Who’s coming toward you

hello stylists arrow woman and I'm gonna do everything to gain easy for everybody thingy seems coming toward you hey hey who's coming toward Aries system the toy Aries for the rest of well okay exit cut reverse this flipped itself up this is someone who you're definitely having issues getting something off the ground with there may be a lack of a new start or a lack of something getting off the ground give me one more well it could it could involve three people Aries the three of cups reverses here oh I'm so what I'm getting here the best thing will come tell me your freehand it for whatever reason so Aries I'm gonna get this strike so whoever you're dealing with isn't coming towards you to offer you emotion alright is what it's telling me like it's like they're kind of being emotionally closed off and or unavailable um and it's the lack of a new start which when you tour something's not getting off the ground between you two and it could involve three people what that beer cups reverse be in there I don't know whether on your behalf are there is all right so what does Aries actions tortoise individual so it's not getting anywhere yeah you feel like you can't control the situation out of control in a sense you feel out I can something you want to rush toward this person are you there's passion you still have but it's like it's not getting off the ground is what it keeps referring to and it could be involved three people whether on your behalf their behalf it doesn't really matter it's just picking up on I don't care what's interest smoking is injury injurious to your health what the hell is injurious something I've got damn like disease somewhere in some foreign country without is that smoking is in spoken is dangerous to your health is what you meant to say you look you're dangerous for my health you idiot alright having to read your comments it's dangerous to my health alright your dog me god damn insane at this point folks I don't care what's dangerous okay a lot of things are dangerous driving is dangerous alright we put all our lives at risk every day alright I'll put my sanity at risk for dealing with chilled Andrus ass you idiot whoever wrote that don't start with me with that I smoke get over if you don't like it then click off alright let's see thanks mom you know my own mama don't even bother that there and shut up while she smokes too so I guess that wouldn't really well who gives a shit right oh here we go some plus sometimes port or you can come into our Taurus dependent or Taurus please who's coming toward toys these people don't tell me what's let smoking too dangerous for my health I know that you think I've been living under a rock for like the last thirty years of my life I hate when they say that cuz they state the obvious alright sex is bad for your health because guess what does diseases out there driving a car is bad for your health I mean what do we to do folks you got to live life and you know what I'm you know I'm gonna live life it's all I wanna do all right it was coming toward you whoo who is this person tours he got them crazier than a shithouse rat I'm correct like I always say all right cuz let's tell him me so let me get this straight so the person you're dealing with at one point it's like they're getting over you then they go right back on the B and then they're head over you then getting over you again and then right back to being over you so this person has this like push you have this push and pull on this person there you have some type of influence over this perk like really I don't know whether you're not–' or not but you have somebody really all over the place emotionally woman if they think they're over you they're done and then the next minute they're stuck on you like white on rice likes flags to a horse shit alright is what it's telling me there's emotions they have for you they may not trust you Taurus or there's a lack of trust on your behalf are there but have is a lack of trust here I guess like things could possibly improve or get better between you two but there's a lack of trust whether it's you don't trust them they don't trust you that could be a overlying issue in the situation alright is what it's telling me all right oh let them get to you no it's not I'm not letting them get to anything it's just like my thing is they've been saying that for awhile they keep getting my comments saying how that's dangerous for your health I know that do you not realize that every time you buy a pack of cigarettes that tells you the warnings on the label that it can kill you I'll get it all right and having to deal with that idiot that said that I'm you know what maybe I do want to die I don't have to do it your fucking show you guys comments or the die then have to hear you're here you lecture me about a cigarette alright the same alright Gemini please I guess it's on my nerves I think Oh arrogant arrogant my ass it's not that they're really injurious means calls for more damage with your language isn't even bad I don't care what it means let me tell you what this means tell me what I'm blocking you from this room means look up define block cuz that's what you're gonna do is get blocked all right don't tell me what and I had enough of that you don't come in here to lecture me you come in here to watch our reading all right now I'm not gonna sit there I let you shower run over me all right I'm coming toward Gemini tell me time tell me the definition of it all right here we go who's coming towards Gemini sorry before Gemini almost lynched let's see there we go okay ooh taking her time coming towards us this person's thinking forever to open up to you Jim and I are they're not opening up it's taking time for them to come around to you to open up origins it's not opening up in general they're trying to fuck us someone you definitely have some type of issues with already Gemini all right so let me get this straight so this person's taking their time coming towards you they're taking their sweet old time I don't see them doing a whole lot of progression so I do see them coming back your way but it's taking their time to come around to you for whatever reason that's what it keeps talking about and they're not opening up they're being very guarded they're being very defensive either this person feels like they know the truth about you or you feel like you already know the truth about them there may be an issue in getting things off the ground with this person all right something is not moving forward is what it keeps emphasizing times 3 all right is what it's telling me start taking us little time come in towards you yeah that like something are trying to get out of this but like I don't feel much is coming from this but I fight they're more guarded and or defensive and kind of guarded overall it doesn't look like they're coming towards you very fast anything they're trying to end this but at the same time I feel like it at some point they'll come back around to you or come towards you very slowly all right is what it's telling me something's not moving forward the truth is known or the truth will be known whether it's on your behalf are theirs and that may be why the I don't know what the truth is what is this truth about we try to get it whatever it is is this causing the situation to not move for so the truth is no neither know the truth they know the truth and do to the truth be known or my nose of this section surrounding an individual whether it's the Gemini or the cross water that's why it's not getting off the ground like the truth is known it's like not a big secret all right let's tell you whatever this is so I'm gonna put that out there I don't know what that what it's referring to maybe it didn't want to specify it because there's a lot of different scenarios that may be playing out with doing this person John and I are bites personally so but I get from that all right we go who's coming toward cancer somebody coming toward cancer who's coming toward cancer okay one more shuffle I'm doing tonight by the way how y'all doing whoever they are they want to be with you there's somebody that wants to be with you that's not okay whatever reason it's not moving it's just not getting anywhere right now it's no news you had you're not having a new start with this person are you still actively getting off the ground between you and this person right now things are moving very very slowly or not moving at all between you and this person all right it's kind of like I said a standstill I thought this person's eventually want to give up or you'll eventually give up it's like there's a big energy for something committed and great between you two but it's just like it's not going anywhere why is that why is that just because either you feel like you'll be happier without them or they'll fight they'll be happier without you so there's an energy here of something two people can be committed and great and wonderful and thanks continuing being great wonderful what do we want to call it being in a relationship commitment whatever it is but either you just want to like throw your hands up and just be happy without this connection or if they do like I fucked there's an interview that could be there it's just not moving forward I think either you're just trying to get over this person rich was trying to get over you at this point all right but it's which sucks laughs like this is gonna turn into a missed opportunity an opportunity missed like it's like something great could be there I just feel like honestly there's not enough equal participation participation participation or basically some of you I did involve three people with that three there it doesn't have to be as like honestly either you'll be happier if you move on if they will like that's like eventually you two will move on from this situation entirely all right let's do Leo who's coming for Leo Vista mentor leo good video 1200 the room is so high okay something's moving this person is they want to work together with you but they don't have faith that this is gonna work out between you and them and they're trying to withdraw or they will withdraw from you but if somebody that wants to work together with you are cooperate with you leo I mean – Aries or tours for go Capricorn also got Aquarius and Virgo alright is what it's telling me praising Virgo this person's I think this person lacks faith this is gonna go anywhere with you is what it keeps talking about there's they feel like a star reverse and the six of swords it's like they want to work together with you they I think they want to participate with you but it's like it's like a lack the optimism that this situation should work out there kind of I see them trying to withdraw but like they're kind of like in their head about you is what I keep getting like this opponent that this is not going where they want it to so apparently it's not moving forward or it's like it's like the energy is there of them wanting to like participate with you cooperate with you or work together with you but it's like they're not it's like they don't have faith that this is going to work out it's like they're kind of like not very optimistic about this all right as what it's telling about that star reverse there yeah does love there's what it's telling me but I like this person alone withdrawal either you don't have faith they don't have faith there's a lack of faith there it was for me I miss the water sign Pisces gender Scorpio let's do Virgo he's coming toward Virgo that's it two more shuffles sorry I didn't mean to go off earlier under saying like I just can't stand that damn coming events tomorrow cigarettes are bad no cigarettes of that I know that I know that I plan to quit at some point but in the meantime I've cut out pretty much all the fatty foods I love and I've cut out every food I mean nearly everything that I love out how to cut out and I'm not good enough not the fatty foods and the cigarettes shit don't even be on here don't news rings I mean I'm goddamn loony man if I tried to do that I go crazy as hell all right whoever this person is but they don't want any more conflict with you Virgo almost allele somebody want to leave uh they don't want any more conflict with you Virgo they don't want any more conflict I think things are not working out between you two or haven't been settled between you two but sometimes I may want to clear the air with you but I'm getting majority it I'm getting really that they don't want any more conflict with you so apparently they felt like you were bringing conflict in our lives or less that's their perception of the situation all right and I do see you to miss an opportunity with one another are moving on from one another all right is what it's telling me but some of you a part of them still wants to make this happen but for the for the most part I just don't want any more of the drama that this situation brought to their lives are like done with the drama well it keeps talking about you two haven't weakens out or haven't worked things out somebody's a Libra or an Aries I got Libra Aries I also have water sign here – all right is what it's telling me I think it's gonna this is like I'm assessing you – moving on but it's not gonna be something that's easy to move on from from with you and this person like it's gonna kill them to move on it's gonna kill you to move on like it really they really do think about you a lot or have you in their head a lot things are just not stable between you two are just not growing all right and they first woofer either you don't want any more conflict from this person today I'm wanting more conflict from you and let's extract it keeps referencing maybe you say fuck you brought conflict or a ladder that's perfect all right I thought you feel all right here we go leader coming toward Libra I shouldn't even did this reading tonight because I've been at Six Flags all day oh they will thank you appreciate that Thank You Dean appreciate that um this person is I think they're gonna be communicating with you this person it's like they're gonna be communicating with you but not being too emotional about it so leave or there's gonna be a water sign or a fire sign it's gonna be you're going to be communicating with but I feel like this person is trying to close himself off emotionally to you or being closed off but I see you two communicating but it's just communication it's not emotional communication that it's gonna be it's just gonna be like a basically um this communicating back and forth I see communication between you and this person back and forth but it doesn't look like the most emotional communication if anything they're acting very emotionally closed off and or unavailable all right as what it's telling me I think this person wants to clear the air with you or come out of conflict with you I think you are gonna be communicating all right with that 501 reverse and the ADA lines up right but it's telling me that either you are gonna act emotionally unavailable or they are what keeps talking about so this I've like something you need unexpected communication from this person there's gonna be a lot of communication is what it's referring to all right I don't see it being the most emotional communication like it's not Wow I get an energy of manipulation between you and this person all right I didn't did I miss cancer phase towards my camp did not do cancer I might have to just get off of here and do a part two that I'm like drained I don't know why I even did I do cancer but I did I didn't know I'll do it at the end I got I didn't I did cancer that's why I'm saying I did cancer they pull up they're trying to pull my strings all right full my middle finger I did thing I'm tired I'm so tired of these idiots of my comments trying to flip my my grind up alright here we go so Libra I just feel like this person I thought there's a little neck okay I'm gonna put the story out there Libra like there's some manipulation here and what I get is all those will be communication between you and this person it's like somebody's still not totally in it to win it whether this be you acting like this towards cross sport or this is how they're doing you like it's like the communication is gonna happen I see you two clearing the air but it's almost as if it's like either you're not totally in it to win or they're not it's just like kind of like out of familiarity or that's what I'm getting it's not really something really go anywhere what I'm getting so be aware of that it's kind of good I get manipulation but it's from your behalf of theirs and it's not necessary is not really in it to win it it's like they're going to meet Hayden but not too emotional so I'm getting all right let's telling me okay let's do Scorpio who's coming okay so whoever this person is I don't want to give a second chance there's a lack of a second chance what it's telling me all right 1,300 the room they are doing [Applause] so this person is they feel like they're missing an opportunity with you or that there's an opportunity being missed between you two could be a fire sign or a water sign or an air sign all right right now they're not reaching out to you we're offering you any emotion but they feel like they're missing an opportunity with you or that they missed an opportunity with you they're trying to move forward in their life they're trying to get their confidence they're trying to get back trying to get back in the groove of their life but they're they're trying to ignore the situations they can't help but ignore the opportunity that was missed between you and this you and them Scorpio so either something's being missed opportunities being missed or an opportunity was missed I kind of get a like the one that got away type scenario all right they're trying to move forward in their life I don't see you to necessarily like working together or like being cooperative with one another and it's like they're trying to ignore it with a minus or than the two of swords but they still think about it a lot no matter how much they try to ignore it is still in their brain and it's like you were an opportunity missed or opportunity that's getting away so apparently you were something special to them all right it's let's tell him me be aware of that I know that was fast but I don't get the nice fashion offers I kind of want enough I'm so tired been on the road all day Sagittarius who's coming towards I'm serious please just coming towards edit areas please some more shuffles all right [Applause] so they are they're trying to let you go and things are stagnant between you two and things are like they're stuck in their head about this but I think this see what is this Sagittarius there's somebody that where it's killing them to let us go it's really really got them really nutty all right nuttier than a fruitcake for pinnacles reverse amount of sorts up right so ever this person is it's like killing them it's like putting them in the nine of swords and the floor Pentacles reversed to like tube though so apparently you were something that was very special either they're hanging around for communication from you or they're hanging around are either I couldn't they're kind of waiting for communication from you or they want communication from each other somebody this is the communications Attis tell me between you two are has been at a stalemate or is it his tummy or we'll get a stalemate and I think it's hurting them to let you go look at those four pinnacles a verse or maybe somebody that wants to open up to you to set of tears it could go either way alright I think there's a lack of trust between you two there's a lack of trust or they don't trust you things are very slow between you just that stalemate what is the most likely scenario long playoff between these two in the next some told me to ask I still see indecision or delays between you two whether you're not making a decision or them dude an indecision there'll be an opportunity missed our opportunity will be missed between you two fuckers somebody I'm gonna put two stories out here either somebody wants to open up to you and communicate with you Sagittarius and there may be somewhere that's where it's like hurting them to let you go or it's like slowly they're still in their head and they have one let you go it could be that either they're waiting on communication from you or they won't communication from you or there will be communication between you two all right slow I got a lot of sports vegetarians but it's saying the most likely outcome as the opportunities miss do the indecision whether on your behalf or and or there's alright I like the Capricorn the coop Capricorn hello everybody let's do Capricorn okay some we start with a fire sign or an air sign there's gonna be a new fire sign up air sign coming into your life to be at a distance they are or there may be a distance thing going on alright that's just for some of you thank you Christina for the five appreciate that so so much thank you so much alright Capricorn so things they want to make this happen with you still they want to come back around to you and make this happen I think things are still already let's look at that common scenario coming out in the cards but this person wants to make it happen with you and they want to manifest this with you they feel left out in the cold by you so this person feels like a loss are left out by you and I want to make things right they want to reunite with you but some of you this involved three people or did at some point they're in their head about coming back in around coming back around to you there's somebody that's over think in a situation like they're kind of thinking about this a little too much and they're wanting to make a return or come back around to make it happen with you all right they want to reunite with you all right how does Capricorn feel let me see all right but you know I think that you want to communicate this person – or you want something to move fast or communicate with them all right yeah some of you want to work things out with this person – though I'm getting it says your intentions of the knight of swords and the five of swords reverse so it's like you want to make things right with this person or make things or bring things to a resolution so I feel like this person's gonna come back around to you they kind of feel like a loss or like a separate from you and they're gonna come back around and make things right and reunite all right between you two F like I said a stomach now but won't be in the future all right between you two do it phrase coming toward a phrase who's gonna sort of phrase please y'all doing tonight thanks for 99 um Libra 4-leaf Thank You support it thank you thanks my moderators for holding it down for me thank you so much to every single one of you moderators out there all right I appreciate y'all so much whoever this person is they're ignoring you and trying to close all from you some of you somebody has more than one decision and people that could be a case I got the two of swords or the queen of Pentacles right now they're all about the business and the Benjamins thanks for the five of Jenny be too fresh to be pressed thank you welcome back by the way and you Corey white for Thank You for $9.99 been going everyday cut the cord with my deal well that's okay there you go whoever this person is it could be a water sign or air sign they're really trying to ignore you at this point and trying to sweep you under the rug all right they're kind of closing off emotionally and they don't let their happiest with you for some of you this person likes to fake it like they're okay but they're not the first it may be the type of likes to fake it like the only things fine they're not fine it's like they're very unhappy inside whatever that if that means anything to you all right yeah they're trying to ignore this and end this this is their intention there's a two of swords and a death court expiring right now to ignore you and in the situation and be more career and business focused all right mr. out companies too in the next month or so I look a little hay a little bit ahead I do think there's gonna be some type of um exchange between you two stuff like it'll be an exchange between you two weather communication or whatnot things will work itself out at some point which when you do and the next month or so could go past that I'll see this coming to a resolution all right it was telling me whoever they are they're trying to close himself off they're trying to ignore you and trying to be more own focus on the Benjamins the career the business whatever it is and they're making a decision to focus on themselves all right right for the time being all right if you were involved in a love triangle with an Aquarius or vice versa if like somebody will eventually make a decision to choose you or vice versa all right especially you're involved in the craziest I got that as well you come before Pisces please sorry all got a hug I gotta get some rest because I've been up all day and driving all day who's coming toward Pisces please hey little Falana – they're all about the Benjamins – this person thinks that you're a waste of time I don't even think it's worth reaching out to you or worth um dealing with you anymore so it's a big herb signing or G or another Pisces or water sign they're getting out of this Pisces they they're all about the kind of like what I was getting from the last sign basically all about the Benjamins career I think that you're a waste of time to reach out to any more extend their energy to any more I think you're a waste of time could be a businesswoman or a businessman all right is what it's telling me so apparently you've pretty much pissed on somebody all right you went a little too great lately so I mouse I don't know what you did somebody's a cancer I got the carrier here I get this energy a river this person is it could be a businesswoman businessman or somebody who's all about the Benjamins like the king of Pentacles who's coming towards you and our intention is the page of Pentacles reverse that are not reaching out to you or they think that you're a waste of time with that selling of Pentacles reversed this person feels like you are a waste of time I mean I have to put it the way I'm seeing it sorry they feel like you're more work than pleasure basically like it's too much – whoever they are all right and they're trying to release themselves all right so with that being said but that being said um y'all have a good one and I'll talk to you later all right thank you so much for tuning into my show sorry I started off on a very sour note but one thing I don't like is to be chastised because I smoke a cigarette really really um trying to tell me what's dangerous like I said there's a lot of things out there that's dangerous but people still do it alright so with that being said y'all have a good one thank you so so much appreciate that

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