When and How Should Authors Reinvent Themselves?

okay so um you ready no I am we're celebrating the 20 years of against us here we're celebrating 20 years of again yes it's been fun a whole year worth silver yep and it's had me thinking a lot about where we started and where we are now and how I really credit the success of the 20 years to reinventing and reinvention like reinventing our logo or every business model well everything I mean when bookends started we were a packager and we quickly realized that it wasn't where our passion was and so we became literary agents and yeah and we recreated the logo we invented our lists in our list yeah I mean when I started buckins I was doing a lot of romance and we had absolutely no children's or ye on our list yes and now we have begins Junior yeah so what do you think our viewers could take from that because I feel like they could take a lot and I think they need to because as I say repeatedly all the time that being a published author means that you own a business and any successful business has to embrace reinvention I mean coca-cola now sells water do they yes honey oh the Sun is gross uh-huh don't tell Kim that anyway sorry yeah I mean authors need to embrace reinvention as well it's how the most successful published authors keep going yep for 20 years yeah I think we talked about this a little bit with Jen Stanley – yeah we talked about how you know markets rise and fall and sometimes your sustainability and like look at romance authors and yeah well I only see it with Chiclets yes Oh years ago Chiclets was very popular and there was this huge rise and just as quickly a giant crash in the chiclet market and I'm legal I mean a new adult is another example and the authors who survived those markets saw you know saw what was happening and saw the changes coming worked with their agents to sort of predict and plan for it and immediately made a shift into another market and if you're not agented a good way to do that is to keep up with what's being announced as being sold keep up with what's on the shelves currently and what's hitting shelves right now because that's a good way to watch how trends are changing yes sort of I mean it's difficult to monitor how much is hitting the shelf but sort of monitoring how many titles and romance are hitting the shelves are just an example yeah so if you're not agented there's still ways to do it right there are there and I think though it's not always a switch in genre you know it's it's sometimes just a shift in what you're doing with your writing I mean maybe it's a shift from contemporary to historical or maybe it's simpler and it's just the natural evolution of your own writing and the stories you're writing and even the growth of your voice and change I use Laura Bradford as an example Laurie Bradford started out with us category romance right and then yeah with Harlequin and then she switched over to cozy mysteries and she published three force I believe for cozy series as both Elizabeth Lim Casey and Laura Bradford and she has since made the shift into women's fiction right and I think Laura is an example of one of my clients who it's just been incredible for me to watch her grow as a writer even within her own genres and even how her own cozies shifted from a simpler format to a more complex format and almost bold naturally into her women's fiction voice right you're constantly developing and I think it's important to allow that development to happen and actually open yourself up to it I think where a lot of authors struggle is that they're afraid or resistant yeah I mean if book hands have been afraid you know I consider our logo change as a real stepping stone into opening bookends up to new worlds new agents new john is it completely branding it was but had I been afraid to do that because I was comfortable where we are were we would not be where we are today we would not have bookends Junior we would not be representing and probably half the genres we represent right so take the leap yeah reinvent yourself can be fun

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  1. If what's selling changes so frequently, how do I write keep up?

  2. Enjoying the channel. Great content, and sometimes exactly what I needed to hear that day. 🙂

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