Why learning is hard (IDEA NEEDED)

This is me after two failed attempts at getting the video ready for this coming Sunday first my
audio was off then the video was of poor quality without realizing I was now in
the phase of conscious competence but before you can understand let’s take a
few steps back summer 2018 I decided to start a YouTube channel I was all
excited about my idea and like a lot of people starting this adventure I was
already dreaming of what my future could be around the same period I started
reading this book if you want to grab a copy of it use the link in the
description of this video it is at this moment when reading about it that I
realized the different phases that we are all going through when we have a new
idea or when we decide to undertake something new putting ourselves out of
our comfort zone the first phase is the one I was in last summer called the
unconscious incompetence you’re excited about your new do idea and think you can
totally make it this moment is crucial because thanks of it you gather the
courage needed to start your project however most of us tend to underestimate
the amount of work and studying required to get there leading to the second phase
the hardest it is the one that differentiates people who give up to the ones who
keep on pushing and increase their chances to be successful I named the conscious
incompetence reality hits you and in order to make it you will have to learn
way more than you initially thought the idea of learning so much on subjects you
have barely any knowledge of is discouraging makes you want to stop
before even starting in my case just to do this stupid videos that some of you
have been watching every Sunday by the way don’t forget subscribe it is the
best way to support me I had to learn to use a camera set up the right lighting
think about the audio learn to film myself and to speak on camera still quite not there yet on this one edit my videos using Adobe Premiere edit my photos using Photoshop
understand YouTube game not even talking about Instagram Facebook and
Twitter techniques read analytics promote my
content repeat every week all that without losing my motivation this is
conscious incompetence you realize how little you know and how much you suck in
order to make these required tasks in order to make your project happening at
this point you have two options make up lame excuses and give up or push
forward and learn congratulations you made it to the next phase you spent hours learning
those new skills you thought your brain couldn’t take it but it did you’re happy and
proud but using these skills is still an effort and it demands your focus and
organization no frustration you my friend are in the conscious competence
phase and this is where I currently stand I know how to fill the video but I
am still struggling at getting the steps right and organizing my time I know how
to edit but I keep on forgetting that if your audio and video are bad from
the start you can’t do much about it I know I know what I have to do and how to
do it and yet I am still fighting against myself to make it happen I keep
on having those thoughts that I should give up saying no not this week I will
find an excuse applying everything I learn still requires so much time and
energy I cannot do it but here I am I keep on pushing I find an idea for
my next video I put the doubts aside I write my text get my camera ready shoot
edit and before I realize here it is in front of your eyes gosh I can’t wait to
reach this ultimate phase you mastered your skills they’re now just habits
that you do without even thinking your brain has grown and freed some space for
you to learn something new so while I am hustling to reach this level myself
applying what I learned in order to improve my content facing my flaws and
my fears and residual incompetence I want to thank you you have subscribed
to my channel liked my videos and left some comments because there’s one thing
that this book doesn’t mention in order to reach unconscious competence achieve your goals and live your dreams there’s something that you’re gonna need
and this is support

16 thoughts on “Why learning is hard (IDEA NEEDED)

  1. Very alive video! Very motivating! Throwing down the flow like a bro! 😀

  2. Hi Mark, Thank you for your today vlog, I know a bit more about Conscious, Unconscious, Competent and uncompetent Model. No doubt, this model makes sense . By the way, my 5mn weekly time watching your videos is worth it , this is why you can rely on my support Mark ! Keep up your challenging good job.

  3. Yet, your editing skills are really good already for such a short time!! Getting better and better.. looking forward to next one!

  4. So finally the question that all must ask themselves : should I take the blue or the red pill?

  5. it’s quite hard to keep motivated during a long period. As you did in this video, it is a good idea to step back a bit and check all the cool stuff you achieved. A nice way to keep motivated and persue new goals!

  6. Very interesting the 4 phases you have to go through! Makes me feel like I need to read that book. And as usual, such a energizing video 💪💪💪 Love your flow dude 😎👍😆

  7. Was that slam?? 😜
    Very interesting model the (un)conscious (in)competence. Hopefully you'll reach the last stage soon. Thanks for sharing where you stand and how you managed/the challenges you faced to get there. Quite inspiring!

  8. Brilliant Vlog!!! You learned a lot but you forgot the most important….you learnt how to do your hair so they look so nice on camera😝😝😝We love your videos, We support you !!! Bring on next sunday👍

  9. You hit the nail on the head! Before starting on YouTube, I had no idea how many facets there were to the process of making a video. Very encouraging video with great energy! You have a supporter here!

  10. Fantastic video! Everything that goes into a YouTube video can be so overwhelming and exhausting. Creators understand and that’s why they value the subs and support so much. You’ve got my support Mark 👍

  11. Really interesting I've gone through in my head all of that obviously on a much cheaper dirtier level not in your league pal you my friend are one lucky break from making it pal my videos from coming up with a song to editing it and filming takes about 30 mins but you've got to enjoy it so for me that doing it the easy sloppy way and if people like me cool if not it is what it is

  12. Great channel, content, and good job on edit; triple like new friend here 🙂

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