Who is Random House? Highlights From Our Authors

I always talk about reading because books make us feel less alone I wanted to write about that moment where everything is at such a high pitch and everything is go high stakes and you can make one bad decision that could change your life forever so this is the true story you're jogging with your daughter iris and she comes up with the idea I could not make this up if I tried and I am enough even if you're dying until today you actually die you're living welcome to the phrase a lot of people ask me where I come up with my ideas for me they're what-if questions what would I do in a certain situation everyone has loved the book is going to recognize the story and fall in love with it like you did in the first place and I honestly feel every time I sit down to write a new one each year I honestly feel the same excitement the novel is about how the pursuit of my dreams transforms own and fit in those dreams I have to see the sign in front of us to dream come true for me and so it's a nice personal but because as I was writing it really the heart of this book is about these really dangerous stories we make up when we're in the midst of struggle if you're in a world where you do not know what you can aspire to then will you have aspire to that thing I think a good story is one that says we're both human beings were in this crazy situation called life that we don't really understand we put our heads together and confer about it a little bit then all kinds of magic in happy [Applause]

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