Why I Play Poetry | Christ Church Primary| Kids' Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen

hello there I'm Michael Rosen and you're about to watch a brilliant lit film fest poetry performance well done to all the hard work from the children involved you can take part to search for the why I play poetry project enjoy the performance the school bell round it's unlike a mighty ground we dust into the waiting playground screaming shouting charge him around at frood the frisbee and it flew like a giant eagle at first so far it was almost illegal its soared through the air it landed at a luau I asked a friend to throw it back and said yeah I'll flag it up my backpack now is worried or poor gave me invented our team sees the challengers antics stop to eat survivors the ball hits the film the teacher says stop now but I want to play more deep through the hoopla the time was up that was they won the cup a couple Qaeda's cops down inside the boat time to hide oh well that cool the final to run us in a path but the Seekers like that when I was in team red our best goal got us ahead when the ball passed through the gold you couldn't see a row row row Sharky Sharky coming to get you shop to shop be comin to get ya beady eyes sharp teeth it will be wiser VTP crunch it's gonna eat ya ah finally the school ball ramp it felt like a mighty plunge who – them – awaiting their own screaming shouting of charging around you you

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  1. Me my friend like your poetry it's the only thing my friend and I watch to laugh

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