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[Applause] there was this remarkable moment of bravery where people in the crowd just started standing up and pushing back and people of all ages and backgrounds started booing and booing and after about five minutes they left these issues weren't just invented yesterday or even with the election of President Trump 1915 to 1918 that's the last time that white men have had a three-year drop in lifespan the way they're seeing it now the reason we're seeing shortened lifespans is and part about addiction and part about economics but it's also about particular health policies it's almost like an epidemic or what economists have called deaths and despair but the irony here is that people are voting for these policies that are shortening their own lifespans for example in Tennessee I studied what happened when the state blocked really implementation of the Affordable Care Act or or expansion of any kind of government health care safety net and what I found was that that act alone ended up costing every white person in the state on the aggregate about two to three weeks of their life when I looked at liberalisation of gun laws in the state of Missouri there were over 12,000 lost life years just in the first five years that those policies ended up passing in the state of Kansas they basically did these massive tax cuts that ended up enriching people at the very top of the economic system but were terrible for working class people when I talk to everyday people really I found a longing to solve some of these issues in other words people wanted better healthcare they wanted safer communities the problem was there were so many divisive messages policies were being coded as almost racial identities the risk factor came because they elected politicians whose policies were based in this these rhetorics of racial resentment in other words anti-immigrant anti-government fro gun policies and when those policies became what dictated the policies of particular states everybody's health suffered regardless of whether they themselves were racist or not the working-class conservative voters start realizing that these policies are killing them and asking for better policies from their leaders that's the moment that things begin to change

34 thoughts on “White Nationalists Disrupt Jewish Author's Book Reading | NowThis

  1. Correction. This land 🇺🇸 is Brown land. Always was always WILL be. Get used to it white nationalist fuckboys.

  2. Not exactly the best and brightest, are they?

    These people should be the poster boys for a harder clampdown on incest. I bet their father/cousin is proud.

  3. We’re all in this together. When will stupidity see past their own egos and nose(?) 😞

  4. Can they stand up for the Palestinian dying daily at the Jewish hands.

  5. So racist people, or people who ONLY care about their own and pretend that those policies only affect minorities are suffering by their own hand? Sounds about right.

  6. Did I hear them say this land is our land ? Haha fools on cracks .

  7. I wouldn't be able to distinguish Jews from the rest. They blend well with the community, they are good citizens. I could be wrong enlighten me.

  8. If your are minority voting for Trump.just no you are helping these bafoons.

  9. Sir, this is no accident. Rich elites (e.g. Robert Mercer) have spent millions fuelling division and hatred, because dividing the working poor is the greatest security, money can buy, against voters demanding basic human rights. Here in the UK, education, health care, a minimum wage, pension and paid leave are citizens basic rights. Elites like Robert Mercer are terrified citizens of the US start demanding the same.

  10. My question is have the feds and/or local police took these guys pictures and names. They are clearly terrorists.

  11. Indeed trump is a symptom of the white nationalist agenda and not the problem. The problem has been there long before trump was on this planet.
    While trump champions the far right way of thinking who among other things have a dislike for the Jewish religion/race. Trump has a son in law who is a practising Jew. How hypocritical trump is is just unbelievable!

  12. Why are right wingers always acting like triggered snowflakes they supposedly claim to be against

  13. Vote for Bernie Sanders if you are serious about turning this country around.

  14. Again those donkeys show just how silly and stupid they can be.Say they land,lol.

  15. Let see how they feel if someone was to walk in there and shoot the place up and aim solely at the white nationalists.

  16. I'm sure trump thinks these racists are " fine people".

  17. I’m a Jew and I’m coming for you don’t think so one second that your not going to die my people will live on and you will be ended buy the gun or sword 🗡

  18. “Hey guys lets go protest a small book reading”

  19. the smartest, most intelligent, of the radicalized conservative extremists manage to form a protest against truth.

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