Why I’m Copying Ideas More Often

I find it super interesting how people extract ideas from other works of art and then re-purpose them into something entirely new. Composers of the past used to take famous poems… or like… look at huge famous statues by famous sculptors And like… turn them into musical form, into musical symphonies George Lucas saw old “Spaghetti Westerns” and a Japanese film called “The Hidden Fortress” and thought… “What would this be like in space?” And like — speaking of “Star Wars” Check out how similar the theme is to Kings Row — the film, “Kings Row.” I mean, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Like I — I always say that to myself. And like, everybody in industry does this. It’s — it’s how civilization was built, right? A human builds something valuable for its community, and then another human uses it, or sees it, connects with it… …and then builds something on top of that And like… I’m realizing more and more that I’m doing that on everything I work on. In fact, I’m trying to do that more often — like, intentionally. So this recent track has so many different influences that I thought it’d be interesting to go through them. Like, you can hear The Beach Boys I used to listen to the beach boys when I went to sleep at night. My — my dad used to listen to ’em. And like… the score to “You” — “You Were Never Really Here” Or even my friend Roland Bingaman who has a super interesting sound that comes from — I mean, all kinds of different influences. I was even inspired by “If Beale Street Could Talk” I mean, he used a bunch of different instruments but I just love the trumpets that he used. Yeah, I don’t really play trumpet. …If you couldn’t tell. And the result is just always going to be entirely different from what the original was. And that’s just the beauty of the arts. Last thing though… I think my favorite part about this — this track in particular is that it’s influenced by Coldplay I mean, I used to listen to Coldplay all the time. And you can hear it in the guitars, and you can hear it in the chord progressions, and… Yeah, enjoy. It’s a new track. It’s coming out with — with Score A Score as a trailer album. So I’ll leave you with that Coldplay influence. Here it is…

7 thoughts on “Why I’m Copying Ideas More Often

  1. This. As a writer of comics, I take inspiration from so many art works before me, and yet the results are always unique.

  2. As a filmmaker I really admire your work and always wondering why you didn't get much of attention on youtube, really want to have a chat with you someday. Nice work!! Keep up

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