Why do we get pets? A short love poem.

Why do we get pets?
As if driven by an elusive need We desire to keep them away from threats
A parenting instinct we must heed With them all worries our heart forgets
We seek their acceptance their company As if trying to redeem our past regrets
And we don’t want them to ever feel lonely We watch them grow their nature is art
Adorable, curious, creative, playful Like a beam of sunlight they play their part
Surprise us, treat us, and always grateful They trust and search for our reassurance
Their soothing company, pure and innocent Our love and care permeates their essence
Yet they remain eternally vigilant Two different minds sharing one moment in
time Altruistic perhaps we expect nothing in return
Their reliance in us makes a rapid climb Their presence makes a fire in us burn So why do we get pets?
Towards them our actions are selfless By now we have all placed our bets
And we assure them our bond will be endless While enjoying this feeling of belonging
We provide a home that is safe and warm Too busy to see the blatant warning
That in the distance there is a storm It’s an unstopable force, we’re made to connect
There’s something in our genes we can’t quantify We overcome the walls of dialect
And our unique affection helps us get by Then the tyranny of time comes to reject
This sweet embrace we learnt to rely And leaves our hearts broken and wrecked
With its dark unexpected and aching goodbye

6 thoughts on “Why do we get pets? A short love poem.

  1. None of us were prepared for this in work today and it made us all shed a few tears. What a beautiful tribute to a much loved family member. We only hope that these memories will help you at this sad time. All of us at Vets4pets

  2. We are so blessed with the time that we have with our animals, we get them for a short time but then we have to give them back to the universe. But for the time that we have them we are learning from them they are teaching us, the teachers of the greatest love companionship. ❤😻❤

  3. That was beautiful and sad. love your analysis and reasoning… I started out smiling and almost crying at the end… thanks for sharing.

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