Why Queen Elizabeth II Always Carries Her Purse Everywhere

In the morning, I drink nothing but tea (don’t
you dare offer me a cup of coffee!), and I always take a window seat on the plane. I’m
sure we all have our own unique, everyday routines. But it turns out that not only us
mere mortals have our little quirks! Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has habits she sticks to
as well! Have you ever wondered why the Queen always
carries her purse with her wherever she goes? According to royal biographer Sally Bedell
Smith, there’s a practical explanation to this mysterious phenomenon: in her handbag,
the Queen always has a pen, a lipstick, a mirror, her reading glasses, and some mints.
But wait, there’s more to a simple purse than that! In the Queen’s hands, it turns
into a sort of social indicator which Her Majesty uses at different events and gatherings.
That’s how she lets the staff know her intentions. For example, when the Queen is talking to
someone and, in the process, starts to shift her purse from one hand to the other, it means
she’s ready to finish the discussion. This gesture is so subtle, that if you were talking
to Her Majesty, you wouldn’t even notice. Someone would just come up to you and politely
mention that, let’s say, the Archbishop of Canterbury would like to talk to you.
Also, if you were having a conversation with the Queen, and she put her purse on the floor,
that would be an ominous sign for you. This action means that Her Majesty isn’t enjoying
your little chat and needs a lady-in-waiting to give her a hand.
When the Queen puts her purse on the dinner table, she’s subtly informing everyone that
she wants the event to be wrapped up within 5 minutes.
But the one thing I hope you’ll never see if you ever have a discussion with the Queen
is the ring-twisting thing she sometimes does. This gesture means Her Majesty needs an immediate
“rescue.” You didn’t think those are all the Queen’s
little quirks, did you? Let me tell you about some other, even more unusual ones!
– When Her Majesty travels, she’s typically accompanied by as many as 34 people, including
her private secretary and his deputy, their secretaries, two dressers, a hairdresser,
two ladies-in-waiting, a valet, press officers, eight police bodyguards, the Foreign Secretary
and their people, and many others. – Queen Elizabeth is officially recognized
as one of the most well-traveled heads of the country in history. Surely, she must have
a tip for how to avoid jet lag? Rumor has it that the Queen copes with jet lag with
the help of… barley sugar! It gets boiled down in the form of sweets and helps to alleviate
the sleepiness most travelers suffer from after long flights. No idea how it works,
but look at the Queen! It seems barley sugar IS an effective jet lag remedy!
– One more proof that Her Majesty likes traveling in comfort is the fact that she drinks only
her Earl Grey tea and only from her monogrammed kettle. She has both these things in her baggage
wherever she goes. On top of that, she never heads off for another country without her
pine-scented soaps, Harrods’ sausages, her personal hot water bottle, and framed family
photos. – Also, the Queen seems to be the only member
of the royal family who has never taken a scheduled flight. She only flies by private
jets. As for the rest of the family, there’s a chance that you might see one of them on
a commercial flight, probably even in economy class! For example, they say that Prince Harry
flew economy from Memphis to Dallas in 2014, and the Duke of Cambridge was once spotted
on a Ryanair flight to Glasgow. – But back to Her Majesty! The Queen never
travels anywhere without a Royal Navy doctor, whose task, among others, is to research the
hospitals in the area in advance. The thing is that the countries the Queen visits might
have problems with a reliable blood supply. That’s why both Her Majesty and the Prince
of Wales bring packs of their own blood wherever they go. On top of that, their personal doctor
is always nearby with all kinds of emergency medicine, including a portable defibrillator.
– The Queen frowns upon open windows in Buckingham Palace. Well, to be precise, only the ones
that decorate the outside of the building. The problem is that when you open those windows,
you can ruin the view of the Palace. Thus, the windows on that side can be opened only
at particular hours. – The Queen’s extensive wardrobe has long
become the stuff of legends. Not only does Her Majesty prefer brilliant, vibrant colors
and classic styles, but she also can’t appear in public in the same outfit or even color
two times in a row! That’s why there’s a special journal where it’s noted when and
where the Queen wore this or that outfit. By the way, not to be confused, each of these
outfits has its own number. – And how about this one: Queen Elizabeth
II doesn’t need (and doesn’t have) a passport! Well, it makes sense since all British passports
are issued in her name and on her authority. When she passes an identity check leaving
or returning to the country, she just needs to provide immigration authorities with her
full name, address, age, gender, nationality, and place of birth.
– One more paradox is that Her Majesty loves raspberries but won’t eat them in public.
The explanation for this mystery is simple: tiny raspberry seeds often get stuck in teeth,
and that’s unacceptable for the Queen. For the same reason, blackberries are never served
at official receptions either. As for tomatoes and cucumbers, their seeds get removed in
advance! – Do you like ice cubes in your summer drinks?
Well, the Queen doesn’t. She hates the sound ice cubes make inside a glass. At the same
time, if they’re not ice cubes, but ice balls, Her Majesty doesn’t have anything against
them: she finds ice shaped in balls much more musical.
– The Queen has a female servant who breaks her new shoes in for her. Mind you, Her Majesty
has been wearing footwear of the same brand and style for many years, and still, she dislikes
the discomfort new shoes may bring. – In her handbag, along with other necessary
things, the Queen always has… a hook! As you remember, Her Majesty uses her handbags
and purses to communicate with servants. She attaches the hook under tables every time
she needs to hang her bag. This prevents some confusion, since placing her bag on the floor
would mean she wants to leave. Now, are any of your habits similar to the
Queen’s? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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