What’s an Ostinato? | David Writes an Earworm

This is Music Corner Breve. I’m David Kulma. Ostinato. Ostinato. An ostinato is a musical figure that repeats
over and over again. An ostinato is a musical figure that repeats
over and over again. I’m building up loops to make this song. This technique goes back over hundreds of
years. You can hear it in Bach, Purcell, even Ray
Charles. Repetition is a way to drive music into your
brain. Ostinato. Ostinato. Make sure you subscribe to Music Corner for
weekly music theory videos, and check out my patreon page to support my work. Thanks for watching Music Corner Breve. I’ll see you next week, music nerds. And remember “everything we do is music.”

33 thoughts on “What’s an Ostinato? | David Writes an Earworm

  1. That might be the most clever, and catchy way to explain something I've ever heard.And now I'll be humming it for days.

  2. That was the funniest and the most enjoyable music lesson ever

  3. That was an AMAZING SONG
    ps:I subscribed cuz this is art
    pps:this is a great way and fun way of teaching

  4. Terrific explanation. I’ve waded through endless classes covering just about every form of classical music … including a degree from Juilliard. But this is two minutes of true teaching … the brain and the ear and my tapping feet all absorbing the lesson gleefully! Thank you! .👍

  5. Katy Perry DARK HORSE defense using "Ostinato" theory brought me here w00t.

  6. helped my daughter understand Ostinato very quickly. Thank you!

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