White men who love black women (part I)

For a certain group of famous white men, there’s
nothing that matches the grace and beauty of a beautiful black woman. For some, it’s
become a pattern, while others have just had a couple of high profile black women at their
side on occasion. But, either way, it’s safe to say they don’t discriminate when it comes
to love. Here’s a list of some of them–and yes, it includes some of the hottest couples
in Hollywood. Magneto has multiple black women in his dating history, including Zoe Kravitz, with whom
he starred in X-Men: The First Class, and Nicole Beharie, with whom he appeared in Shame. Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana had an on-again,
off-again relationship that ended in early 2012. They went on to co-star in the massive
hit that was Guardians of the Galaxy. When you go down the list of women George Clooney, one of the most distinguished gentlemen
of Hollywood, has dated you’ll come across his relationship with Kimberly Russell that
lasted three years. Robin Thicke’s relationship with Paula Patton was as public as they come. All the publicity
may have contributed to their divorce after a decade of marriage, which resulted in Robin
devoting an entire album entitled Paula to trying to win her back. Robert De Niro’s been married to Grace Hightower
since 1997, resulting in two children. Before Grace, he was in a long-term relationship
with African American model Toukie Smith, with whom he had twins. Oh, did you not know that Brad Pitt and Robin
Givens had a thing? That’s at least how Mike Tyson tells it, who claims he walked in on
Pitt in bed with his wife. There was once a rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio only dated blondes. Sure, he dates a lot of
them. But Rihanna’s not a blonde and he definitely dated her, and neither is Naomi Campbell. Shia LaBeouf had a date with Rihanna too,
but that was it because it didn’t go anywhere. And, while you may think that’s not a big
deal, have you had a date? In 2009, Matthew McConaughey gave an interview
to Elle Magazine where he drooled over black women, their curves and what they wear to
accentuate them. He also briefly dated Janet Jackson in 2002. The man behind the Star Wars franchise began
dating Mellody Hobson, a chair for DreamWorks, in 2006. The pair got married in 2013 and
have a daughter together. David Bowie’s relationship with Somali-born supermodel Iman was apparently love at first
sight when the two met in 1990. Two years later they were married, and remained so until
Bowie passed away in 2016. Paull Wall and his wife, Crystal, met when they were in college together and only 21
years old. They went through their ups and down together, though, including losing a
total of 200 pounds as a couple. We promise this entire list won’t be made up of guys dating Rihanna. But Ashton Kutcher
falls into that category too after the two had a fling for a couple months. Orlando Bloom and Naomie Harris both played
important roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. But did you know they played
important roles in each other’s lives when they dated back in 2007? Justin Timberlake was reportedly seen around
Hollywood getting close and personal with Tatyana M. Ali back in 2003. So, after Britney
and but before Jessica. There were also rumors he had a real thing going on with Janet Jackson.
You know, outside of that unforgettable Super Bowl performance. Marlon Brando was known for his highly publicized
and fast-paced love life. He also earned a reputation for almost exclusively sleeping
with women of color for most of his adult life. Last one. We promise. Josh Hartnett got caught
kissing Rih Rih at an event back in 2007. Rumors circulated saying they dated for a
couple months but, whatever their thing was, it didn’t last long. Dirk Nowiztki’s been married to Jessica Olsson
since 2012 and the couple has two children together. Chris Noth met his future wife Tara in 2002
when she was working at a bar he owned in New York City. They’d go on to date for years
and even have a son before walking down the aisle in 2012. David Moscow, mostly known for co-starring
in Big, was in a long-term relationship with Kerry Washington from 2004-2007. If you google search “Colin Farrell and Nicole
Narain” just know that you’ll need to clear your browser history right after. And make
sure you’re not at work. That’s all that needs to be said about that. The pinnacle of film critics was married to
his wife, Chaz, from 1992 until his death in 2013. She’s still the CEO of all of his
companies and websites. Matt Stone is one of the two minds that have collaborated to bring us South Park and Baseketball.
Apparently the person he found to love him and his sense of humor was then-Comedy Central
exec, Angela Howard. Wolfgang Puck, the famous chef and restauranteur, married Gelila Assefa. The couple decided
to make it official after saying that they already acted like they were married. Simon Cowell once dated the famous singer
Sinitta. (Brad Pitt also dated Sinitta briefly in the late 1980s.) Phil Collen, the lead guitarist of Def Leppard,
had been married three times now. But if you think the third time’s the charm then his
marriage to African American fashion designer Helen L. Simmons is going to be the one that
really works. As far as journalism awards go, Adam Housley’s won some of the biggest. But proudest achievement
may be the family he started with Tamera Mowry, who he married in 2011. Gabriel Aubry continues to win at life. For
one, his jawline looks like it was chiseled by Greek gods from the finest marble known
to man. But on top of that, he’s part of a very elite group of men that can say they
had a relationship with Halle Berry. Penn Badgley dated Zoe Kravitz for two years, ending in 2013. The two young actors just
couldn’t manage to support a relationship and their careers. If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you know
exactly who Justin Chambers is. He’s not Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McSteamy. But he’s still one
of the handsome doctors the show’s filled with. He’s been off the market since 1993
after saying “I do” with his wife Keisha.

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  1. Hi! After some realtionships with separation endings, I decided not to have any more woman. That was some 5 years or so. But if I ever find a black, or other's race woman; that would never be a reason for me to not fall in love for her. I do not believe in good races or bad ones. No, at all. I want to keep believing in good people…

  2. these white men date blacks for sex and the black women date the white men for fame or fortunne then after few years they divorce-sham marriages

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  4. Question is so what?? this is normal for me. we live in a free generation and 17th century.

  5. are americans this stupid really?Half of the woman here are biracial! Biracial is not BLACK. Go to center africa and see what black means.

  6. Love is Love who cares what race they are.. all beautiful couples.

  7. Marry a black lady 'n' u will thank me later coz she'll never crack.


  9. Christine Medina I do not agree & the black men that usually go for Spanish or Italian women are the ones Black women don't want so get the fuck out of here with your dumb ass opinion cause sorry but it's not true & another thing Spanish women aren't more beautiful neither are Italian women😋

  10. And for the record Christine Medina I didn't say that Black woman are the most beautiful…I said that Black women are beautiful in general…the comments that you made about Latina & Italian women being the most beautiful is inaccurate & the stupid comment you made about Black men going for y'all all the time is far from being true…your judgement is way off on this topic..and your views on Black men will never be true!!

  11. 0:57 lol.. what? 🤨 they did not co-starred in guardians of the galaxy

  12. Yes yes yes, black women are pettiest on the planet! All of them!

  13. I am a Korean man. I can understand the men because I know the beauty of black women. All women are beautiful, but there is some more distinctive body attraction of black females. I have seen a Jamaican-Canadian girl for a year. A nice chemistry never stops. 🙂

  14. 1.9 million predjudice bitches don't like this video, but I love it! Black Power👊

  15. I'm sorry but pining over one race is desperate. Fall in love with someone because who they are and if they make you happy not because there white and not black.

  16. Whichever humanbeing you love and comfortable with, that's what counts.

  17. Love see no color. Society definitely destroyed that statement and by making videos like this one you only glorify and continue to recognize color and nothing else but that. Nothing will ever change for the better by waiting for others to make right what the so called white society robbed the none white community. Go and and argue and disagree you have that right the same way I have mine. Most of the white people just wishing this dehumanizing way of treating one another who looks different from another but won’t do a damn fucken thing about it. Won’t stand up to restoring won’t lift a finger except when is time to argue with the close minded view because it’s the easy way out. No matter if it’s wrong only matter that everyone in your circle doing it so that’s makes it right so you can sleep well.

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  22. Why does this video makes it seem like it is a privilege for a black women to date a white man. It is a privilege for any man to date me.  Calm down, everybody is equal, no one is above the next.

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  26. Interesting because Rihanna has denied dating majority of the guys except Leonardo DiCaprio…but ok

  27. I Know that's what's up to be honest I never against interracial relationship I'm not like people who against interracial relationships I want to write my own film about myself marrying an handsome / charming white man & other different men from different countries I love romantic movies & I'm interested in interracial relationship myself

  28. Mike Tyson caught brad pitt with his wife in bed and nobody is dead

  29. Why is that a topic here. So stupid. Human loves human. Finish.

  30. Why do Black women have so Big boobs? All of them. I don't know Black woman with small one. It is so unfair. :((

  31. I think white guys are ashamed to claim black women bc of how they will be judged by family & friends bc they rarely ever commit.

  32. There's a difference between sex/short relationship and real marriage relationship…these men went to black women for this then white women for that.

  33. Who the hell cares what a persons skin color is??? Love is love and goes way beyond skin color.

  34. Leonardo from Titanic likes African American women.!!..omg let meet him…he's so handsome! Rhianna have dated ALOT of men

  35. rihanna's music sucks + she should just get paid hundreds of $ for that low talent crap/garbage well now to romance i care very little about skin color, faces are were + will be my very main turnon period.

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  37. Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg in the early 1990s, after making the film “Coming to America”.

  38. I've always wanted to date a guy who ain't black because all my exes are black.

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  40. Where are the white men in Atlanta that want a family, are not racist, awake, understanding and compassionate? I will send you a pic.

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  42. When a white man wants you he goes for it!! I have dated 1/2non back men in life. I may get flack but are VERY INTRIGUE BY US and it’s a different VIBE!!

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  46. don't date black women are nightmare to be with.so don't do it they will fucked up your life.

  47. To each their own. But as far as I am concerned, Eastern European woman are the most beautiful women in the world.

  48. Lol not possible, love isn't a emotional feeling, they know who we are and who they are and it's more a mission to stay in power, the brothers and sisters that's not mentally loss understand what's going on the ones that are mentally loss believe in Santa Claus and raise they're kids to believe in him until the kids learn on they're own, we've been deceived by crafty council's, but no matter how much one can deceive it doesn't change the gift he has for the strange nations wronging and deceiving his chosen people

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