Why Should You Support Authors

hello everybody mister dead man of dead man's tome look we published dark and gritty content we have released title so just real American Harvard controversial the conspiracy issue which the US government does not want you to read ask yourself why that is books of hars little ancient ones monster exists campfire tells it goes on great titles now we've worked with talented very talented authors or to be professional whether the award-winning are talented newcomers okay when you support dead man's tome you're doing more than supporting the magazine yes yes your money helps go towards the cost of covers editing and even hosting the site but more importantly it helps us provide more for the authors are to the authors I should say look at the goals look at the goals on the site you'll find that a lot of them have to do with what the writers get better royalty rates greater token payment and that's all because of you that's your help your contribution you also get more in return or just a dollar you get access to the back room private shows what's going on in the back room oh it's stuff it is a crazy party back here sometimes there involves a midget and that's okay this person likes be caught a midget okay for two dollars you get access to just about everything we've published everything including the back catalogue yeah yeah yeah it's taken a while for some of the titles coming out but we're talking about over fourteen titles over a thousand pages of content come on now for two dollars you can't complain on that let's see there's more $5 you get listed as a backer for $10 you get $10 it's got old-school cool you get a paperback copy you choose every month look at that then really think about it for $10 you can get a paperback copy from Amazon but you also pay for shipping you know this is no shipping so look at that well that's pretty much it if you think you don't want to support dammit so after this well then I guess I guess you just don't care about the riders no the authors evolved in the kind of makes it kind of a dick huh no you can support other ways man just share this stuff around and all that I get you I get you sometimes money's tight and those money's tied the most important thing though is spread and spread the love spread the whore out there with that said y'all take it easy

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