Where I’m From, Where I’m Going Poem – Natalie Curry

I am from dry, chipped paint, a dusty dirt
yard, and the sweet smell of scented candles. I am from colorful posters, albums, and various Funko Pop figures. I am from chilly evenings with Christmas Vacation and hot, humid Kansas nights
with fireworks and mosquitos. I am from “never lie, never break a
promise, and always be fair.” I am from hot or cold Easter Pizza and the sizzling sound of taco shells being fried in butter. I am from the chemical sell of chlorine, cool splashing water, and fuzzy stinging eyes from swimming in the
pool. I am from alternative music, funny
YouTube videos, and silly cartoons. I am from a cozy apartment with white
plaster walls and soft carpeted bedrooms. I am from a cute cat and delicious
delivery food. I am from “better safe than sorry” and “you only live once.” I am from magical concerts and
occasional trips abroad. I’m from late-night drives, blasting
music with friends, and the freedom to do what I want. I am from numerous ear piercings, vibrant colorful hair, and a few meaningful small tattoos.

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