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miss time pony homeschool memes check it out you know I love these but we're trying to win people over the whole school not scare them all new says snow day school is canceled hold what's up nice suit your homeschool child look human I don't know if a homeschool mom is talking to herself is she crazy or is it a parent-teacher conference both I'm School Marching the face you make when the lady behind you of church sticks that has nothing to do with the home school you know what you did that Sunday ripping a piece of paper in half everyone around him looked when your home school party it's all minivans when I'm score says they're top end boss skip school to watch Netflix say you'll double up tomorrow get a week behind in school behind in school all right guys before we jump into our video I'm the one to give a shout-out to our channel sponsor Sonoran Desert Institute totally unplanned a lot of folks are getting expensive liberal arts degree so that they can get out have no money be significantly in debt and live in their mom's basement why not go to the Sonoran Desert Institute and learn an actual skill and you get to work with guns that's super cool whoo let's go hi all right hey folks this is somewhat incendiary topic and we don't mean to be that way we've just been on a journey we think one of the most important aspects of the longevity of any civilization if we really want a better tomorrow for our kids we have to be really really serious on how we educate our kids and how we bring them up and so we're not trying to give advice to you necessarily rather just include you into our inner thoughts our conversations and our journey so far on how to educate our kids some of you who've been longtime followers of the channel you have that similar ethos and you want to communicate a certain set of values and you really want your kids to have really sharp minds and be independent thinkers and if you're just looking at the socio-political landscape out there you're like man a lot of the values I see expressed in mainstream media or most politicians or big brother government stuff it's just that's not my ideals that's not how I want my kids to put together in any way I'm ranting right now when the whole point is to show off mrs. poet here hi how is to say hi I love it so mrs. poet's really just led the charge on education with our kids it's subject it's from near and dear close to our heart and so there's public school private school and home school options starting at the very beginning when our kids were little fetuses or feticide no fetus is not a word we decide fetus I plural very good so what what have you been thinking about all this oh well just like I became a stay-at-home mom kind of out of nowhere never planned on that I also became a homeschool mom without planning for that I've always heard from a lot of homeschool families that before they got pregnant they knew they would homeschool their kids or that they were homeschooled themselves so it's kind of just a generational thing they're carrying on that is not the case for John and I we've we've been taken by surprise so much by the decisions the big life calling things that God has led us to that sometimes we look back and we're like wow no I would be put in this group or this category now and especially myself because I come from a family of public educators so we value education and tradition and so it was really hard to break out of that when I felt the Lord calling our family in that way and so what we really started to see was that our son right when it was time to register for home I'm sorry for kindergarten so he had just turned five so he would have been in kindergarten a month after he turned five and as you might imagine with John's blood coercing through his veins he is very very strong-willed oh I don't know where he got that from and so I just you're wonderful yeah so there's that and there's so many other reasons like you mentioned socio-political economic factors of I just couldn't register him for public school kindergarten in our area at the time and I just knew if I did I just knew in my heart it was one of those gut feelings of he's going to be the bad kid he's gonna come home with these labels he's going to be miserable how is he going to make it through the seven eight-hour days and then there were some other reasons too and we've done a similar video about boys save the boys and how boys are treated in public school especially young boys and I just couldn't put him in and I was encouraged well why don't you just register and then you can always withdraw take him out or take it back but I just thought this is something I need to do I'm gonna find other people who homeschool I can figure this out and we were just led each step of the way – okay we joined a co-op and we were with other like-minded families and people with little boys and I saw what they did and how they educated their kids and it's been we're on our fourth year now so it wasn't at first I was like well let's just do this first year and see and each year of course we reevaluate we'll hopefully never have the pride to say we are diehard home schoolers K through 12 we might be but each year we're open to changing of different leadings so what I'm getting at is that it's actually been a growth these past four years of this has been an incredible thing for our family that has made our boys have opportunities and develop in ways that they would not have if they might have been in traditional mainline schooling so right now let's back way up there anybody that's just I mean maybe you guys who are watching you got public school kids or private school kids whatever you're doing not judging not throwing any rocks this just again our journey but backing it up what our what our what's everyone think when you say the words home school oh well yeah when I was younger and I met the home schoolers I only knew the kind that were socially awkward or you know they just were kind of strange and so that was in my mind you know we can't do that we can't educate our kids that way but before John and I moved back to the States we lived overseas for four years and were in ministry and a student program and some of the best students that came to our program were homeschooled and so the tide started to change in our mind of wow these kids are well-rounded they're polite they're well-spoken they're thinkers they actually think for themselves and don't just regurgitate information and we were like okay we want our future kids to be like that they were also confident and very socially sharp where does it come from where people have that stigma that if you're homeschooling kids they're away from all the other kids and they're going to be socially awkward why is that even a thing if there's not a kernel of truth to it where does that come from I think it used to be true homeschooling from what I'm reading homeschool really began to be a movement maybe in the late 80s and through the 90s when I knew about it and you knew about it it was still in its early stages and kind of awkward but now the movement has gone from a small thing to this big movement that there's really big coops and all kinds of programs and graduates now of home school programs that are getting into some of the top universities getting some of the best jobs I mean these are really sharp kids in it I think it did start out awkward actually a favorite pastor we listened to by podcast across the country he makes fun of home schoolers and he must have a good reason to both school IVA but I forgiven that I forgive him that now cuz I'm like well he doesn't know how much has changed and it really has you mean there was no real support network so when use it a home school is literally just mom and kids take kids and I think it used to be and you know we don't fit that stereotype either we have two kids not ten we don't drive a giant bus some people do and that's great so what I'm saying is there's really no stereotype anymore to homeschool and you pointed out something that it just it still makes me laugh you're like no no the socially awkward homeschooled kids they're always raised by socially awkward parents that's what does it it's not that inherently homeschooling makes kids socially awkward right it's that socially awkward parents make socially awkward kids and our kids are home school but we're part of coops and so they're in sports they're constantly around other kids and so that well yeah it's come so far as now the joke is when are we not around other people I mean we have to make our time to get our schoolwork done because we're constantly in activities and even our neighbors we have such a great neighborhood that our kids are with other kids hours every day so there is no opportunity to be socially awkward in Louisville Academy haha there's no opportunity sorry I just laughed in the micro yeah there's no chance so uh you know you said well homeschooling was an awkward thing but it is fun to go back toward what's been happening the last couple thousand years is homeschooling a new idea or an old idea or yeah it's actually not and literacy used to be higher than ever before the public education system has been mainstreamed now overall literacy is lower than ever so that's one thing they judge it by and also well that's more of a parenting thing we'll get into but it's a cultural thing children are not as happy if you can measure happiness this author of this book says you can children are not as happy as they used to be either in mainstream schools and parenting styles yeah so just to point out education has been something that's always been relegated to the home family unit neighborhoods churches it was never done by the state well sorry yeah I didn't so now it's compulsory by the state where we sub out we give all of our kids the state and says teach them what you think is best while we go off to work yeah and then we see the results of what that is when they're 22 24 they've graduated college and and suddenly your kids don't reflect your values you're like how did that happen my kids don't value what I value well they were eight hours a day with other people for 12 years that might be part of it now homeschool is not for everyone and like you said this is no way a thing of guilt some people have excellent experience in public school and other methods of schooling this is just what we felt led to do now what so what's so bad with public school because you come from a family of educators who oh yeah public schooling how was the how would it have been to be a public school student 20 years ago versus now right I think I got a pretty good education I come from a great small town in South Georgia and I'll speak well of what the times were then got the best that was available then in that town at those times but for one example of how things have changed kindergarten the early grades used to be just play now if you go to can and so you and I had a great kindergarten early grade school experience now there's less recess there's very high stress testing there's expectations to read whereas a few decades ago kids were not expected to read in kindergarten it was a foundational year so now there's just so much stress it was at a young age get out a nature experience learn social interaction play correlation it was all that stuff and even passing on values and language articulation so yeah but all this more social components and now little boys are expected to sit still for six to eight hours a day and I mean like it's like not really but they're just Nino's trying to release their wiggles so like boys yeah get out cut a trail explore lead interact socially and with their environment and the nature around them and that's so I think that's so pivotal to foster up wild at heart and leadership and exploratory and boldness and that's that's the most important stuff you could teach a kindergartner in my opinion yeah I don't like what is being put out once kids graduate high school a lot of them seemingly as we see this year after year as we were overseas it sounds like we they get a front row seat to seeing the product of different school kids from public private and Christian we got to see all over the country and my beef with a lot of private schools is its public school curriculum and they add a chaplain a code of conduct but it's it's not Christian textbook sense down it's not really seemingly much different you still don't know any big pillars of church history is even in the private Christian kind of schools of like nobody knows who as a nation John Chrysostom and Aquinas and in some of contra that's like our George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's of the faith and nobody has any idea you have no idea in any of the major heavyweight scientists for the intelligent design movement of Michael Behe and William Dempsey and Jonathan wells and and yeah just the list goes in Hutchinson and Hugh Ross and all these astrophysicists and whatnot of like nobody's learning that worldview you're not learning philosophy or rhetoric or logic none of it I'm like that that was in the age of the Scholastic area those were the big piece is another they're strangely completely left out and I think there is a idea here as we move to Big Brother kind of situation and state it's not really about educating independent thinkers that if they saw foul ball in their own government they raise up and call revolution or Reformation instead its cogs in a wheel that are meant to change tires cliphair and its instead finding kids to just fill in their way of society and so the impetus is more about memorization and groupthink collectivism versus true independent thought and it's going to be the death of a solid is the death of freedom I'm seeing kids be put out of call you know they graduate college their parents thought that they were being raised on a certain set of values because they would attend church every once in a while and they would have family dinners but meanwhile public education is working day in and day out and they have no idea of all the weird sexuality stuff that's being taught nowadays yeah pure just pure Marxism so when the the student graduates high school they're secretly against capitalism and so then they graduate college and they're against capitalism they're anti-american they are you know all kind of just hey justice I'm ready to just call bullcrap on all of it and say hey what how about my kids just follow us around live life with us do what we do and as we go if like I'm all the skills I need to survive survive in today's work environment I'm you using them on a daily basis and so if my kids were just always with me looking over our respective shoulders they it would catch on and so it's a mentorship kind of parenting you want to pretty much that's how it's always been until we subbed out education to the state yeah a hundred years ago and then we took it the homeschool movement started to say hey foul ball took it back a little bit and wasn't doing a great job and now it's kind of classical taking off yeah yeah so I just went off on a beef of you did that's good that's that passion we're talking about I do have to backtrack to where you were talking about changing tires and clipping hair those are all honorable professions you know we need to do what we love in life and and feel called to do this group but what you're talking about is that freedom to pursue a love of learning and explore your education in a way that you see fit and a goal that we have is I think we've read or heard somewhere it certainly wasn't our idea where we want to picture what our kids are like at the end of the road what we want for them and then backtrack how do we get there so what goals do we need to have in place now so that they'll turn out Lord willing the way that we want them to be what you said knowing all that history and being able to be thinkers and good speakers what do we have to do now for them to get there and for us that did not involve public school at this time who knows that may later for a year – we don't know right now it's not in the plan so thank you for backtracking because I was certainly not saying that there is anything wrong with tires and hair out yes saying that it is very very wrong for the state to educate you and assign you a certain role in society when your ambition may be much higher and you're not given the tools or maybe you're hamstrung in the pursuit of actually being able to use your mind and advanced yourself that's literally the American dream and so if your dream is to is to work a nine-to-five been fantastic wits business-owner than fantastic if it's live off the grid and the wood so like and do the Grizzly Adams thing yeah I mean like more power to you but don't let the state decide and so yeah anyway so what have you been reading lately what what are you finding that's shocked to the most as we're going further down the rabbit hole of home school yeah whatever I've been well I guess what I wanted to talk about was how these two worlds are colliding is parenting and then our education because I think if we had just gone mainstream what was you know kind of expected the traditional role is we would have our kids in public school system and then just be parenting based on that but we've kind of gone a different direction really doing some hard biblical parenting which looks different and is harder for discipline and staying on top of character and development issues and also doing your education at the same time so that I'm mom and teacher household manager all this stuff but that's a little bit of a ramble but what I'm saying is like you said we're mentoring our children like a mentorship parenting education so that it's just family life it's not okay let's drop them off at school we'll pick them up tonight then we go to sports then we go to practice then we have this activity that activity see you at the end of the day and something this book mentions is that thousands of hours of your children's life are not with you so we're just doing everything together and figuring out how to do it based on how families have worked in the past like you said before the Marxism of school is taken over a little bit more of a rabbit trail so what I love about this author in this book John rosemond's parenting by the book we've mentioned this before in a video I didn't have it to hold up this guy has been around a very long time and he talks about P P P he calls it post modern psychological parenting and then he calls a ton of parenting advice today psychobabble and I love it because his main point is that you are in charge of your children not the state not any other Authority it's you so we especially moms are made to feel guilty about everything and he calls it the good mom Club and you're never doing enough for your child and they're so emotionally fragile just the tiniest pin drop could ruin them and put them in counseling forever if you don't provide this experience or this opportunity or they don't get ahead here you have ruined your child's life and that is kind of the fear that is behind everything in parenting today I look back on generations past and I envy their parenting style because all parents were on the same page if Johnny misbehaved down the street that mom had the approval to scold him or you know provide discipline in a way that Johnny's mom would be like yes thank you now no parent is hardly on the same page about discipline about education about food about sunscreen chemicals ah it's just everything is out of hand and I love how this author just brings it back to just the basics of you are the authority and a loving gentle guide in your child's life and you're qualified and that's another thing about homeschool you may be thinking well I'm not qualified I've read things and heard from people that have encouraged me that you are the most qualified because you are the most dedicated to your child because they're yours so you don't have to have a degree in education I certainly don't I have a degree in communications and PR and so it's just like you said again it's a mentoring type relationship with your child for discipline character development teaching them everyday life skills and their education their book skills their math their science their mr. e their grammar everything so you said while not too long ago that this whole member of the good mommy club is that damn it that's what the author called she's yeah mrs. poet says she's a recovering member of the good mommy Club and you constantly slip back into it what does that look like and instead what is an alternative to being in the good mommy club well I briefly mentioned that it's that guilt and fear that your child is never getting enough whether it's enough activities experiences certain programs you want to put your child and it's just never enough and this author says take yourself out of that you know that your love and your guidance for the child and just what your family has is enough and that kids today are actually overwhelmed by all the opportunities and programs and expectations how he talks about testing and kindergarten and the stress it is for children now and we've covered in another video children being put on medications at early ages to deal with the structure and the schedule of school environments this kind of thing never happened decades before and it's all a new phenomenon that we feel caught up in and we feel obligated to and it's really out of hand especially on social media so it's hard to get on social social media and see parents and pictures and think well my kid didn't do that yet do they need to do that are they behind on that I need to put them in so-and-so they're gonna miss out on that they're gonna get behind and so there's all these head start things and organize sports this authors very against organized sports for young kids even though ours participate in soccer we love because he thinks kids should play and that playing is discovery and learning and that play is work for children and sure they're getting a lot of skills from the sports and the activities but it's all adult lead and then kids aren't getting the opportunity to learn to govern themselves in a way that they can make decisions and be leaders on their own our oldest would just keep changing the rules he would and he was somehow I would like to have a coach that will say like nope hey but you're not in charge I like that too but for the most part to figure out problems as well what did parenting look like for the last couple thousand years versus the good mommy Club idolaters ation of kids now and what is that doing to both the kid and the mommy day yeah it's pitting the kid at the center of the universe and they have so many choices so many toys so many opportunities so many overwhelming factors of their life that they kind of just can't handle it all and this can spiral into more discipline problems behavior problems and just mal contentment and he talks about the happiness measure and I'm skeptical to thinking how can you measure happiness but he goes on to talk about older children teens there was no high schoolers hurting themselves when this author was in high school think about it especially in the South people had guns in their trucks every high school parking lot was full of trucks and cars with guns in him no one was taking them in the schools and shooting everyone life was just different there wasn't the addictive videogames of six hours a day of kids on screens there wasn't toddlers on iPads none of that was around but now what you're doing in saying all that is making a case for wow we are really mentally sick something is gone wrong something is wrong and it is new and it's different than ever before the problems that we're facing in schools and in families today we're not there they are new problems they might just be out of hand older problems but it is new phenomenon because of the way parenting has listened to psychologists he claims we have gotten away from a biblical cultural society and technology has come in stronger than ever before it's just the three factors technology is in fact as proxy for a parent raising kids I'd also point out fatherlessness father growth in homes are probably one of the biggest statistical foretellers of whether kids will commit crimes become you know pregnant outside of wedlock will enter into poverty in their lives all of that stuff is statistically correlated to broken homes if the family doesn't stay together and so in communities where dads are checking out and whether that's who knows why that's exactly happen all kinds of extenuating circumstances so it could be the feminists random out or it could be the cowardly male checked out it could be both of their faults it could be one of their faults who knows but the common denominator is broken homes produce very very psychologically wrecked kids if you are in a broken home or you have divorced or something it doesn't mean everything's ruined and they're not throwing rocks or anyone you know you gotta figure out how to navigate through and do the best thing you can for your kids but I guess to be able to face the statistical music means that you can guard against that and recognize alright now that dad's not home what is missing and how might I be able to bring something to the table there to help raise Johnny so he doesn't go postal on anyone I don't know that there's a lot there I just kind of rambled a little bit on that I don't know how to fix all those problems I just recognize that's a devastating problem and what I don't want to do is make anyone feel like crap especially if you got you stuff just didn't turn out the way you wanted it to say hey I don't know what the solutions are there I just recognized one big problem is broken homes another is the smothering center of the universe idolatries ation of a kid which makes them entitled spoiled miserable and they do turn out miserable they themselves are miserable and that's what the author talks about how they go on these rampages like I'm so proud of miss poet just a couple days ago we've done this a few times but just a few days ago we boxed up and either recycled consigned or trashed I think like three full bags of toys we call toys imagination stealers so our kids still have toys but we want to take all the toys that we just naturally accumulate through birthdays and little of treats here and there it just becomes an absolute mess it messes up our house and now they don't really play well with any of the stuff then their attention spans are shorter they're not out in nature as much no way in the world ours our six year old going to get it get a hold of our outside or iPhones iPad spend lots of time in front of televisions yeah absolutely we don't own an iPad so that's one step that's right get outside and play yeah shut the door yeah I was kicked out of the house when I was a kid and the door you know just like you're not supposed to come in go figure it out and somehow we didn't die we almost died a lot but we didn't die I'm still here yeah but somehow just growing up in the woods where imagination runs wild that was good for me yeah right and so I think kids are missing that and anyway it may be a long time before we realized the big problems of it back in the 70s in 80s there's dr. Spock and our parents the the baby boomers raised mrs. poet and I on this pseudo pipe shot on pop psychology where there was a there was a statistical correlation between intelligence and confidence and so the idea is hey if you want your kids to succeed then make them confident well how do you make them confident well encourage them right and so in yeah that's right so in a separate statement it was the Festiva movement and so what happened though was it was devastating our generation is all but wrecked and in some areas in that what they didn't understand is in boosting self-esteem artificially that you're actually boosting narcissism and entitlement and robbing ambition and making just spoiled brat kids and anyway that's absolutely devastating and you're just wrecking kids because you're artificially giving them self-esteem that isn't earned I call it I call it kind of like the Harry Potter movement Harry Potter is special on all accounts because there's something special inside him even though for seven movies he goes around being rescued by the girl who really is impressive yeah he's super talented he's kind of mediocre right and then at the end he you know takes on Baltimore and I'm not a big Harry Potter fan you guys can it's basically about a kid who sucks at magic and then one day he will you know fulfill the big shoes that he's supposed to fill and prophesy and defeat Voldemort but four five six seven movies he kind of sucks at magic other people are good and that girl yeah the girls remaining hey you nerd way to go so anyway she's good at magic but it's it's kind of like that of there's something special within you the rules don't really apply to you you are all that because of what's secretly hidden inside you and one day you'll become and the reality is is Mandy we're a lot like everyone else that's the self-esteem movement right if like no no hey nothing's owed to you bud get out and earn discipline innovation differentiate yourself and put yourself ahead through hard work through your cleverness through your relationships through whatever advantage you can but the world doesn't owe you anything you deserve nothing success does not lay itself on the on you know your hearts because you happen to exist and the galaxy is graced by your amazing presence nonsense it's so that's the making of a snowflake right the making of a snowflake yeah I see it ever anti snowflake here snowflakes yeah so we just love the freedom and the independence of school homeschool and Winston Churchill says a quote something like schooling is the only thing that got in the way of my education and so we see education as like this broad spectrum of life experience mentorship type parenting and of course all getting into all the goods living books but it's it's not really following an institutional type system right so we're not we're not in that and I do have a tiny bit of experience with the institution and and just thinking okay this wasn't a good fit for us and we're backtracking a little bit now but when our son was four he had speech therapy through the public school system and he needed it and he improved from it and I'm very thankful because our state tax dollars paid for that and he benefited but talking about the system side of it it was hard to get into it and then it was hard to get out of it for good reasons that they have in place but then that's the weakness of a system is that there is so much in place but it it ends up being a hurdle to you but I'll never forget this meeting John and I had with them and I was really nervous about it I was distraught and upset because our son had tested for the the speech therapy services which again he benefited greatly from but they sat us down and it was really somber and they were telling the problems with the speech and I was just like almost sinking in my chair thinking there's something really really wrong with my son and just that cloud of a feeling of the guilt and the shame of what did I not do well or where have I failed as a parent and you know what could I have done better and John's like so let me get this straight and he starts laughing and I'm like oh thank you thank you Lord I'm married John Lovell because he's like so you're saying he can't say the K sound and the D sound and they ate sound made it's so clinical and so terrible I'm like so he struggles with K and s and it was never count it was just this huge relief of yeah I can't just for us personally we're not gonna be a part of the system that is gonna be okay now this is wrong with your child and you know what now this is wrong with your child and I just felt I released from that and a relief and just was so happy that you had the comedic relief that day because we really could have gone on a path that might have led to a very unhappy child a medicated child and a lot of discipline problems we have homeschooling the whole idea of it to me is frankly very intimidating and it has been for mrs. poet it has been a campaign journey it's kind of like no surely this is left up of the professionals and finally it came to a head when we realize I'm looking at the constant output of what's happening from public and private schools and colleges in general and frankly I'm not impressed I'm an employer and so I'm trying to trying to hire different folks know like nobody knows any grammar or spelling they've got degrees but they can't spell I have no idea of when and how to use a comma much less a semicolon I know I'm being a little bit snooty right there but I've just said it doesn't seem like any of the education is putting out anything very very substantial I don't see a lot of independent free thinkers out there and there so just hey I think I have this little hunch in my little brain and again not teach it this isn't just I'm a rent I'm just a dude and here's some of my raw thoughts and here's some of our journey and in a few years we may be saying different things we are on a journey right but I think it might be just this simple would if we just fostered a love of reading for our kids and we put the right books their nose and then they just went through life you know participating and all the stuff that we do so that they knew how to do everything that mrs. poet does and everything that I do my son's just know how to run this movement whether it's you know rotation of guns or swing dancing or nutrition or accounting all of it you literally if you just spend enough time with us our kids will learn it all right and so I think that just mentorship with a supplement of a lot of books and then we're on programs mrs. poet's been really good to find some of these homeschool systematic process yeah but but I'm just saying if if it nothing else you just made a love of reading and your kids just help them love we we underscore that last night I really didn't want to read and it was late way past bedtime Sandman lay down on the floor and when I walk in my boy's room at night I'm expecting I expect lights to be off closet light on pillow on the floor with our newest great illustrated classic and right now we're reading King Arthur and his knights of the round table and I expect the book and pillow out and the boys sitting there not playing with anything so that they can listen and they love it we get all into it they love love love daddy reader reading time and mrs. poet reads how many books do you read with them to them or listen to them read a ton and we were just reading about the Roman Empire yesterday true and then they built a collar so you know a Coliseum out of blocks and and they it's just that freedom of their imagination and good things running wild yeah it's the GK Chesterton yeah it's actually about Christianity so he says something like when I first look on Christianity I see a lot of rules and methods but then I see that those are there to let good things run wild and so that's that's our love of God that really encompasses all of this all the parenting all the homeschool is just based on that guys we've been pretty vulnerable with you and talking about a lot of stuff some of you are just gonna hate our ideas and the good news hey that's cool I'd be just fine with you disagreeing because again we're not trying to teach or sell you on a certain method or philosophy of teaching and some of you guys are really s'more spun up than us we're just sharing our journey as we're on it so far so what I'd like you to do is sound off in the comments this is a big deal because we can all benefit from together of I want to hear stuff that you've heard in being taught and kind of the state-run public schools that just don't reflect your value some of it may be of like you know a lot of stuff with I don't need to even say sound off below in the comments with that stuff if your homeschool private or public go ahead and tell us how that's working out for you how you're involved and yeah if you're on the homeschool route how are you accomplishing that I want to hear your stories your experiences if you think we're absolute idiots you're gonna let us know and that's fine too that's good we're used to that people hate us so anyway anything else miss poet I think that's it it's a long ramble you were all oh yeah it was good someone out there is gonna benefit from us and we're gonna be better together or let's be forces for good in this world it's the warrior-poet way right so guys train hard and train smart stayed classic

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  6. The more I watch this channel, the more I love y'all. I love the gun videos & training videos that you make John, but it's the videos like this one that I enjoy the most. You & your lovely wife, Mrs. Poet are good folks & it shows in these videos.
    Keep up the great work!!

  7. Weird homeschool kids came from weird families back in the day. Just to be stereotypical, it was the parents who feared the government or feared their children being taught evolution. Perhaps helicopter parents worrying their baby was going to be picked on like they were.

    I too have thought of private or homeschooling even though I don't have kids. I've become more proficient in math teaching myself than I ever was in school.

  8. So, John, what I'm hearing is that your favorite President was the only one with a doctorate. Is that about right?

  9. Very interesting video. I’m wondering about your approach to teaching for example, as you mentioned, intelligent design. Do you teach that theory only or do you give your boys various theories in an objective fashion and present the different advocates and thinkers of each theory?
    I guess my question is if you present ideas and theories to your boys that contradict your own world view and ideals. And if your teach those in the same way your teach for example the history and theory of the idea of intelligent design.

  10. Will you step up, accept yankee marshall's challenge, and donate to fight bill 1639?

  11. If they can learn just basic calculus by the end of it, then it’s a success.

    It’s really not that bad

  12. Its nice to see you guys so genuinely happy, I disagree with most of it but it’s besides the point, lol.

  13. Awesomeness! My wife was home schooled and she was taking college math courses in her junior year.

  14. At some point, make sure your children are happy, willing, participants and don't force religion down their throats. Educating from a religious background extends beyond the beneficial concept of "doing what is best for your children" and meanders down the rabbit hole of telling them what to think and how to feel. If they feel repressed enough, as I did as an unwillingly home-schooled child, they WILL leave you when they're able and you may never get them back, because they'll see your as their captors, rather than as their parents.

  15. Did the same with my three when they were all in middle school never felt better about a life choice than that one.

  16. Hey Poet, please take the Yankee Marshal 1639 challenge, love your channel, thanks.

  17. I don't have kids. Never been married. But should that opportunity arise there is no way on God's green earth that my kids will have anything to do with public education. I've been there and done that and was trapped in a horrible situation so I have a very open and clear grudge against the public system.

  18. We are starting home schooling this fall……because we like to party!

    Well timed video. Thank you so much!

  19. My 6 year old completely opens up their imagination if I just turn off the television. The hardest part to learn if you're a single parent is that making your child upset because you HAVE TO "take" something away from them (TV, sugar, internet) doesn't make your a bad parent because your child TRIES to make you feel bad for it. The guilt you feel is normal at first, but you have to stay strong to realize that your gut feeling is the best.

  20. Alumnus here! My wife and I We plan on homeschooling ours as well. Cool video. Serious question, though:
    You think the government is educating students to be cogs working in our economic ship and also teaching them to be Marxist?

  21. Public schooling now at least where I live, pitting parental authority against the state’s authority. It’s now FAR beyond just an educational issue! They’re teaching your kids to rebel against parents and now coordinating with CPS, counselors, social workers, and police to steal your kids. Literally! They will remove your kids from your home for being taught biblical principles. It’s worse for blended families. I know! Two of my sons were removed from my home and handed over to their mother who abandoned us as an unbeliever and used the public school to do it. Absolute wicked to the bone! Everyone gets to check a block on a report in that coordination and they get funded for it. My youngest son will NEVER see the inside of a public school! It’s a spiritual attack on a Christian family.

  22. Thank you for sharing! We are 1 1/2 years into homeschooling after 5 1/2 years of private school. The points you make are so much my heart. I felt like you just pulled all my thoughts out of my head. My husband and I have talked before about our greatest goal and that is to simply instill a love of learning in our children. Everything else will come as long as they have a desire to learn. Even private school was killing that love. They certainly did not have freedom. We are also very passionate about teaching those things taught long ago in a one room schoolhouse….grammar, geography, cursive, history, history, history! So much of what's important is left out of schooling today. We use the Bible, we debate and discuss, we talk politics, we think! We talk about current events and the implications on our lives. And we do basic daily living things….cooking, cleaning, gardening, helping others/volunteering, etc. We also come from a family full of public school educators, and that's been hard. It's been a difficult transition overall at times and full of sacrifice, but I would do anything for my children. I know I'm enough to teach them. I know this is the path God has lead us down and I feel confident to follow His leading. Thanks for sharing your journey! Just like you, we don't know what tomorrow's path will hold. We are open to the prompting of the Spirit and pray our ears are obedient to hear. God bless your family!

  23. 38:36 suddenly everyone who has commented looks at there comment to make sure they used proper punctuation.😂

  24. The Harry Potter analogy really only works for the movies. In the books, Harry is very competent at things he is interested in, he just slacks off in subjects he doesn't care about. That's why he tutors the other kids in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He's the best in their class at it. He's also good at thinking on his toes and has pretty good instincts, vs. Hermione who is very book smart but tends to not handle stressful situations well. Harry and Ron have to talk her down a lot so she can focus.

    Sorry. My inner nerd had to make that correction.

  25. Praise God y'all. May God bless you guys with continued strength.

  26. We home schooled after the complete mess that we saw in the first few years of school, we home schooled for several years, we have twins, we have since allowed our kids to go to public school for them to experience being in that social environment.

    Luckily they see how stupid the PC world is, and aren't afraid to tell us, the teacher actually said X, and knew that it was ridiculous.

  27. I applaud your bravery with your children. God bless you and your family.

  28. Great talk. Glad you have found what works for your family. There is no right way, only what works best for each child. I become less and less impressed with public education and college all the time. I watch my children struggle as they search for the best path for their children. Thank you.

  29. Well said both of you! We're the people with a million kids and a big bus. We homeschooled from day 1 and never looked back. One of the best decisions we ever made. You and Mrs. Poet are fielding warriors for the cause of Christ. Keep forward presence and continue hiding the word of God in your sons hearts. Put the set-backs behind you and keep surging towards the goal. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  30. If you want a good laugh, watch Tim Hawkin's two songs: "Home School Blues" and "A Home School Family." 😂 As someone who was home schooled, it is so relatable. My family of 9 drove a 15 passenger for many years😜👍

  31. Man.. I'm a single dad raising a kid by myself. I'd love to homeschool but don't have someone to stay at home all day and do it.

  32. Welcome to the party pal. I say to celebrate we call a field trip tomorrow to the shooting range!
    We’ve been doing it for 6 years. Homeschool not field trips to the range.

  33. I’m a public school principal. K-6. I was 10 years special forces. 6 years DEA task force. Before I went into education. Every student I have is important to me in the pursuit of success. I disagree with your home school analogy.

  34. Words of advice to the non-home schooled when talking to a home schooler:
    1. Never ask how they were socialized. There is nothing more insulting.
    2. Many of us are grammar Nazis.😠 (If you ask how I am doing, the answer is "well" because well is an adverb answering the question how; good is an adjective. When speaking in subjunctive mood, never use "was"; always use "were.") I can still recite the full list of prepositions🙃
    3. If you can't think of anything to talk about bring up the LOTR or Narnia.😋

  35. Love the conversation! Homeschooled most of my life and plan on homeschooling our boys. Thank you for the video!

  36. Thanks for the great conversation! As someone who was home schooled K-12 and now a graduate with a bachelor's degree, I cannot thank my mom and dad enough for choosing to home school me and my 6 siblings (all well adjusted I might add😋) and for providing me with a firm foundation. My parents really took Deut. 6:7 to heart (You shall teach [these words] diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.) Parents should be the primary educator of their child whether public, private, or home schooling. If I have kids one day, I will definitely choose home schooling.

    Words of advice to the non-home schooled when talking to a home schooler:
    1. Never ask how they were socialized. There is nothing more insulting.
    2. Many of us are grammar Nazis.😠 (If you ask how I am doing, the answer is "well" because well is an adverb answering the question how; good is an adjective. When speaking in subjunctive mood, never use "was"; always use "were.") I can still recite the full list of prepositions🙃
    3. If you can't think of anything to talk about bring up the LOTR or Narnia.😋

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