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I saw you the other day you came to me as a monarch butterfly well I watched your wings dancing in the sunlight memories flooded my mind like an ocean wave memories of ancestors in familia memories of good times and bad memories of life but life does not end in death no no that's the celebration of life it is most definitely a perfect circle sometimes our emotions get the best of us senator to contain them as humans our emotions play a huge role in our health and well-being I have learned that through poetry I can express my emotions in a positive way and hopefully help others in my community to do the same when I express myself through my poetry I'm putting my emotions into words once I say those words I don't want to have to hold those emotions inside they become part of something larger they become part of our community the poem I just recited is titled November and that poem I symbolized my feelings about life and lots of loved ones into the image of a butterfly by doing this I can weave my emotions into the words to a poem that others can relate to I could share my feelings and help others will felt the same making poetry a part of your life can truly benefit you by helping you understand yourself and the world around you so as I recite my last poem titled poetic life I invite you pick up a pen and express yourself and your emotions through poetry poetry is the beauty of no frienda poetry is ugly like children with empty stomachs poetry is self-doubt poetry is a babies tears poetry is the rain before the rainbow poetry was more than words it is strong sad it hurts and it is tough poetry is the boss game in the fall poetry is spray paint on Boudicca walls poetry is the grief that follows death poetry is the health of me Familia poetry is the art of rhythmical composition or at least what that's what the dictionary says poetry is laughing all night long with friends poetry is the birth of a new day poetry is beans rice and tortillas poetry is a tear rolling down my cheek not knowing why poetry is standing up for what is right poetry it's love for my culture poetry is who I am poetry is me thank you you

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