Why Marvel Netflix Characters Weren't in Avengers Endgame Explained by Writer

so McFeely one of the writers of Avengers endgame infinity war in various other Marvel Studios films directly now talks about the inclusion of the TV character specifically the Netflix characters and why the choice was made early on in his scripts to not include these characters when he actually thought about including them so before we get into the logistics you guys know the Netflix will sue Disney more or less if they don't you know abide by the rules when these shows were on air Disney could have went to Netflix and offered them money and been okay we're gonna use these characters in the movie and everything would have been fine the show started getting cancelled and then new contracts and stipulations kick in so McFeely ax was actually directly talking about the involvement of these characters in endgame and specifically the logistics of using them and as we know at one point they were considering using these characters but essentially when they started writing endgame and when they got to that five-year time jump and the snap and bringing them back this is where things got a little out of hand and specifically they looked at the ending where all the characters line up and they're doing that final battle this is where the characters could have appeared and he says while that would have been kind of cool it like creative logistical problems so kind of to explain is simply and he says what I've been echoing for a long time in the films you can assume that a lot of people have seen Doctor Strange and some of those people I've also seen ant-man and they kind of know and it's simpler because ant-man's appeared in some of the other movies so you can kind of get that idea even if they didn't watch a standalone they might have seen civil war for example right so you kind of have an easier in for this when it came to the TV side of it the subscription numbers you don't know you don't know how many people that are watching infinity war have seen this other movie so when it came to this giant fight you would have to logistically then cut away to these characters who some audiences might have never seen before like a girl with a whiskey bottle having her just standing there throwing a type of attitude right that doesn't make sense so you would have to assume that these characters some of them might have been snapped away some nah and it created the logistical time problems with the TV shows so ultimately the decision was made not to include any of them besides one because the opportunity was there and the only TV character that was included was Jarvis from agent Carter because the time line allowed for him to make the jump because there wasn't any of that and a lot of people already know that Jarvis was inspired by the butler so that made sense so this is why that decision was made logistically it would not have worked and it would have raised more questions than answers for the TV side and then that would have been brought over to the film side

27 thoughts on “Why Marvel Netflix Characters Weren't in Avengers Endgame Explained by Writer

  1. In Universe, why would Doctor Strange get help from Howard the Duck but not the defenders


  3. They need to get a new excuse. …People won’t be confused cause daredevil is quite famous. Like this was a good chance to bring them in.

  4. ow about we all just agree that they were there – we just didnt see them for these reasons. Also – this is a year old new article.

  5. The Executives were too greedy and didn't think about it because they were Lazy, Very Lazy

  6. Bulls***. Millions of people have watched Netflix Marvel. And they could have easily explained who they were for the very few people that haven't seen them, just as they've explained who the Iron Man 3 kid is. Truth is, it would have cost too much money to include the Netflix characters for what would amount to a glorified cameo. But a shot of them emerging would have inspired a better response than the silly shot of the All-Girl Avengers.

  7. Just imagine Punisher smashing Thanos’ head against some rubble. Obviously it would be kinda insane but
    just imagine. Such a shame that the shows got canceled and probably won’t be coming back soon, if ever.

  8. Everyone and I mean everyone now knows that all the characters formerly on Netflix had an exclusivity clause that expires upon cancelation in 2 years. There was no need to make this video.🙄

  9. This is NOT a topic that needs explained anymore. It's been confirmed for years that these Netflix characters have ZERO impact on the MCU. Even the events of the MCU barely influences any of the stories of the Marvel Netflix Shows. Lately all its been are a few references here & there on these Netflix Shows & that's it. Major MCU developments had no impact on the Netflix universe's last run of shows.

  10. Should have included the defenders, agents of shield, cloak and dagger, and the runaways

    -Jessica Jones and luke cage VS cull obsidian
    -daredevil and iron fist VS proxima midnight
    -punisher and bucky shooting chitari !!

  12. Because they definitely would’ve gotten their asses handed to them by the Black Order.. ?! Maybe Luke Cage would’ve been able to hang ? But Daredevil? Punisher?

    Uhhhh no.

  13. I can’t really imagine daredevil and punisher beating the shit out of aliens tbf

  14. Fckkkk that why hulk didn’t whoop thanos ass for a round two

  15. Nobody cares if some people are confused, get fully invested into the MCU and there will not be any confusion. Alot of these characters should have definitely been used.

  16. This wouldn't be a problem if they had already introduced them in the movies. Excuses excuses excuses. No hope for the future they might end up doing this with the next few TV shows

    I like how armin uses the most ridiculous scenario for a character is used as an example because that's the only thing that would be plausible for use. Because yes Jessica Jones would only be able to be in the middle of a giant war with a whiskey bottle in order to help everyone else because that's the only way they can include her….tf

  17. Cause they aren't ACTUALLY in the MCU. (just like I said when Infinity War came out)

  18. I would agree on this explaination about the defenders and other TV heroes, but at least they can put AoS team there and let them wears their SHIELD jacket.

    I certain that nobody will ask who this people are since SHIELD already introduced on earlier movies and we even seen them from the time heist.

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