Who Are the Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs?

who are the most dangerous zodiac signs
our zodiac signs and horoscope can tell us a lot about ourselves from how we are
in relationships to how we handle stress to how we deal with our emotions some
zodiac signs can be creepily accurate about who we are as people depicting
some of our personality traits down to a tee so speaking of astrology and zodiac
signs and how accurate they can be or cannot be have you ever wondered what
the most dangerous zodiac signs are well you’ve reached the right place before we
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zodiac signs ranked from the least dangerous to the most dangerous number
12 Aquarius if you’re an Aquarius you may
be a little bit relieved to hear this aquarius’s are the least dangerous
zodiac sign of all the zodiac signs if you’re an Aquarius you are probably very
independent fun to be around and love helping people aquarius’s are also known
to run from their emotions and can sometimes also be very aloof shy and
quiet they also tend to use their mind whenever they can because they are an
air sign as thinkers and humanists it’s really no wonder that they are the least
dangerous zodiac sign on the list number eleven leo this strong creative
passionate and often stubborn sign is the next least dangerous sign on the
list Leo’s are notorious for being self-centered they also love expensive
extravagant things as a fire sign they hate being ignored and not being treated
like a queen or the king that they are because Leo’s are sometimes seen as lazy
and like things done for them and handed to them it makes sense that they aren’t
really considered dangerous seems like they would probably want someone else to
do the dirty work for them so their reputation will stay intact want to know
who some of the world’s most notorious serial killers are and what their signs
are well you’re going to have to watch until the end but you will find out
number 10 Libra libras are known to be charming and
lovable while at the same time they tend to be indecisive vain and sometimes
delusional because they are so lovable and sincere it’s hard to picture this
sign as dangerous at all which is why they are so high on the list they are
dedicated to commitment partnership and fairness and hate when things get out of
balance number nine Virgo
virgos are known to be more sneaky than most of their other zodiac signs so they
are more likely to commit small crimes as witty and practical individuals they
are more prone to less dangerous antics virgos also are known to be uptight
critical and sometimes even preachy while at the same time very hardworking
resourceful and dedicated they hate lazy people and work very hard to achieve
their goals this would probably explain why they aren’t very dangerous they
don’t ever want to put their hard-earned work at risk number 8 Pisces Pisces are known to be a
little bit self-destructive and out of touch with reality for this reason they
can sometimes be prone to impulsive and destructive decisions which can turn
dangerous they aren’t all dangerous though Pisces are helpful comforting and
romantic people they are poetic and dreamy and have an air of mystery about
them watch out though when they are provoked they are not afraid to stand up
for themselves number 7 Capricorn Capricorn’s are seen as average
criminals they are right in the middle and tend to have a high respect for
rules they hate when people make careless mistakes so when they are
committing crimes they are often very efficient and sneaky they do though tend
to be pessimistic cold and unforgiving which can lead to some pretty sticky and
messy situations if they are provoked number six Scorpio you might be
surprised that Scorpios aren’t closer to the number one spot on the list believe
me I am too Scorpios are known as the evil Bunch of the zodiac signs
they tend to be sadistic and jealous and if they are triggered or provoked a dark
and evil side can come out of them this aggressive and often manipulative sign
does have some good traits though Scorpios are passionate loyal protective
and brave they are very intense are you just as
surprised as we are that Scorpios aren’t the number one most dangerous sign on
the list sorry Scorpios but it’s the truth number
five Aries Rams can be stubborn but are natural leaders because they are so
energetic and bold they can be unstoppable in their actions they are
often seen as reckless impulsive and proud which can get them into some
trouble because they like being the leader of the pack and are very bold
their ego may cause them to do dangerous and criminal things Aries enjoy
expressing themselves through physical and verbal activities which may be part
of the reason why they are one of the more dangerous signs on the list number four Taurus Tauruses can be
stubborn and overindulgent ruled by the bull this zodiac sign has the tendency
to become hyper and ready to charge if they are provoked they can become
abnormally angry which would explain why they are one of the more dangerous signs
on the list the bull is known to be raging and very temperamental a Taurus
is prone to getting into fights often which can make them pretty dangerous and
worrisome to be around and finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for the
top three most dangerous signs in the whole zodiac as well as the serial
killers who shared these signs number 3 Sagittarius SAG’s
are known to be well crazy they are master manipulators leaders and control
freaks these types of qualities can cause the wrong type of person to commit
some pretty atrocious acts infamous and deadly criminals like Ted Bundy Joseph
Stalin and Pablo Escobar were all sagittarius signs because Sagittarius
–is are so argumentative reckless and overconfident they can be tactless and
act on impulse although they are very enthusiastic and optimistic their
enthusiasm and overconfidence can be extremely dangerous to be around so
watch out you have been warned number two Jim and I sorry Gemini’s but
you’re considered pretty dangerous if you’re a Gemini or know anything about
Gemini’s then you probably know that they are quick-witted sociable and fun
but have another side to them which is more serious and restless they change
their mind often and are quite inquisitive and hard to read
they are very up and down hot or cold and as a result can be very dangerous
want to know who some of the world’s most notorious Gemini’s are Jeffrey
Dahmer the York Shire River and David Berkowitz Son of Sam
yikes don’t get a Gemini angry number one cancer cancers are known to be one
of the most emotional signs in all of the zodiac they tend to be jealous and
passionate and have extremely emotional mood swings which are very unpredictable
they can sometimes be withdrawn reserved and extremely sensitive which is why
they may act impulsively and sometimes even do extremely dangerous things
cancers also tend to be manipulative and passive-aggressive they’re also
notoriously known for not being able to control themselves they feel emotions
more strongly than other signs in the zodiac and tend to act on these emotions
this makes them far more likely to commit dangerous crimes than any other
signs notable serial killers who were cancers include infant serial killer
Jeanine Jones and the notorious John Reginald aka
the monster of Rillington place according to wikipedia are you surprised
by anything from this video what sign are you
and how accurate are these predictions do you follow your horoscope or sign
religiously let us know in the comments section
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  5. 12 : Aquarius
    11 : Leo
    10 : Libra
    9 : Virgo
    8 : Pisces
    7 : Capricorn
    6 : Scorpio
    5 : Aries
    4 : Taurus
    3 : Sagittarius (Me…)
    2 : Gemini
    1 : Cancer

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    I have a friend, she is a Leo, and omg i want to run away from her, she wanted to kill my bff because she betrayed me, so she went to get a mini knife and she even showed how sharp it, so she cut her arm, and she got suspended by the principal (litterly she ALMOST killed her, she IS a psycho)

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  21. Bubble-gum/pop psychology. The Sun sign is only one aspect of a person's natal chart.

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  38. (spoilers!)

    12. Aquarius
    11. Leo
    10. Libra
    9. Virgo
    8. Pisces
    7. capricorn
    6. Scorpio
    5. Aries (me!)
    4. Taurus
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