Where do novelists get ideas?

some ideas take a really long time to formulate in my brain and other ideas just kind of hit me over the head I think the thing that they all kind of have in common though is that the seed of an idea usually comes to me from something that I've read I read a lot and it doesn't matter if I'm reading novels or nonfiction books or news articles lifestyle magazines or cereal boxes ideas just kind of come to me from things and I'll read something and it'll distract his interesting we're inspiring or weird and it might make me ask a question of myself what if this had happened instead what made her do that and you know from all of these seeds and snippets of questions I create an idea file and ammos ideas just kind of simmer some of them never get used so you live in that folder forever but every now and then I'll come across one that will spark a desire to read more and learn that green gets my brain engaged it's my creativity flowing and from that the people that seems and the chapters in the story began to mourn and so that's where my ideas come from from my novels and I think that's also where my ideas come from on life and so I really encourage everyone to leave me a lot different things with every day because it doesn't matter if your novelist or an accountant or high school student or a retiree engaging your brain with the written words and ideas it's just always a good thing

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