I think it might be. – [Daniel] Count of three maybe? Count of three? – [Matt] For this round,
they’re not even gonna see it. – What? – [Matt] They’re gonna use twin telepathy to see if you guys can
actually guess the same thing. – What? – [Matt] Have you ever
heard about that before? – How do Jake and I have twin telepathy? – [Matt] Three, two, one! – [Twins] Three yellow beauty blenders! – [Matt & Daniel] Whoa! – [Daniel] That’s what that is– – [Matt] No way, woo! – What!?
– [Daniel] That is crazy! – That’s impossible!
– [Daniel] Look, look, look, Matt can I see?
– That’s impossible! – [Daniel] Can I see the drawing? – Yep, yep, yep. – [Daniel] Look at this, look at that. Look what she drew.
– No, no there’s no way! – [Matt] Take your
headphones off, you got it. – What, they guessed it!? They used twin telepathy, and guessed it! – [Matt] Mhm.
– So, whatever I draw they buy so I get three new yellow beauty blenders, this is awesome!
– [Matt] Yep. I need you to put your thing back on– – Oh yeah, so they, okay. – [Matt] And here’s the blindfold – Oh my gosh! – I’m gonna go buy these, but
then the final round like, she’s gonna wanna buy
something really big, right!? – [Daniel] Oh, you think so? – Yeah if she’s–
– [Daniel] Like a car!? – Something cool,
because if she’s me like, the biggest round is the final round. – [Daniel] Okay.
– Okay, I have to go buy three beauty blenders, which are not cheap!
– [Daniel] All right. All right, let’s go. I can’t believe out of
all the beauty supplies that she drew that, why? – It’s like my favorite thing, I use it everyday.
– [Daniel] Oh, okay. – [Matt] All right,
you’re doing really good! – I know three for three! – [Matt] Okay, so the person on the other side of there– – Yeah. – [Matt] They were in
the Challenger Games. – You guys, this is too easy. From the moment I walked in
I had a feeling who it was, and now I think I know
who is on the other side of that curtain. I’m not gonna reveal who I think it is, who this mystery YouTuber
is, but I’m very excited. Because everything I have drawn, they have bought, so I
literally had everything so far. – [Matt] Plus the twin telepathy. – Yeah Jake, I mean, the mystery Youtuber, he’s pretty good at twin
telepathy with me, right? – So we’re getting to the
end of this challenge Daniel, I’m just nervous when I reveal who I am that she’s gonna be angry. – [Daniel] I know but we
really have to convince her that she’s RZ Twin and not actually you! – I know we need her barcode to get into the GMI Headquarters. – Okay, okay. – I got the beauty blenders! RZ Twin has really good taste by the way. – Was it inexpensive or– – No, it was, no, no. – What?! – [Daniel] I know, I don’t know
why make up costs that much! – Make up is expensive you guys! – It’s not even make up!
– I know, but its like, 20$ each! She is my twin. You guys, let’s get back–
– Final round! – This is the final round!
– [Daniel] Final round! – Can you take off, oh
yeah, she can’t hear me. You can take off your headphones. Pretty crazy. – Beauty blenders! I’ve been needing these, you know. And the GMI said that, I mean the… I love beauty blenders so, – Okay.
– Okay. – Here is the last and final round. – Okay. – We want you to draw, whatever you want, what is your dream item. – Whatever I want?
– [Matt] Whatever you want. – So like a car, or a plane, like– – [Matt] Don’t say too much.
– Okay. – [Matt] You don’t wanna give it away – Oh.
– [Matt] So put on your headphones.
– Okay. – [Matt] Then you can
draw, headphones first. – This is something I’ve been needing. – It could be a Tesla– – [Daniel] Oh my gosh.
– A Lamborghini, anything she wants,
she can draw right now, and if I guess it, I will buy it. – [Matt] All right, the
picture is done, good to go. – Okay.
– [Matt] Okay. – [Daniel] What? I mean, that’s, wait–
– Wait, what, what!? – [Matt] Is that it? Daniel, you knew this is, Daniel, you knew this is all I wanted! – [Daniel] True–
– the Canon Powershot! – [Daniel] You were talking
all about the camera. – Why would RZ Twin
pick a Canon Powershot? – What? I got it? – [Matt] You got it. – I’ve been wanting that so
I can film my YouTube videos, I needed a new camera! So, can I go with you guys this time? – [Matt] You wanna go?
– Yeah! – [Matt] Wear the
blindfold on the trip over, – [Daniel] And the headphones! – Okay.
– [Matt] Yeah, okay. Blindfold on, headphones on. – Okay Zam Fam so Daniel
and I are getting the camera while RZ Twin is outside with Matt, ’cause we don’t want the two
of us to be seen together. – All right RZ Twin, I guess
you can take off your blindfold for a little bit right now. They’re inside buying the camera for you. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Rebecca, Rebecca! – Okay so these are it, I
think we have to go over here– – [Daniel] Okay.
– Daniel! – [Daniel] What? – [Matt] Rebecca! RZ Twin, I mean, Rebecca are you okay? – Yeah, I just want to get my camera, and get back to the challenge. – [Matt] Okay Rebecca, we’re
back in the safe house. – Yeah! – [Matt] You have your
camera that you drew. – I have all of my gifts,
I got four out of four! – [Matt] Wow, okay so, are you ready to take a guess on who
the mystery YouTuber is? – Yes, I’m ready to take my guess. Okay, so I think that
the mystery Youtuber is– – [Matt] Daniel calm down!
– Jake Paul. – [Matt] What! Well let’s see if you’re right, are you ready, this is the– – I’m ready!
– moment you’ve been waiting– – I’m excited.
– [Matt] Here we go. – I guess I’ll find out if I got it right with Jake Paul, but I– – Surprise! – What, my clone!? The GMI warned me about you! – [Matt] Here take the camera, I’ll talk to her.
– Okay, okay. – You should not be here! – [Matt] Calm down! – Hold on, just relax, RZ–
– My clone is right there! – [Rebecca] I’m not your clone! – They warned me about you!
– She’s not a clone! – No, no!
– Calm down! – They are trying to take over my YouTube channel that GMI–
– [Matt] Daniel, Daniel! – [Rebecca] It’s my YouTube channel! – Oh no! Rebecca are you okay? – I’m leaving!
– I’ll talk to her, I’ll talk to her, hold on. – [Matt] Rebecca, you okay?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just go get RZ Twin, we need her! Okay Zam Fam, we need RZ Twin, so we can get into the GMI Headquarters. Shout out to these
people that wore my merch and tagged me on Instagram. Check out the video right here where we did the lie detector test on Q. And your 24 hour challenge
is to go and watch the tallest back to school
supplies tower wins $10000, and comment how many boxes Matt used to stack up his tower okay. All right, we gotta go!

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