What's the Author's Purpose?

this the rear of a certain point of view final fish crackers here's what I think about the goldfish they are my favorite snare there are lots of flavors my pizza and cheese so you should buy them your kids will love them you will too they are drives our next name why I grew wonderful parents when Mercier expense they're the best net in the world to teach our give information to the rear I'm going to go target goldfish crackers are fun for kids and deployment and they only have 40 calories here are some more bags total fat is a percent saturated fat sodium is turn four milligrams diagur d-rated hybrid pair is also a vitamin a bit to make your kids have some of your kids home love goldfish crackers they are made out of real cheap they are many different flavors they have regular rainbow people and so many more they always have the same great taste and they are my size so even okay can't enjoy I think that is great information about the goal of the reader if you never try a goldfish's you should they are so so cool in colorful but they can add talk only in commercials the only way they can talk if you talk forgot which three was a world which is goldfish I would love that in that and they can't talk can swim and even lock onto it now that would be awesome just a minute for that they also live in a big house with swimming pools and packed one day all of the goldfish turns into a you strike a all the goldfish they water then you woke up in it was a dream you

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