Why Literature Matters: Nick Hudson at TEDxWilsonsSchool

yeah reductase to the central importance of digital life do you mean strength apply on your slide step the aesthetic argument renderer to give books our capacity to beautiful to show us reflected images of ourselves some movers literature's in multiple hours what I wish to focus on is the vital role of literature in a political discourse and its necessity the means of communicating descent but articulating blasphemies you could hear didn't know the sphere of life like the cutting edge of science the cutting edge of literature is often a very dangerous place to stand just a new scientific discoveries force us to rethink forever the way you see the world and challenge orthodoxies so too does literature the potential for literature as a cycle of civil unrest has been apparent form of the centuries later when in visiting his utopia in the Republic bound poets as beings who are rude for provoking strong emotions which books have been banned over centuries shakespeare's boredom was built on the south side of the river to keep it separate from the decent respectable people moreover Voltaire the full upright philosopher suggested that writers should live close to a border in case they need to flee across it should there and the power of I said to take it as a wife the Czech Revolution began in theatres and the recently deceased president Butler about began life as acquaintances there is a real correlation between literature and fermenting of dissent in this case I have to agree with platelets reasoning literature can develop disorder it can be message it can be a rule but I'm going to include different dissents debate free speech or the bedrock upon which our freedom is built without much no utopian could exist to contain literature is to drown out our own voices the writers have inspired me are passionate advocates of the necessity of happy was particularly difficult I'm hearing voices but individual in terms of the political freedom are they censored or pretend the authors who inspired me are political in the sense that they asked to buy Korean port about who we are the nature of our society and how do we live in this world profoundly political questions yes but also vital human customs but there's a caveat that I'm a man not all the writing is political emotion I've also keeps point out that not all political literature is good worthy political ideas to be expressed in literature pieces of the business literature which is inspiring polemical is threatening to literature however we must begin to investigate the relationship between literature and context George all by Clinton opposite when mid 20th century and essays his famous with dystopian novels might make for and will follow alongside other social works just downtown Paris of London on the road to Wigan there and as many engaging ethics in his famous essay inside the way he asserts that of course an office does not apply to write directly about Kentucky history but a novice who simply disregards the major public events of the moment if generally I were fuller for a plain idiot Salman Rushdie the I'm an Anglo Indian Norman novels and essays whose novel The Satanic Verses was seen as a direct criticism of the Prophet Mohammed and resulted in a fact other issue and roughly spent ten years fighting from very real attempts on his life further states that the gap between the political sphere of life or the personal sphere of life that married and birth so that literature must aggressive he argues that I found myself in my fiction unable to avoid this is the distance between individuals and if a suspect is now so small that it no longer seems possible to write novels they ignore the public as bill because our Jane Austen's residence by collection of novels that I want to mention the French Revolution the context of desperella not so today literature according to all whether Russia must engage with the issues of our time play the universe as a compound partly justified so my way oh well addresses his motivation do know that's why I write asserting my starting point is always the feeling of partisanship a sense of injustice when I sit down to write a book I want to say to myself I've learnt releasable but I went it because there is some line I want to expose some fact to it so what is your attention from my initial concern is to get here Athol Fugard for whites often playwright who worked closely with black actors during a bar fight to create plays that were directly critical of the apartheid regime despite attempts by the elite of silencing again states that it's his desire to make people think or more accurately to make people think about the issues they would not choose the thing that he said I believe the theatre does it inordinately civilized in fact in any society it does promote people to think and feel sometimes about things they don't want to think or feel about what my most passionate Commission's is if the majority of white set up its go around doing that then a subside step some real chance of this happened it's like that country I'm surprised make this decision must be English literature's cultural importance does not derive in a success in some sort of ratings war but for its success in telling us things about ourselves that we hear from know listen to me a method of transmitting vital and difficult route the know that art form can transmit this is perhaps explained by position as one of the hardest parts to censor as Virginia Woolf famously declared all that's needed to write is a real one learn the writer is difficult sensor in a way the political party not a writer operates largely in their own head in a room on their own on paper on a laptop of excitement we when we read are getting a fiber and internal dialogue with the author in our heads where we have a privilege to speak what we feel and listen to ideal if that can't be spoken aloud when I read a book no one can tell what I'm thinking that no one can sense of dialogue it's going on how I take those ideas what they spark off didn't as such the idea is passed around at literature can just say in silence passing for us a bus a passing on through the book through discussions you have with friends literature therefore offers vital step ideas to travel the German literature good shot affair and range and promoted literature surely I must before his function we live in a world where politicians have been discredited the media has been proved to be Kim are funded and in thrall to those also cats now in client when the ability of literature to critique the world around me is as important perhaps more important than it's ever been before literature has the lone voice of a Northland has the ability to say the unsayable and think they are thinking and that's why

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