1 thought on “Why Indian Men Rape & Airplane Poetry Movement | Flesh is Flesh is Flesh | Priyanka Sutaria

  1. Darling, please be Precise. By Indian you meant the korma Farts
    expelling Aryans, basically your Dad/Bros. The SexualAttrocities
    (Pedophilia/GangRape/StreetHarassment) committed by those Animal ShitEaters in SouthIndia is making into the Fu*_#@& Headlines every GodDamn Day, ya Whory Fuck! Then, we have to deal with the Aryan Whores who sticks to her Tag, "Born from the Brothel for the Brothel". Tell Me, does the infamous 'Spike your Victim's Food' Technique still relevant or is it "Bribe the Bureaucrat beforehand"?!
    GoodMorning & GodBless, Ms Sutaria!

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