Why can’t we see the Apollo lunar landers on the Moon from Earth ?

When you look at the moon, just remember that somewhere on lunar face the remains of Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 along with eight unmanned Russian lunar missions and five pre Apollo unmanned American surveyor missions are all still there silently looking back, unless of course you’re a NASA non-believer. So why can’t we see these from Earth, why can’t we train our best telescopes on to the moon’s surface and see them exactly where we left them the best part of 50 years ago. Well there’s a bit of a problem and that is that the moon is 384,000 kilometers or 238,000 miles away and the Landers and all the things that behind are just a few meters across. To give you an idea of just how difficult this problem is it’s like looking for an object size of a coin from a thousand miles away or the equivalent from New York to Florida, so you need a pretty serious telescope. One telescope which springs to mind is the Hubble Space Telescope, after all if it can see galaxies billions of light-years away then it should be able to see the Apollo landings easily…. shouldn’t it. Well as with many things to do with space is not that simple. Yes, the hubble space telescope was indeed designed to look at very faint objects at astronomical distances but those objects are clusters of galaxies trillions of miles across, it was just not designed to take high-resolution images of small objects are fairly close ranges in astronomical terms like to the moon. The problem is down through a resolution of the images at the telescope produce and that is ultimately limited by the law of physics. The resolution determines the smallest picture element or pixel in the image the higher resolution the more the fine detail image can be seen. In a telescope the bigger the mirror the more of a magnification so the closer the object will appear but very large magnifications be images also affected by the wavelength of light itself shorter the wavelength of light like ultraviolet light a fine of a detail that can be captured and the resolution increases but invisible light as we go from blue to green to red, the wavelength increases and a resolution is actually decreased. The Hubble has a mirror which is 2.4 meters in diameter which was the largest that will fit into space shuttle by when it was placed in orbit. This gives it a single pixel resolution in ultraviolet light of about 43 meters across on the moon surface, anything smaller than 43 meters will just be hidden in a single dot which cannot resolve any further. In fact we need really two pixels or more to make out anything at all. In visible light it’s even worse and the size of the area covered by a single pixel increases 90 meters. The only way we’re going to see any object few meters across on the lunar surface is either to increase the size of a mirror or get closer to the object we’re looking at. Back on earth the current largest optical telescope in the world is the GTC on the Canary Islands with a mirror diameter of 10.4 meters. This increases the resolution so that the smallest area covered by one pixel will be 20 meters across invisible light still too big to see the Apollo lander which is just over 4 meters across. In fact to see the Apollo landers from Earth you need a telescope with a mirror size 10 times that of GTC or about 100 meters across and that does not yet exist. Even with a 100 meter telescope would only give you a two meter resolution coverage so the lander would be two pixels in visible light and four pixels in ultraviolet light, still not enough to discern any real detail. This is the reason why we are unable to see any of the vehicles on the moon from the earth and although in theory it is possible to use a group of telescope in an array to get a higher resolution, no one has yet done it because telescope time is in very high demand and very limited and looking for objects that we know already exists is just not a high enough priority just to disprove that none believers. What we need to do is put a camera in orbit around the moon just like the spy satellites or the ones which gives the satellite mapping services like Google Earth for example. In 2009 that’s exactly what happened when the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO was launched to photograph and survey the moon from a distance between 12 and 100 miles above its surface. Even with a much smaller camera lens, at its closest passes, it has a resolution of just 0.5 meters or 18 inches per pixel. So now all of the Apollo sites with the lunar landers, the rover’s as well as the russian site can now be seen for the first time since they landed. This also shows the trails left in the lunar dust by the astronauts both on foot and in the lunar Rovers, the science experiments that were left there over 44 years ago are still visible and even the shadows of the American flags can be seen as they vary in size due to the changing position of the Sun during lunar. Day we can’t see the flags themselves because they are hanging vertically and the camera is looking for top down position and the flags for just a fraction of an inch thick. So now we have the photographic evidence of the Apollo landers, unless of course you don’t believe anything official that comes out of NASA and that they were placed there by robotic Landers or aliens years later or the moon is a hologram and the earth is flat. 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100 thoughts on “Why can’t we see the Apollo lunar landers on the Moon from Earth ?

  1. For the same reason the Hubble can't see them or is never turned around to photograph the Earth….hmmm

  2. the simplest explanation usually is the most plausible… we can't see it cause there it's nothing to be seen

  3. GREAT!! after 50 years the foot trails of astronauts still remains AS IS visible from satelite … you must be joking
    didn't you tell in another video that dust flying on moos surface which is silica didnt cover tiny foot steps in 50 years??

  4. Find the hanger where the landing was and you have discover the moon.oh just forgot with all the satelites we have in space why do we have lousy cell reception?

  5. "You can't see them coz they ain't there, Man – oh and space is flat" LOL…seriously though, great explanation mate!

  6. they know the exact cordinates of each and every landing site and can't still produce a "good" picture.. Makes sense….

  7. We haven't been able to go back too the moon because we "lost all the data" ummmmm OK lol

  8. Just remember, somewhere along the lunar face, lmao… Just remember, people are very very stupid and don't necessarily need physical evidence but only the word of the government… So just remember, since your brain is extremely small you will literally believe anything you are told..

  9. odd I can look at google earth and see my wife standing in my front yard, whats the difference?

  10. The landers arent there!
    Man didn't go to the moon. We didn't have the technology.

  11. There are also at least 5 wreckages on the Moon (Japan x2, China, India, ESA) and a Chinese probe that landed after this video was made. Any others?

  12. There’s certainly a lot of junk on the moon. The Apollo landing sites don’t seem to have independent confirmation yet though, and I’m wondering about the politics of that reality. I think the use of multiple telescopes to disprove “non-believers” is definitely warranted, and the refusal to do this only strengthens the case for the doubters. The LRO pictures seem a little odd; where the footprints appear as continuous lines rather than the series of spots caused by the hopping action of the walks. The scientific mind requires irrefutable evidence, which has not been presented yet, leaving the possibility that these hoax landings were a propaganda exercise.

  13. The NSA can see car number plates from the earth satellites but NASA can't see the cars from the LRO? Oh… Ok.

  14. NASA faked the moon landing and are lying to us each and every step. space will be faked as long as space is seen as real but reality is only real if we do not allow it to be faked. NASA they are liars. NASA stupefied everyone with CGI. Never believe NASA they are liars. No one's ever been to space or left low Earth orbit. The earth is flat, stationary and the centre of universe research it.

  15. A dude on Facebook doubting the lunar landing got more likes on his comment over his retort that we should be able to photograph these things on the moon. I sent him this video.

  16. Correction: the moon is closer than you said watch https://youtu.be/OL_rMP_yMzk

    Oh and by the way the moon landing was a hoax and NEVER happened

  17. And the hits just keep on’a comin. This comment section is soaked in burn after burn.

  18. yeah but what about NASA's lunar reconnaissance orbiter that flies 50km from the moon and sometimes 40km, and they show us shitty images far away like they took a photo with iphone zoom.
    gtfo. excuses.

  19. Why remember propaganda lies told by VIP's of NWO spaceclub liar's. Hello Mcfly's denial of truth in plain sight for all to see is not there. Your eyes don't lie only your brain.
    Keepn it Real 😎
    truth movement ❤️

  20. Because they were filmed in Arizona dumb ass. We have never been to the moon. IT WAS A MOVIE Stupid

  21. This is a lie because NASA put refectors on the moon on one of moon missions to point a Lazer at those reflectors to measure the distance between earth and the moon if they can do that we see the moon landing if it even happened that is

  22. No one has ever been to the moon.
    There's no authentic evidence to prove we ever made it past the Van Allen Belt.
    Moreover :

  23. Why can't we go to the moon ?
    Well, there a bit of a problem…. and that is that the moon is 384,000 kilometres or 238,000 miles away……..

  24. the simple answer is why can't they go back to moon and land man again to prove that they went on moon

  25. being a nasa skeptic does not necessarily mean you are a flat earther. it's like having distrust in the government does not make you a communist. it just means you don't buy the official story.

  26. It wouldn't really even matter if we could see the landers in detail. The none-believers would just say they put unmanned landers on the moon (as the Luna, Surveyor and Chang'e missions have also admitedly done). I presume you'd have to actually take them there and show them Armstrong's footprints. If even that would do.

  27. There is a video of a nasa astronaut saying on camera saying that the main challenge with a trip to the moon and beyond is radiation sheilding. Why not just use the same sheilding from the apollo missions. Unless of course they never went to the moon

  28. Sorry i call bs. The reason why we dont see anything there is cos we never went

  29. you can take pistures of black hole,but you cant take picture of the landers on the moon?you all are stupid religion believers,man has never landed on the moon,stop lying.no man can pass van allen radiation belt,nasa admits that they are still working on safe passing through van allen belts,lets say they did and travelled to the moon with 3 passengers,rovers,equipment ect with 1960 technologhy tincan,how did they turned back? There is no landers on the moon dude ,if there were,any other non human survey modules would take pictures of the landers to shut all non believers mouth.

  30. guys, nobody actually "believes" in a flat earth, its just a troll-idea to uncover idiots.

  31. They need not scan whole area of moon, but surely NASA scienetist should have data of landing area approximately, then they have moon orbiter with sophisticated cameras why didn't they picture them, recently ISRO found its tilted lander with their orbiter in short time.

  32. The lunar landing was faked. Jfk never existed. Osama bin Laden is the tooth fairy. And the earth is not round or flat. Its a giant cube. Nintendo knew about this and invented the game cube with help from Fidel Castro and Donald Trumps first long forgotten illegitimate son Johnny Trump

  33. And Photo Shop is made in 1988 you just think how much powerful it was in 2009, and pictures never shewed the foot prints.
    Just a question; Why all landings are on the dark side of MOON? I hope you know the meaning of " Dark side of moon".

  34. Cats disproved the flat-earth theory millennia ago. Given that cats instinctively go to the edge of a surface and then push things from that edge, IF the earth were flat, there would be a perpetual ring of cats at the edge, all knocking things off of that edge. Since there is no circle of cats knocking things into the open void of space, then the earth is not flat. Q.E.D.

  35. Thanks for your great explanations, that even a flat earther should be able to understand. Ohhh who am I kidding 🙂

  36. What nobody says, how it was possible to take off the Moon and reach 1.7 km/s to escape the gravitational force 60 years ago, all done with pipes, valves and gauges of the old, literally considered junk today. Just have a look at them in a Museum… That needs a lot of fuel, hundreds of tons. Perhaps aliens lifted up the spacecraft?

  37. Funny, I was on one of the channels that views the moon live. I asked this very same question and got the same answer in less words. Lolol. Thank you, I had a hard time understanding why we couldn't see the crafts. Now I get it.

  38. We can’t see the landers, for the same reason we have not been back in 50 years, NASA lost all that 1960’s technology!

  39. KD

    I’m more interested in to see what excuses you doubters Will invent the next time they land on Moon

  40. Man on moon is not true and if google earth app works then there must also be a google moon app and sadly there is no app of google moon . Moon landing was fake

  41. I'don't believe that any man landed on the moon , NASA was lying and the earth knows they are lying , the moon as well know and even the universe

  42. What worries me is that a very well and scientific explanation of why we can't see objects on the moon that easily in a nice self contained video is STILL getting 4.8K dislikes! Ah the humanity.

  43. Everyone knows all that stuff on the moon was left behind when they recorded the fake moon landing up there.

  44. I loved that ending XD if you think anything he said at the end was true, earths educational systems have failed XD

  45. Bullshit like they wouldnt know the coördinates of the landers if they can send image they can pin down the location from wich it is send so its utter bs

  46. Kinda sucks that its ends up to believe or not to believe, just as father christmas.. Ive been to Mars Jupiter and that other solar system.. You dont believe me, lol, your stupid. everyone knows that Ive been there just ask my paypal.

  47. You don't have to believe that the Earth is flat in order to believe that man wasn't on the moon. It seems that everything just works in the favor of not being able to see this from Earth (in 2019 with all the scientific advance), but somehow it was possible something even more demanding, in 1969. And, to prove something that could be the second biggest lie in human existence, nothing is done, because, "we know its there" and telescope time is limited.

    This way aliens exist since there are tons of photos of them on the internet, all the atheists are wrong since there is the Bible and there are all the stories of the wonders that were done, Yeti "we know its there", Lochness monster also, we all seen it in photos and I could go on. I mean, why would someone lie about this stuff, right ?

    I don't know if we were on the moon, they had all the reasons to forge it, or, it could have been real and did an unimaginable thing for those years. But I wont just accept "we know its there" just because someone will say it. I believe in scientific facts, in things we have discovered and explained with the telescopes, but landing on the moon is far too controversial to just accept it.

  48. This idea that the lunar landers are not on the moon if you are a "NASA non-believer" is false. The lunar landers are there whether you believe they are there or not. My understanding is that some people have unshakable faith in the idea that there are no lunar landers there. Well, some people have unshakable faith that about 2019 years ago someone named Jesus died for their sins. Having unshakable faith that something is true doesn't make it true.

  49. Nothing is perfectly flat; nothing is perfectly round. Compared to a basketball, which you can circumnavigate by travelling only about 3.5 feet, the earth, which requires you to travel about 25,000 miles before you can circumnavigate it, the earth is flat.

  50. Can anyone calculate the size of a telescope required to capture the image of 1.5 meter size located at 1398 light years away?
    Just reply if someone knows the formula.

  51. We can’t get past low orbit without going through the radiation belt. So you never went to the moon. NASA contradicts itself so many times. Propaganda

  52. So they can make out anomalies on the surface of the moon??? Come on now everything NASA releases is always grainy anyway

  53. he said we can't see it, and bring a photo of it 4:00 that means NASA are lying 🤥

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