Why Americas first Native American poet laureate gives me hope Opinion

why America's first Native American poet laureate gives me hope opinion these words from the poem rattle in my brain from time to time they offer comfort when she assumes the position in the fall ha JA a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation will become the first Native American in United States history to claim the prestigious title the honor was not in for those coming to her work just now start with her 2004 collection how but for those of us who have long known miss Hodges work who have clung to it and repeated the above fear poem to ourselves in the dark of night there exists something else in the announcement present but unwritten that cautiously bubbles in our hearts every time a native artist grasps the nation by its eyes or ears hope is a crucial theme found in miss Hart Joe's work whether it comes in the form that stubbornly pervades or the kind that makes a late appearance in I hurt you to read them because we are regularly relegated to the shadows and edges of modern society psyche saved for the scattered moments the hope we cling to does not typically root itself in a desire for admiration by the colonizers society that surrounds us to wait on the very earth instead harjyot and the paved paths that did not exist before they arrived they s chewed the norm when how she considers her Creek culture and identity when she works hard shows succinctly responded that it as Julianne brave noise cat for the Paris Review last June ha Joe was a member of the initial native you

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