Why do a Literature Review?

feeling stuck on your research not sure why you have to review so much literature still writing notes with a pencil and a piece of paper that just doesn't make sense hello I'm bobblehead Mark Twain and in addition to being a bobblehead in Mark Twain I'm a literature review genius you look surprised but I am going to show you the six reasons to do a literature review reason 1 limit the study 842 million kids reason to see what's been done before okay so I start my research on where does rubber from tires go Oh crash this is already been figured out how cousin upon his hamburgers reason three discovers some design options I think I'm gonna do anything you want juggling while skydiving yes based on the review of literature I think it's gonna be a phenomenological study yes reason for anticipate possible problems Wow someone got hurt doing that I think that better isn't five find gaps in existing research Wow I was going to do my research topic on pepperoni pizza but it turns out there's a gap in the research no one has ever researched a topic baloney Pizza season six provide a backdrop for your results yeah I did this experiment and I found out that 72% of people who were abducted by aliens have some psychological side effects after the kept you should read literature review and/or make a lot more sense with those six reasons lit reviews should make much more sense you

3 thoughts on “Why do a Literature Review?

  1. thank you for this useful video,it was funny and educated at the same time  

  2. Originally made it for a quantitative research class. Writing the lit review a year later wasn't as fun.

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