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Hey How’re you, Mason? I’m very well. Thank you. Um, can you introduce yourself, please? My name is Mason Noise, so I need you to make some noise *Cheering* Thank you Uh, Mason, how did you think your first audition went? Ask Rita. Oh, I had a little dance with him / You had a little dance / I did You’re feeling it. Um, Mason what are you gonna perform for us now? Because as you can see, there’s six full chairs there. So, how have you come prepared for this? / You’ll see. Okay Good luck, Mason. Aw, yeah. Aw, sugar girl, you sexy thang I like the way you swing Always wanna be your lover Always wanna be your lover You can call me if you need a french or two Girl, you know how we do. I gotta get with you All I wanna do is drive ya crazy, baby Who is this guy? With the beat back To the lights off Got one I’m not saying to say I Wonder say You know what? I invite you all to film this I put up your phones Being an afro 5,000 people out Now listen may search Mason just one second What gives you the right to say that? Listen now, you’re talking to me. No then. Okay, I’ll go for a straight With the first audition, I watched on Saturday people had ten minutes sluts And I went to 47 seconds Mesa be no one you are five seconds away from getting thrown off this stage We’re Gonna be in the audience for a problem then just go. I got a problem criticize these guys listen I’m Mason you should have been doing I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for entertainment there. I’m doing this my art. And so you are figure she’s real Tell me how long you should have on this show say no longer should have a Michonne I’m bringing off. Why don’t you shut off? Invasive. Why did she Say back, bro This is like I’m bringing Emma Taylor shut it. Oh let go Why don’t you first of all apologize to these guys over there who spent hours editing your tape and come on and Insult my show and install these producers Oh, why should I let it go? Kanye west’s the place. Yeah. Well, you’re not Kanye West Oh All of the same was they cook my first performance of 47 seconds My press before us one the best performances. I might keep disappointed to him because I think he’s talented he would have had a chance He would have had a chat Hello Stand on the X, please Your name is Debbie Stephens and Demi. Why are you here today? Because I’ve got the X Factor I know I can win and I’ve just got it. Really. Yeah, how good are you I’m amazing So Debra, what are you gonna sing? I’m gonna see when you believe buy wouldn’t used to Mariah Carey Okay, great song there can be miracles When you believe though Hope is frail. It’s hard to kill who knows what miracles We can achieve When you believe somehow You will you will when you believe Thank You Debra What’s she done? Good, um Your voice is okay. You’ve got no star quality about you. There’s no charisma No charisma. Yeah, I agree with Sharon a bit pub singer ish I thought really yeah, I felt your confidence was slightly Deluded Debra the reality is You’re not very good Now, you know what you were the Wilker one person I didn’t want to see you today because I really want to slap you now, but you are not a good suit I’m not a good singer that is why I’ve been a singer since of a six year old than everyone I’ve ever met people who don’t even like me or Come up to me and tell me I’ve got an amazing voice. You can’t bloody sing me. I don’t want to be a saint I don’t really care what you think. You can’t sing. You have no talent. Get out. All right, Louis yes or no absolutely 100% rubbish She’s got a really bad attitude I think it will never be a star in the music Verity. No, I like that I’ll never be a star. I’m already a bass will ever ever ever Sharon decides to remove her from the room, but Deb is not finished yet Debbie stones back in Louise sees what’s coming I Saw it coming To me oh Yes before she did it to me You’re supposed to do that – Jorge Pena, I’m 22. He’s from Long Island, and I sell ice cream for a living. What’s your name? My name is Jay I’m actually contestant on the show So what I really want to do is music to be bombarded every day by girls. I mean who’s not gonna love the curls? Wait Kind of oh Yeah Like I’m really trying to go from probably actually I like Demi Moore like I’m in love with them I when it comes to the judges. I know I got the ladies My land charm is all I’ll ever need on stage sing. Do what I have to do just mile away. I’m sexy Hello ladies, how you doing? Hello Debbie, how you doing? Go with the Yama’s Jorge hola Jorge my style man Really really good were you from? Colombia How are you I’m 22 and what do you do for a living I work in an ice cream truck And the Pink Panther whatever you guys like I have do you eat the ice cream yourself I’m lactose intolerant Now I like you more yeah Simon I could already tell I have three boats Do you have a girlfriend? No girlfriend, please, please don’t do it I had time for the ladies though Girlfriend is something completely different. Okay. What are you gonna sing tonight? I want to sing Imma means it’s love me and I just want to serenade the ladies Good luck. Thank They Do the sample I do them I can get us there as to you know sign by making both for Getting back or that’s some fine eating those Dahmer’s get on pass This 7b time for my game and beat us solo. Cool so logo Carries his camera vein that I saw Hey, sir God a Women too bad, I lost balls any level show me please Thank you right there, okay Timmy oh Yeah, tell me woman. I’m sorry. Tell me woman what I said tell me woman Um, okay, don’t call me woman, I’m sorry You know, what’s really cute what what’s really sexy tell me is humility and There’s that’s something that you lack a little bit he’s lactose-intolerant Right You know why you were singing I was like, oh my gosh. I don’t know what he’s saying He could be telling me I look like a donkey And when you started getting slick with my girl I was like now he’s acting like a donkey But I do think that Humility is very sexy just as much as you know, singing in a beautiful languages, you know what I mean? Yeah, and you are very cute. Very handsome. Thank you. So yeah, okay We’re gonna we’re gonna vote now Tell me woman. Yes, or no. Okay the both of you never ever call me woman again. I Do love the fact that you’re Latin smooth you sing in Spanish you’re kind of cute No, don’t let this go to your head I think I think there’s something there I Like what I hear? No, seriously for the next two minutes zip it I Really really really don’t like your attitude, but I want to see you come back because you’re talented I’m gonna give you a yes Now don’t wait family Paulina Por que por favor. Come you, Coco – to Royal por que creo que no está bien por favor Behati ya de las estrellas way Yes, or no, I’m gonna leave it just like that It’s a yes, you need to change your your Well, okay Kelly everything does she say it? Yes or no? – do it for the last few days right not easy kill your pain. Thank you very much. We’re kind of brothers now, right? I Am going to ask for a raspberry ripple as an ice cream and you’ve also got a yes for me, sexy How are we really really nervous what your hands Or something with a good athlete, I’m Abby and I’m Lisa Where are Abby and Lisa? We’re both really loud and bubbly and we kind of like just like to put our music on and jump around and just go will. A moan up video and is so funny. They like majorly. Whoa We like together every day. I sit at her house for the whole of this week. How cool is that? When we sign I think my voice is like, I think her’s is lower than mine and my mine is higher. Me and Lisa want this really really bad right? I don’t want to mess up for her. She don’t want to mess up for me. You’re on, good luck Thank you We just like want to live the dream, we just want to get on the stage be our foul, and share our personalities and then hopefully the judges will like it and, we both really want to do it forever really because it mean like everything for us The judges are ready good luck! Hello, hi, welcome O my God! It’s Cheryl, sorry. It’s Louie She was saying you were really fit earlier, sorry, Louie, yeah. Yeah Louie and I said old man, sorry I’m sorry. I was saying like you could be the same age as my grandad. (Audience is cheering) What do you mean old? Let’s go back to these two. What are your names? Abby and Lisa? Okay, and how are you both eighteen seventeen. Right, are you sisters? No, best friends No my sister is her cousin and we are best friends! But you either friends or sisters Okay, and why did you decide to do this? Because I don’t know. It’s just like, I don’t know, basically Stop laughing at me. Oh my god. Yeah, they Yeah, basically we kinda just randomly sing with each other We just like wanna like don’t know prove people that we can like get confident to sing. (Audience is booing!) Simon: Hold on. SHUT UP! (Audience is ooing) They come back (Audience is clapping) Okay, so we’ve had our first tantrum right we’ve got everything worked out? Yeah, what are you going to sing? Shame on You right you can agree on that. Can you yeah good Yeah have you got it? Yeah, where’s the music? (Music starts playing) (They are humming) Yeah, yeah, yeah Please know where I come from, you know my story But I know I like to go But I promise you no more I finally found myself and Were reaching far I am not hear to say that I am sorry I am not hear to lie to you I am hear to that that I am ready and that I finally thought it through I am not hear to let your love go I’m not giving up Oh no, I am hear to win your heart And so that’s my hope Can we change the song? (Audience is booing and laughing 😂) Basically at the end of the day we don’t care what you guys say We just came up here right at the end of the day Yeah, obviously we care what you think but she’s just being a bit over the top Can I be honest with you too? You have the worst attitude of any contestants I have ever met on any of these shows (Audience is clapping and agreeing) Seriously, rude like when you’re here, yeah, and now they’re like, boo, yeah and your not going to be like normal are you? Yep, but Lisa you did tell them to shut up before you even started to sign I know I think that we just let the audience voice there opinion and hear what they have to say. Singing was not great girls Who are you? May I ask? (Background music is playing and the audience is booing and yelling.) She pushed her in the face so many times. She just hit her throat She punch her in the face Come. What just happen? Well we have kept them separate back stage. She didn’t want I asked and don’t know why she is stupid. Do not strike people. When I said “who are you” I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. I just didn’t even know who she was She goes to one of the star gingers and says “sorry but who the hell are you?” How was that me? That makes me look like a totally shit bag. This is the last time that I ever do anything for her again. Can you pass on for me that it’s four notes. 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