Why “The Expanse” Co-Author Thinks Sci-Fi Can Change Politics

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34 thoughts on “Why “The Expanse” Co-Author Thinks Sci-Fi Can Change Politics

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  3. Huh the like to dislike ratio seems to prove him right. This slipped by the alt right trolls

  4. come on vice, get your sources right, Avatar is not banned in china… its ridiculous

  5. Because remaining objective and having a discussion requires a level of maturity people can't ascend to. You people suck, ok deep space 9, what should we do? ….leave Kahn out of this that was years ago….listen Rutger Hauer, Data is a robot who cares about his feelings……wait what, Who is johnny 5? I understand patrick stewart lives in a mansion with the original cast of PT Barnums greatest show on earth, but why does he get a property tax exemption? Baste me sci-fi, lets get to the real issues

  6. 1:45 is a FAKE NEWS. Avatar is never banned in China. It was phenomenally popular like it did in the rest of the world…
    shame on you VICE News, do some research before uploading any video, please.

  7. The expanse is the most under rated group of scifi books and modern show out there. I love this this shit

  8. Hell, the entire Dune saga is essentially a story about politics and religion. I imagine Leto II could teach many world leaders some important lessons.

  9. Avatar isn't banned 'cause it could inspire a revolution, if Tiananmen Square didn't do it blue cowboys and Indians isn't going to do it.

  10. Sci-Fi has always been this way. People need to read more if this is news to anyone.

  11. Wouldn’t it be “The ‘The Expanse’” in the title’s case? It wouldn’t be “‘Tron’ Co-Author Thinks…”

  12. Doesn't matter if your from Mars or earth but they should be legal immigrant's not illegal that's what they don't want to say

  13. Belters are a wee bit more than just an "oppressed underclass", they're a culture and an ethnicity very different than earthers or martians.

  14. This. Put the space alien children in cages and then people feel bad. Put brown humans in cages, as our first lady's jacket says: I don't care do you.

  15. The expanse sucks. If you're going to inject politics. It needs to be a complex take. Reality isn't black and white.

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